Sunday, February 25, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Greenhouse Tablescape

This fun tablescape came together like a little puzzle recently. It's a nod to my Irish heritage, and it could easily host a casual meal for a few of my sisters or maybe just a few friends (sisters from different misters). 
Y'all know how much I've enjoyed my little flock of sheep in my sunroom since the beginning of the new year. Then, instead of a bouquet for Valentine's Day, I told Mr. P. I wanted the hellebore plant you see below. The intention was to set a table with it (and not necessarily with the sheep).
The balmy weather this past week was beckoning me to come outside and plant that hellebore, so I did. It's a good thing too, because the plant was rootbound in its pot. It's much happier now.
Planting the hellebore took away from my centerpiece idea, so I decided the flock needed a shepherd of sorts - a lucky one - that I scored in December. That's when a St. Patrick's Day theme took hold.
I had picked up some cute little plates from Pier 1, knowing I'd use them at some point soon. I decided a simple table, using my everyday Pfaltzgraff with these new plates and the flock, would be timely for St. Patrick's Day. I added vintage bakelite flatware first seen in this post.
Some Williams Sonoma dish towels in a coordinating shade of green made great napkins. A good, simple tablescape was set.
I knew I had some green glassware in my inventory, but a trip to pick up a pizza led me on a detour to the Dollar Tree. I came home with green wine glasses and St. Patrick's Day scarves. And a pizza. 😉 I decided the scarves would be a cute and fun takeaway for the gals invited.
At this point I still hadn't dug out my green glassware. I did, however, pull out a few lucky coins for each place setting. These are Sacagawea dollar coins, 4 of 80 gifted to my mother in a little kettle pot (her pot of gold) on her 80th birthday celebration in early March, 2000.
I pulled the green glassware I originally intended to use, and the table was finally set.
I have only created one other tablescape on the theme of the March 17 holiday, and it was without your typical cheeky decor. Somehow, though, this one had me going. My entire family attended a high school whose team was the Fighting Irish, with a leprechaun as mascot, so it was always a fun holiday growing up. My mom, primarily Italian, always celebrated this holiday in a fun way too, but it was my dad's Irish ancestry that gave us all our pale-skin freckles and reddish undertones. A few of my siblings (and I) have green eyes. And when Irish eyes are smiling, sure, they'll steal your heart away....just ask Mr. P.  
I hope you all have a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear your green, or else be pinched!

Rita C. at Panoply
(A special thanks to Ginnie at My Little Home's Best of the Weekend Party #152 , to Kathryn from the Dedicated House: Make It Pretty Monday #245  and to Richella at Imparting Grace: Grace at Home #289 for featuring this post!)

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunshine is Great Inspiration; So is a Giveaway!

We have had so much rain lately, I almost forgot what it felt like to have sunshine. Today we had sunshine and warmer temps! To say I was inspired is an understatement. Out with the feathers and silver branch decor remains of winter, and in with the flora and fauna that signals spring!
Instead of flowers for Valentine's Day, I told Mr. P. I wanted a hellebore plant that caught my eye in the grocery store. It was perfect for Valentine's Day, which was also the first day of Lent. The hellebore is also known as a Lenten rose for its typical timing in bloom. I'll enjoy it indoors until it quits blooming, then plant it in the garden.
Bunnies are multiplying indoors, just as they are outdoors (I chase them out of my landscape all winter, where they seem to be quite comfortable).
I just replenished my Valentine candy with Easter candy. :) White chocolate M&Ms and jelly beans are within an arm's reach in strategic places on the first level of the house. MY chocolate is hidden, but I bought a clearance bag of kisses for the Mr.
Birds are waking me up in the early morning hours, certainly honing their mating and nesting instincts with their songs.
With a day of sunshine, I ventured out into the soggy landscape to see what's coming up.
Another couple days of the warming temps expected, and my daffodils may start blooming. Pansies will wake up again.
My hyacinths are pushing up dirt, too.
Can't see them? Look again.
Our forecast has no temperature falling below 32° in the foreseeable future. Rain will come again, but it looks like spring will come soon.

Here's something else that's coming soon.....a GIVEAWAY! Hurry over to my friend Patti's blog at Pandora's Box for a chance to win this fabulous MacKenzie-Childs courtyard tote. You must leave a comment before February 23rd on her blog to have a chance to win (sorry, tote contents not included)! I made it easy for you, just click on the link.
MacKenzie-Childs Courtyard Tote Giveaway at Pandora's Box Blog
Hey, it won't be long before we're packing our totes for warm weather fun! I'm inspired, are you?
Thanks for stopping by. I hope warm weather inspires you soon, too.
Rita C. at Panoply

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Celebrating Life and Love with Noritake Azalea

Signs of new life are already emerging in gardens a little further South. While waiting and watching for signs of my own garden awakening, I'm setting a table for two to celebrate both life and love. My vintage Noritake Azalea china was an intentional choice for this tablescape. 

My tablescape today is just one of many coming to you this week, amid company of a great group of bloggers. The complete list of those participating (with links) is provided at the end of this post. Our gracious host is the very talented (and patient!) Chloe, from the blog Celebrate and Decorate. The table details are also provided below.
This delicate china dates from 1918, and was sourced from an estate in North Carolina. 
Noritake Azalea was made for the export market in Japan, and features hand-painted, pink azalea blooms on a white base. It has a gold rim (timeworn and loved in places), with gray and green foliage extending from the blooms. I've stacked the dinner plate between a silver trimmed, glass charger and a frilly, pierced salad plate. Sterling flatware (Prelude) lends a formal touch, while coffee spoons with a heart motif keep the mood playful.  
Crystal champagne glasses are intended for fruit service on the plate stack, and coordinating tumblers for cold dinner beverages. Napkins are a simple white cotton with scallop trim, dressed up a bit with a pearl and gold napkin ring.
The tablecloth is a favorite vintage piece, a white matelasse textile. Layered on the tablecloth and beneath the cake pedestal is a white rabbit fur pelt, found while antiquing a couple years ago.
The flower arrangement at the head of the table is simple: a glass hurricane on gold charger, with crystal beaded floral stem and strand of lights in center. A magnolia wreath (purchased in Amish country several years ago) rests on the charger, which is raised on the table with another cake pedestal. A pair of crystal candlesticks are placed just in front of the floral arrangement, on each side.
I'll be quick to note that love and/or admiration of another with thoughtful presentation of a meal together does not have to be limited to the conventional idea of a Valentine's Day romance. I actually prepared this table with two occasions in mind - life and love. Valentine's Day is approaching, yes, but it just so happens that Mr. P.'s birthday falls shortly before. I created this tablescape to first celebrate his life and special day.
There's no denying candlelight ups the romance factor on any table.
A spice cake with buttercream icing was made just for Mr. P., his favorite (recipe here). I also made strawberries dipped in white chocolate, and served those on a bed of whipping cream. The macaroons add a pretty touch, and are great with coffee or tea.
We do plan to share a meal together for Valentine's Day, but one thing we love to do, with every meal, is to enjoy a little dessert afterward. And life is short - sometimes you just need to eat dessert first!
Celebrating Life and Love with Noritake Azalea
Source List
Noritake Azalea China, Longchamps crystal sherbet/champagnes, candlesticks - estates
White rabbit pelt - antique mall
Prelude Sterling Flatware - auction 
Towle heart demitasse spoons - Amazon
Crystal drink glasses - Mr. P. vintage
Glass cake stand - wedding gift
Lacy salad plates, silver edged glass chargers, napkins - Pier 1
Napkin rings - HomeGoods

A special thank you goes out to Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate, for organizing all the bloggers listed below, ensuring there'd be plenty of inspiration and ideas for you in celebrating romance.

I encourage you to celebrate life and love at every chance you're given. 
Who would've thought that these two - a decade and, for all intents and purposes, worlds apart....
...would end up together - in love - with worlds converging....everything has its own time and season. ♥ 
Give love, and receive love. Start by loving yourself.
Thank you for visiting today! Your comments are always welcome.
Rita C. at Panoply
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