Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Switcheroo

Just a few days ago, I posted on changes my sister and I made at the antique mall (you can view that post here). The washstand / sideboard pictured below was one of the large items we brought in.
If you noticed, I didn't mention where it was sourced. Does the photo below look familiar? That's taken from a post I did in the Summer of 2015 (you can view that post here).
Also, if you recall from one of our buying trips in July (refresh on that post, here), the stepback pictured below was an item I purchased.
I had every intention of placing it in our space at the antique mall, along with the purchases my sister made. But I didn't. On the weekend before we planned to remix our floor space at the antique mall, I asked sister M to measure the stepback (temporarily stored in her garage). Eureka!, the dimensions were perfect for the corner in my sunroom!
So, before we loaded our cars with all the furniture to take to the antique mall, we first loaded the stepback, brought it my house, unloaded it into my sunroom, and loaded up the washstand / sideboard for the store.
This is a nice change for me at home and, truthfully, I really didn't want to sell the stepback. It just didn't click for me to switch out the sideboard. The only option I was thinking prior to this switch was for the stepback to replace my baker's rack on the opposite end of the sunroom. However, the baker's rack was a gift from Mr. P. when I was single, plus it also provided good shelf space (four!), so I didn't want to replace it.
So now I have more space to display dishes, seasonally, and create vignettes. Fun! As a bonus, I have more storage space for dish rotation. Win-win. For now, I've just put the dishes from my alfresco dining table on them, plus a few things I use fairly regularly. I'll style it for fall soon. :)
Mr. P. didn't make much noise about the change, other than to say he liked the sideboard better (typical). Honestly, sometimes I think it's just change that's disliked. I even doubted myself for about five minutes after I made the swap. I thought I'd just leave the washstand in the car once we got to the antique mall (in case I changed my mind to bring it back home). But, as you can see from that last post, I was comfortable in my decision. Sometimes it just takes a while to get comfortable with a decision to change. Some longer than others. Either way, can you relate to the whole resistance to change thing? 

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