Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Summer Booth Changes

Seems most are talking about how quickly time is flying, and looking through my photos from our space at the antique mall is consistent with that message for us at Panoply also.

Since Spring, we've had shopping excursions at Springfield's Flea Market Extravaganza, a few good estate sales, and most recently, a pick from NC.  I thought I'd show some photos of the vignettes that resulted from those picks, not previously seen in prior posts.

We brought this side-by-side secretary in just recently, and it sold within a week.  One of the fascinating things about retail is you just never know when something is going to sit for a while, or sell quickly!
The [old] school vignette we had set just a couple of weeks ago also got sent to detention hall; that is, all six chairs were put on layaway within a week, so we assembled a few other vintage children's chairs we had on hand to give some semblance to a school room again.
That distressed cabinet you see in the center of the above photo is a great primitive scored at Springfield. It's a great, fits-most-anywhere type of cabinet.
And, from the NC estate pick, we retrieved several items, including the Honorable Mrs. Graham, a very old copy of an original oil by Thomas Gainsborough (English, 1727-1788).  She presides over what we refer to as the "living room" of our booth space, which you can see pictured just to the left of the photo below.
And on the edge of our "living room" is a collection of antique wool area rugs, all the same pattern, but various sizes.  These were also from NC, whose estate's dwellers operated a boarding house at one time.
Another entire collection my sisters brought back from NC was that of shaving mugs and skuttles, many with their original brushes.
We had a few other barber-related items we supplemented this vignette with.  It's always fun when random purchasing comes together in a theme, especially when there are three of us buying independently of each other.

Keeping with the 'mantiques', we always seem to attract the men, as well as the women, with our ongoing stash of vintage and antique hardware (we like our yin with our yang, so we mix in lace with our leather):
Primitive tools and sundries are also popular (that's a wooden paint can on that small wooden crate on the right, very unusual, and a miner's basket to the left, obscured somewhat by the brown gooseneck lamp):
And other man-geared items, including tools, liquor flasks, toys and oil cans get the guys' attention.

We even have a selection of men's hats, including top hat, straw boater, and original Stetsons, many of which are new old stock (and those French cup holders/bottle racks are great for displaying hats!).
One of our staples is our linens, and we continuously hoard stock these.
Then there are the one-off items, certainly not a collection, but something that catches our attention when scouting sales, and is unique enough that we think will catch another's attention as well.  This Catholic sick-call box from the late 1890s is one of those items.  These were in most every Catholic home once upon a time, at the ready for a priest who may be called to anoint a gravely ill person.
As disparate as some of these photos may seem, somehow, it all comes together in themed vignettes for us, whether in a floor display, curio case, or tabletop setting.  Then we either sell something that's an integral part of a display, or we get the urge to just change things up because we either get a great new stash of items, or just because....we can.  What great fun it is to shop and style. Oh, and did I mention selling is fun too?

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