Monday, February 18, 2013

Gone Junkin'....

Gone Junkin'....

My sister and I took a little junkin' trip just north of our town this past Saturday....can you guess where?

This is the Mothman, an urban legend created from an event that occurred in 1966, in Pt. Pleasant, WV.  I think the memorial creates more of a legend than the actual event did.  Wouldn't you love having this thing in your entryway?? Me either.

On another side trip this past week, this time to my local ReStore, I came across this sweet find!
Probably originally used in some sort of merchandising display, we're planning on doing something similar - cleaning it up and storing linens in our antique mall booth display.  It's super sturdy, has five graduated baskets (removeable) on a chrome frame, AND it has wheels!  Wouldn't it look great in a kitchen, or laundry room, bathroom?  I can think of several repurposing ideas.  What would you do with it?

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