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Panoply 2014 Barn Sale Preview

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Last week I started working in earnest to get things ready for the barn sale which my sisters and I will be participating in at the end of the month. To that end, I set up a few vignettes in my basement to take some photos. A few days later, I went to sister M's house and we staged several more displays.
Panoply 2014 Barn Sale Preview
The hope is to generate some local interest by posting some photos on a new Facebook page a few of us vendors are collaborating on prior to the sale. I thought I'd share the photos of what we've been working on. All of these items will be for sale. Lots of photos!
Retro Office:  Two vintage metal stools, authentic rolling mail cart with removable basket, copper radiant heater that works (file cabinets & book shelves courtesy Mr. P.)
Since we'll be in a barn, an equestrian vignette should be appropriate, if not expected. Clubhouse leather tags & helmet, driftwood horse head, trophies & medals, and solid brass & cast iron fireplace damper hook.
The Doctor is in, 1960s style, a la American Horror Story: Asylum - creepy in a good way, I hope. Chair, sign, doctor bag and accordion style swing tray.
Without going into detail, you should've seen the stuff in that doctor bag!
This vignette should lighten things up a bit and serve multi purposes
Although lighting is bad here, these are a couple of light & chippy pieces set aside for the sale, next to the slag glass lamp.
We plan to have several primitive items also, like this crock bench, crock & jugs, and canning supplies
Among others, this crock will be for sale
We'll have other primitives, as well as vintage linens, with these (below) as just a sampling.
Seeing as sister J loves chairs, we'll have plenty of those, too.  Chairs call for tables and lamps, right? Well, we've got those, too!
Set 1: Rocking chairs, tiered table, framed print & oil lamp
Set 2: cane chairs, oak pedestal table, brass lamp, framed print
Set 3: child's oak rocker, wicker folding table, brass chandy, tapestry print
Set 4: Windsor children's chairs, pedestal (used as child's table with brass tea set), corner table with brass lamp, and cast iron candle chandelier
Here's a shot of another print, and the tapestry (set 3, above) in more detail:
Coordinating with several children's chairs, we have this antique wooden baby bed that could make a terrific upcycled bench.
Antique baby bed, with detail
Remember these from my post in July? They're all cleaned up now, and ready to go to the barn sale. We'll decorate them for one of the holidays (yet to be determined) and, hopefully, make them irresistible to someone.
Fence sections
We'll also have an outdoor set up for camping, complete with picnic, sleeping and recreation.
Vintage, folding picnic table/benches, and supplies
WWII army cot, and countertop stove, cast iron cooktop
We also plan to have several holiday items, big and small.
There will be holiday items - from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas
It'll be a busy time as we gather items and set up for the sale, which is September 26-27 (Winfield, WV).  I probably won't be taking photos of all the smalls until we get set up in the barn. Hopefully, I'll remember to get photos before it gets rummaged through at the sale. We hope to have traffic enough that it gets rummaged.

Whether the Facebook page will continue beyond the barn sale remains to be seen, waiting to see how this little marketing effort goes. All of the vendors involved are situated in our local antique mall, so we may use the page after the sale to promote our booth spaces.
Panoply 2014 Barn Sale Preview
For all you dealer friends out there - what's your favorite venue for selling? On the flip side, what's your favorite venue for shopping? I'm interested in your thoughts, as each one has its pluses and minuses, whether selling or shopping. Online, in a booth space, pop-up sale, flea market/yard sale, or brick and mortar stand-alone store - which venue do you prefer to sell in and why?  For those who aren't dealers, what's your favorite way of shopping for vintage and antique items and why?


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