Monday, November 28, 2022

Cottage Christmas Home Tour 2022

Welcome, readers! My little elf self has been busy over the last two weeks, readying our cottage home for Christmas 2022. Last year we had only been in our home a little over two months so I didn't really pull out many stops for holiday decor. Not this year! Grab your favorite holiday beverage and snack, and be prepared for lots of photos. Please come in! 
I bought new swags and a wreath for the exterior (purged them all in 2019). I embellished with tartan ribbon bows I made.
Foyer inside front door: my favorite holiday rug and wooden goose with faux floral fill.
On the window ledge, my snowman came out to play this year with estate sale trees from last year.
I bought a new tree this year. It's a 6.5' slim, replacing the tabletop 4.5' tree we had since 2019 downsizing. The 4.5' tree went to my daughter with baby J. I placed the tree directly across from the front entry, in the dining room.
Looking to the powder room door from dining room. There's a tiny little cubby outside that door too, and it has a display of several of my sheep, as does the powder room itself. That's a new (estate sale) sheep painting on the powder room wall. It came from the same estate as the dining room landscape.
At the other end of the dining room is the fireplace. The garland is new this year with lights from last year. The tree is reflected in the mirror. 
The bookcase to the right of the fireplace features several of my nutcrackers and my nativity.
Bookcase detail, the bottom two shelves with little lights glowing. The MacKenzie-Childs compote (Stoke Gabriel) and Ethan Allen reticulated covered jar are recent estate sale finds.
The half table on the wall behind our dining table (not shown) features a small beaded tree and a favorite miniature oil painting, After the Bath by Paul Peel, 1890. The nutcrackers resting on books are hand-painted pointe shoes, created by one of the Charleston Ballet dancers for a fundraiser.
From the dining room to the family / great room.....(real life: shoes parked beneath the bench).
The bookcase in the family room is decked out with several Christmas vignettes. 
Bookcase shelves detail part one: (1) part of my Native American antique collection, interspersed with a couple Santas (the wooden one on right is hand-carved, new this year); (2) Santa and his truck (thanks, Jenna!) at the gingerbread house, and beaded Santa with sack of toys on right; (3) Santa and reindeer.
Bookcase shelves detail part two: (1) Snow people with two Blenko garden spires as trees; (2) Just realized I duplicated this shelf in my collage! Santa and his truck (thanks, Jenna!) at the gingerbread house, and beaded Santa with sack of toys on right; (3) more Santa scenes, including a hand-painted antique tile on right.
Great room entry bench with birch logs and faux florals. Real life: shoes are most always beneath the bench.
Family / great room looking toward both the kitchen and back toward dining room.
Kitchen counter Christmas vignettes detail. MacKenzie-Childs and M-C inspired items comingle, along with gingerbread gifts (thanks, Jenna!), and tartan accents. The Williams Sonoma Nordic Elf cookie jar is another recent estate find, matching mugs and dishes I already had. The antique bell cloche is filled with baby cups and little lights.
Just a few more vignettes around the dining and family rooms: (1) my collected silver and silverplate with Mark Roberts' fairies interspersed; (2) Light of the World by Charles Bosseron Chambers (1883 - 1964); (3) Song of the Angels by William Adolphe Bouguereau (1881); (4) birch logs with faux florals; (5) Old World Santa with MacKenzie-Childs cardinal tree.
Even going up the stairwell, I did a little bit of decorating. The WV artisan vintage quilted JOY hangs over the staircase from the second floor. The fox with filled dough bowl, and chair with side table are at each ascending landing, respectively.  
Lastly, my office has a few holiday touches. I took down Jacqueline's pack & play and set up one of the small bistro tables I bought this past summer. This is so I can play with more dishes.😉(stored in the wall cabinets behind the chaise and table/chairs). My computer is set up to the right of the bistro.  Across from the chaise and bistro set up is the TV and two reading chairs I bought earlier this year. A couple of small trees, and pictures hung are all I need in this area. The rest of the upstairs was left mostly undecorated specific to Christmas, other than a few toss pillows and guest towels in the bath. 
That's it for my cottage Christmas home tour 2022. I hope you enjoyed it, and perhaps saw a thing or two to inspire you. Thank you for visiting today. Please leave a comment and let me know you stopped by. If you notice your comment shows up as Anonymous, please let me know who you are. I try to respond to each reader personally if I have your email and know who you are!

Come back later in the week (Thursday) for a new Tales of the Traveling Tote adventure.
And on the 6th of December, I will be hosting a Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop. I hope you'll return!


  1. Lovely and elegant. You have so much counter space in your kitchen! Such fun to be able to display holiday things there.

  2. I really enjoyed the Christmas tour your home, Rita. The sheep collection is great (I have a weakness for sheep). Also, enjoyed the vignettes on the bookcase and china cabinet. You are so ready for the holidays.

  3. I LOVE all of the little vignettes you've made throughout your home. Everything looks so festive and beautiful. Wonderful job decorating as usual.

  4. Rita, Your home is beautifully decorated both inside and out. I love your collection of sheep, including the picture and your fox is absolutely fabulous! I love your skinny tree. Your home looks warm and welcoming. I love all the various vignettes and the fairy lights brighten all the cute decorations. There's something interesting in every room. Great job! You've been busy! Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your week. Clara❤️

  5. Hello Rita! Thanks for the tour -- and I definitely found some inspiration here. You have really settled in during the past year, and I think I spotted some new finds that are really lovely. I am quite mad for tartan and was wondering about your tea cozy. Is this something that might still be available somewhere? I hope you have a joyous Christmas! Ellen Shook

  6. Your decorating is truly a festival of lights! We don't celebrate Christmas, but we certainly appreciate fine decorations like you have I loved seeing the different trees, especially! Happy Holidays to you!

  7. Oh Rita, you have been busy! Everything looks so welcoming and festive! I am a huge fan of using little white lights, they add so much magic~ I do like your new skinny tree, such a great way to get a tall tree without taking up too much space! I started decorating before Thanksgiving this year, I've never done that before and I'm really enjoying the leisurely pace of doing a little each day. Thank you for the tour and have a wonderful December!

  8. Rita, Your Holiday decor conjures up the song "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"! So many pretty vignettes along with the beautiful lights allows your home to look like a magical scene. I have to confess I have not started any decorating and your displays put me to shame. And outside your cottage, the greenery with tartan ribbon welcome friends and family as one can not help being drawn into your lovely home. I especially love the red and white scarves and hats on your can not help but smile. Yes, your new slim tree is perfect for your area and it is enchanting. I am sure baby J. will enjoy your shorter tree in her room. I am so happy to see you back at your potential of full blown decorating... with which you were limited at the condo. Thank you for sharing your tour and if any of those sheep come up need look no farther than Florida. LOL Blessings Always

  9. It’s beginning to look like Christmas at your house Rita, love your new slim tree, swags and wreath! You have been a busy elf and can sit back and enjoy your twinkling lights that make everything so merry and bright. So fun seeing your collections up close. Your antique business makes for fun collecting and/or fostering. We were out of town for Thanksgiving, so I’m thankful to have gotten the tree decorated yesterday...I need a nap. :)

  10. You have been a busy little elf, Rita! I’ll bet it was such fun for you this year to decorate your cottage. All your vignettes and your new tree look so stylishly you! You have so many unique things. I love having it all done do that we can enjoy our cozy homes.

  11. Rita, your home looks fabulous all decorated. Love the slim tree and those magical vignettes. Twinkling lights are so fun. I hope you can sit back and enjoy it all.

  12. Your home looks fabulous Rita all dressed for Christmas - you definitely have been busy. I can't quite pick a favorite but I love your sheep collection and new picture and the vignettes in the bookcases are lovely. The new slim tree is beautiful - aren't they just the best invention ever? I'm envious of all your organizational skills as I'm definitely somewhat behind this Christmas. But you have it all up and you can relax a bit and enjoy all your hard work. Thanks for the lovely home tour and happy almost December to you!

  13. Good morning, Rita! Your home looks beautiful. I love all of your sweet touches. Have a great week.

  14. Looking very festive, Rita!!! I hope you are enjoying the sights of the Christmas season.

  15. Rita, I read your beautiful post on Monday and am now commenting. I am so sorry I am late. With my cup of coffee in hand I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Your cottage is stunning adorned with collections and antiques. I have been a collector of small things for years, and can appreciate seeing friends collections like your nutcrackers and sheep. The foyer rug is beautiful, is it new? I particularly love how you have created vignettes in your rooms and bookcases. The outside looks so welcoming and festive. I noticed you mentioned Mark Roberts. When I was in business, I always enjoyed his showroom at the Atlanta Gift Mart. His displays were magical. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely cottage. Wishing you a great Wednesday!

    PS Just remembered I love the hand painted nutcracker pointe shoes, so unique. My girls would be overjoyed to see them!

  16. Your new home looks fabulous, all decked for the holidays! I love all the vignettes, especially the sheep. Is your nativity a Fontanani (sp)? I have four pieces of that one and hope to add more.Always looking! Your mix of the vintage antiques and more contemporary is impeccable. Love your goose, too. Oh, gee, Rita. I adore it all!

  17. Hi Rita. Love your cherubs from the garden with their sweet Santa hats and your house looks so festive and inviting. Just got home from vacation and have been working on my decor for the holidays. Fun to get the lights going. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

  18. Every detail is gorgeous, Rita! So many new things to see like your Native American collection! I'd love to see your sheep print and then that adorable contrast... the fox. So lifelike. Your home is so lovely in all the moody lighting. Love the new wreath too. You have the perfect cozy cottage!!

  19. Rita, Your house is beautifully decorated for Christmas! I love your sheep display, and that window in your entry is stunning on how you created a vignette by it.

  20. I enjoyed taking your Christmas home tour. You've got so many pretty focal points like your shelving vignettes. Your nutcracker ballet shoes are amazing and so special! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty.

  21. A great tour, Rita! I'm so glad you are able to fully enjoy your Christmas decor this year to make up for last year! Your slim tree is so pretty!

  22. I didn't see quite a few of these posts in my mailbox. It seems like I get the spam I don't want but not the emails I do want. I've got to figure this out. I have 2 laptops and a desktop. I didn't want them to sync so I'm not sure what I did. Windows 10 and 11 do not jive together. Just want you to know that I comment whenever I see a post from you because you are one of my favorite people!

    1. Where did you get that fox, Rita? That is wonderful. And pertinent to the Lily of the Valley botanical print...yes, Rita, you have to put it back up....