Sunday, April 23, 2017

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping

I've confirmed what I thought true all along....I do not relish the remodeling process. The last ten weeks have been a sort of purgatory for me with the kitchen updates and bath remodel. So, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. I'm talking Panoply vintage shopping. I managed a few therapeutic outings over the past weeks, so I'll share those now.
Early in the year, I saw this terrific vintage Persian lamb wool suit in our antique mall being sold by a neighboring dealer, complete with hat and purse. So Jackie O!
Moi, sporting a vintage Persian lamb suit in my old master bath
I thought it would make a great ensemble for the Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower I co-hosted for my niece in March. I ended up being lazy practical and didn't wear it. I'll likely resell it.
Vintage brass graduated  pineapples
An estate sale in early February yielded a few heavy metals, the first of which are pictured above. They're not exactly Matryoshka dolls, nor do they exactly nest, but I thought they were pretty darn cute, each with a separating lid. They're also back again - have you seen the pineapple ice buckets in current retail?

The second cluster of vintage metals I bought at that same estate sale was a collection of mantiques.
Metal Mantiques
The man of this household had a great cave, complete with memorabilia from all sorts of sports activities. I also picked up the trio of belt buckles and the heavy brass eagle from his man cave.
Metal Kitchenware
The red kitchen items (above) are cast iron, and the yellow scoop is enamelware, all metals also purchased at that estate. The enamelware is marked Yugoslavia. 

I do believe these next couple of finds will be fostered a good while in my home, both purchased in a favorite shop on a trip to Abingdon, VA. The first is an antique piece of majolica in a basketweave pattern. There are no maker's marks, other than 3 tiny kiln marks where it was fired long ago. 
Majolica dish in basketweave pattern
Only about 8" across and 2" deep, I don't even know what its original purpose was, but the dealer said she thought it would make a great dish for forcing springtime bulbs. 

I simply couldn't resist this next piece, a small Russian lacquer box with a pastoral painting.
Russian Lacquer Box
As you can see when compared to the covered butter dish on the shelf it sits, it's only about 3" high and 2" across.
It was just the find I needed when spring arrived and my house was depressingly a mess.
Pastoral Detail on Russian Lacquer Box
Another estate sale yielded a few more things I categorize as some of my favorite types to pick. First, a very old, framed pastoral lithograph and plaster sheep. Do I need them? No. It's not about need.
Antique Pastoral Lithograph and Plaster Sheep
I saw a preview photo of the Royal Stafford "Hayride" transferware plates I bought (below). These aren't even old, but I had to have them. I need more dishes like I need a hole in my head, but what's another hole? It'll be easier for my marbles to fall out, I suppose.
Royal Stafford "Hayride"
As if those dishes weren't enough, I bought the following pieces of ironstone. The creamer pitcher immediately went on the shelf in my laundry room collection. That cute little plate is 6" (marked Sebring Pottery Co), complete with the printed rhyme, "The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn". It has a hairline on the edge (near the 8 o'clock position), but I'm guessing someone else will love it just the same.
Ironstone pitcher, Sebring Pottery Co plate
Lastly, I came upon a few antique books and booklet. None larger than 5" x 7", they were fun finds.
Antique Books
I've also managed a few retail splurges just after last weekend. I'm trying to take my house back from all the intrusions of construction crews. The work should be finished in a day or so, other than painting soon to follow, unless it's not finished.......I say that with sincerity, as there were a couple issues - right at the very end - remaining to be resolved. I'm hoping for the best.

The projects at home have been my primary focus since January, even to the point where the antique mall booth spaces have suffered the consequences. I'll be glad to get back to the fun of styling spaces, both at the antique mall and at home. As with most of my vintage finds, all are subject to being fostered awhile or eventually sold.
Thanks for your visit today. Does a little shopping lift your mood?
(Postscript: Oops, I almost forgot the little metal star. That's a cast iron, masonry, decorative piece that would have been on the end of a structural rod support on brick architecture of old. This one is small, 4.5".)

Rita C. at Panoply

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