Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Panoply 2020: It's a Wrap!

Once again I've packed away all my Christmas decor, and now it's time to collage all my blog posts for 2020 as a final step before closing the book, so to speak. I'll have all my posts bound in a yearbook style format using Blog2Print (no affiliation, I just love the product and service). 

I only blogged 27 posts (counting this one!) in 2020. It was the year we stayed home, but finding new ways of staying busy (cooking and baking, mostly). Life in limbo while staying home definitely underscored 2020's theme, and it came in waves throughout the year from March and beyond.

What you'll see below is a photo collage of each of my topics this past year, with individual post links below the photos if you're so inclined. Alternatively, if you click on each of those topics at the header of my blog and then sort by date, you'll see the list of the posts pulled for each of the categories. All of the collages are by topic categories, pulled from my main menu. It's just another way of keeping things organized.


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Miscellaneous Musings No. 17, Blenko Blow Your Own Bottle Workshop, Miscellaneous Musings No. 18: Life in Limbo
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Reflecting on the past year, family matters more than anything to me. Even though we're still in a state of limbo, I am happy to say I've grown stronger in my faith this year. I've also taken pleasure in noticing the smallest of things as tiny miracles. I have hope that we'll all be graced with taking notice of our many miracles each day. 
I so appreciate each and every one you, my readers, and love the friendships struck and continued through blogging. I hope those of you who read but don't always comment will feel welcome to do so anytime. I always try to visit blogs if you have one, and try to respond by email to comments. It's rare that I can't figure out who the commenter is or that I don't have a contact to reach you, but if so (and you're no-reply commenter), I'll leave a response on the post. I'm really looking forward to hitting 2021 with optimism and enthusiasm. I hope you are, too.

Happy New Year!
Rita C. at Panoply

Saturday, December 19, 2020

New Year Tablescape: Now What, 2021?

Welcome, everyone. I aim to be an optimist overall, but 2020 definitely put all humanity to the test. I don't think there's a single one of us who isn't ready to kick 2020 to the curb in anticipation of the New Year. 
I've set a New Year tablescape begging the question, "Now What, 2021?"
First glance might, perhaps, have you thinking this is a set of vintage blue & white chinoiserie china. 
But this isn't your grandmother's blue & white china. Take a closer look.

Now what? Each salad plate in this set has a potential answer to the "Now What, 2021?" 
We could be in for a bat blizzard...
...or giant snails....
...or a Dodo....
...or the dreaded Stink Eye.
Yes, Things Could Be Worse. 
So, before this year ends, let's all raise a glass to optimism, and head into 2021 like a boss, shall we?
New Year Tablescape: Now What, 2021? Source List
(provided for informational purposes only, no affiliations or endorsements)
Tablecloth -  DKNY - HomeGoods
White Faux Fur Table Runner - Amazon
Napkins, Napkin Rings, Magnolia (Mikasa) Dinner Plates, Blue & White Chinoiserie Bud Vases, Crystal Candleholders, Prelude Sterling Flatware, Watch Faces - All Estate and Auction Finds
Blue & White Chinoiserie Orbs - Nell Hill's
Glass Chargers, Stemless (Blue Bubble) and Crackle (Clear) Glassware - Pier 1
Salad Plates (Now What?), Mugs (Things Could Be Worse) - Calamityware
A little levity is how many of us get through hard times. I know there are many who have suffered great losses in 2020, and my intention is far from dismissing anyone's losses. I have spent a good deal of time in 2020 praying for many of my friends, real and virtual, who've suffered or have asked for special intentions. I thank each of you who've sent up prayers and positive energy for my requests. I appreciate all my readers, and I wish each of you the best in 2021!

Saturday, December 5, 2020

I'll Be Home For Christmas

The motto for most of us this year....I'll be home for Christmas. 

Mostly as a journal entry, I wanted to share my Christmas around our home simply with photos. But, since we won't be having company this year, I also wanted to invite you in for a virtual visit. Welcome! 
City at dawn from inside the condo. 
Coffee or tea in the morning. 
A dusting of snow on neighboring hillside across city bridge decked with wreaths. 
Curious rabbit seeing what balcony buddies and the city beyond are up to. 
Little lights tucked in so many places! 
These are a few of my favorite ornaments. 
I finally scored a Drosselmeyer and Mouse King (top rt) to add to my Nutcracker collection this year. 
Poinsettias purchased through a ballet fundraiser. 
Curio cabinet contents  
Utilitarian spaces 
Random vignettes 
Curio cabinet contents in my office 
Little felties (owl, gnome, heart) from Jeanie mix and mingle in my office. 
Master bedroom 
The Greatest Gift 
Thank you so much for stopping by! Have yourself a merry little Christmas!🎄

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Botanical Christmas Tablescape

Hello, December! Whether you're a new or seasoned reader here at Panoply, welcome to my blog. Today is a special day. Not only do we begin a new month, but today you're getting a twofer - two posts in one day! My earlier post published today is a quarterly installment of the Tales of the Traveling Tote. If you missed it, you can catch up here. Be sure to read its entirety for your opportunity at our tribe's giveaway.

Now for my second post - a Botanical Christmas tablescape. 
As part of a collaboration organized by Chloe Crabtree of the blog, Celebrate and Decorate, a group of stylists is sharing holiday tables in an effort to inspire and energize your spirits. Be sure to see the entire list of those participating further in this post for direct links to each and every one.
My table today has a mostly casual vibe, but made a bit more special with a set of botanical salad plates I scored last year on clearance. My complete source list is provided near the end of my post for informational interest only.

Each salad plate depicts a unique floral as an overlay on green tartan plaid. The traditional poinsettia...
...multiflora rose....
...camellia and winterberry...
I actually struggled with identifying the individual florals, as it appears there's some artistic license taken in the production of these images. 
There's a mix of plant leaves with blooms, which made identification a real struggle for me. If you think the flowers are something other than what I've labeled, you could be right (jasmine vine and a peony variety were also considered for the two on the right in collage photo above)). 

My plate stack includes a green tartan plaid charger that matches the salad plates. The dinner plate is a white magnolia bloom, part of my vintage dish collection. 
I chose a burgundy wine napkin for the table, and my vintage tartan napkin rings. Another set of napkin rings (winterberry) top the individual lanterns at each place setting.  
A cotton tablecloth is my base on the table, and I used twig placemats as runners on the table, both horizontally and vertically. Together with the twig flatware, the tablecloth and runners lend a casual vibe. Little lights (battery strung and votive) make everything more inviting and cozy. The center lantern is surrounded by foraged magnolia leaves. The picture below is likely to be the actual table for two for Christmas, as was the case for Thanksgiving.
My glassware is a mix of vintage ruby red color and clear tartan plaid.
Since our dining area is part of an open concept, different angles of the table give a glimpse into the rest of the space as it's decorated for the Christmas season. In the photo shown earlier and again below, you can see our electric fireplace area and tree reflected in the glass casing.
My fireplace dons most of my nutcracker collection. The two framed art prints are watercolors created by my friend and traveling tote sister, Jenna, from her Society6 shop, Paintedapron
Our tabletop Christmas tree is at the opposite side of the room.
With time on my hands, I busied myself in decorating the week before Thanksgiving. Unwrapping and hanging the tree decorations is always a sentimental thing for me, and really transports my spirit into Christmas feelings. I hope there's some spark of inspiration for you in the sharing of my table and vignettes today.

Botanical Christmas Tablescape Source List
(provided as information only, no affiliate sponsorship)

Charger, Botanical Salad Plates - Williams Sonoma
Magnolia (Mikasa) Dinner Plates, Napkins, Napkin Rings, Ruby Red Anchor Hocking Glassware - estate sale finds
Twig Placemats as runners - Foxglove Antiques (Abingdon, VA)
Center and Individual lanterns - retail (Michael's and Williamsburg Marketplace, respectively)
Tablecloth - April Cornell
Glen Plaid (Ralph Lauren) Glassware - eBay
Twig Flatware - Pier 1
Be sure to visit the other stylists listed below and be inspired! A special thanks to Chloe Crabtree for this collaborative event.
Panoply (you are here!)

Thank you for visit and readership today. You are appreciated! I hope you'll leave a comment to let me know you were here. Stay safe, and be well.

Rita C. at Panoply
(A special thanks to Rebecca of Zucchini Sisters' Celebrate Your Story #261 for featuring this post!)