Friday, December 20, 2013

I Won 2nd Place!

I just opened a Christmas present!
That's me, above, with three of my eight siblings, and I just opened a Christmas present!  I just found out I won 2nd place in the Frontgate® Inspire Holiday Pinterest Challenge!

Many thanks to all of you who may have voted for my board - whether just once, or many times (like the one sister above, second from right). :)  My heart and home are happy, filled with anticipation for Christmas Eve and sharing good food, a white elephant gift exchange, and [hopefully] lots of good family time together.

Now, back to kitchen, and baking.  Here's what I did last night - Oreo truffles.
I have a list a mile long to cover, as do many of you.  My daughter makes fun of me, but here's what I do each year (this is last year's, but I save them, and update each year, since 2006):
I chart out the week prior to the big day, including weather & percent chance of rain (it impacts whether I have to prepare the welcome bags and candles!).  I note my chores, and even chart out oven-time sequencing for Christmas Eve final prep.  You see, we go to my husband's sister's home for Christmas Eve Day, so I have to be totally ready when I get home around 5pm - and make my assembly line in time for a 7pm buffet.  I like my to-do list for Christmas Day best of all. ;)

I know, it's crazy, it's OCD, but it's me.  A girl who loves her list, and loves checking it off even more. Organized insanity.

Happy Weekend!  Hope you get to cross off lots of things on your lists!

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