Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Arrangement

My local sister & I worked in our booth spaces in our local antique mall on Tuesday, Jan 8th - all day.  She had just gotten back from her beach vacation with my third sister (from Cincinnati), with whom we collectively call ourselves 'Panoply' (aka the Three Sisters).  Needless to say, she had to flip her switch and get her "game face" on with my arrival at her house early in the morning, loading my SUV with items to be used in our re-staging.

Talk about one thing leading to another!  Once one vignette is disassembled, it's like scope creep - it just keeps on going until something like the store closing (most typical for us), or having a late afternoon appointment (this day's case), stops us.

We rent about 255 square feet of space, in two separate floor sections, separated only by an aisle, on the main floor of our antique mall.  One area gravitates toward Primitive/Depression items and the other area is pretty much Romantic/Victorian/Art Deco.  We always try to keep a few anchoring pieces in our booths to display, but when one sells, it's a major overhaul.  That's what this past Tuesday was (a display piece with five shelves of displaced items sold!), plus we packed up and cleared out all of our unsold Christmas holiday items.  We're now looking toward early Spring - Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter.

Here are a few photos from our work this past Tuesday - just a few macro views of how we create moods with the things we've acquired and made available for sale.  We hope it's inviting for shoppers and inspiring to other shopkeepers.  Enjoy!

This is one of Panoply's booth spaces (the more Primitive/Depression displays), reset January, 2013.
This is the same Panoply booth, from the opposite angle.  The Primitive/Depression displays transition toward more Romantic on the left side.  Adjacent to the left side of this photo is our other booth space (see next photo).

This is Panoply's more Romantic/Victorian booth space, reset January, 2013. 

As you can tell by the photos, we display a fairly wide assortment of "picks"; hence, our name, Panoply, which means "a wide-ranging and impressive array". 

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