Sunday, June 28, 2015

Panoply Shopping Trip - The Displays, Our Loot

This past week, sister M and I drove to Cincinnati to spend a couple days with sister J to SHOP! Our goal was to find new treasures for the booth spaces which we couldn't live without (hopefully not literally, though, because I've been known to foster many items, many a time, for much too long). A side benefit of this trip was seeing some really cute and inspiring displays, not something we typically notice. Following are some of the displays and individual items that caught our attention in our latest OH and KY ventures.
The display above, we all thought was brilliant. It's a dress form with seed packets attached. Here's what the overall display looked like (below). Total vintage garden cuteness, and this was right beside a few snack tables, near vending machines, where it was sure to be noticed.
Another highly visible display was this Americana scene upon entering another shop (below):
The display was so large, I couldn't get it all in one frame. The other half looked like this:
Look at all the red transferware! Be still, my heart.

Yet another very handsome booth display was this:
This guy's stuff drew each one of us in to look closer - ladders, baskets, signs, lots of industrial warehousing storage, and many cool smalls. Across the aisle, he also had this display:
I couldn't even get it all in the frame, but that counter was huge, and behind it was a great industrial warehouse cart and several smalls on top of it. That cabinet on the left was to die for - a combination card catalog, bookcase, and flat file unit.

It seems crinolines are trending east of the Mississippi now (I know, Texas, it took awhile for the cowgirls to get over here. Most trends seem to be that way, in our experience, lol). This was a cute display, mixing the farmgirl with the city girl style.
Okay, so what'd we buy?  I only took a few photos, mostly so that I could go to the front desk and talk intelligently in order for contact to be made with various dealers for offers we wanted to make.

The first item was this white utility cabinet (below), which has five shelves in original green paint wash on the inside.
It is already in the store, placed in our booth space on our way home! SCORE!
The next items were these handsome wooden dexterity clubs and hat form (below), which we bundled for better price consideration:
We've been trying to convince sister J to make a vintage medical display in her home now that she's retired from the field, and she finally sprung for this tabletop cabinet:
The Barbicide jar on the right of the cabinet was a pick by sister M, for resale. From the same vendor, I found this intriguing wall display case of new (old) stock tobacco pouches for the tobacciana aficionado / collector (below, sitting on top of a smoker's stand, which I did not buy).
Again, bundling made for better bargaining power.

So, those were just a few of the picks we found, but certainly not all of them. The car, as you can see from the photo below, was packed to the max. Oh yea, that fence shelving unit just behind the driver's seat and that cool-looking cart (with wooden caster wheels) you see piled high? Those were also picks of ours, pretty much ensuring a blind side on the right of the driver's view for 300 miles. At least I could see through the fence posts. ;)
And then there's always that ONE item you keep thinking about when you leave.....I took a picture, texted it to my daughter who is married to a fire chief (below):
Her husband loved it, but didn't respond to my text until the next day (the night before we were leaving to return home). He wanted me to try to negotiate for him, so I called the store, submitted an offer and they called back, accepting the offer. Sister J was kind enough to pick it up for me a few days later. Thank goodness, because there really was no more room in the car. It would've had to have been strapped to the top.

What a busy trip that was, and always is, when we Panoply sisters get together for buying. I hope to get a post up soon of how we rearranged things in our spaces to accommodate some of these larger items. We all know how changing one thing's bound to have a ripple effect before we're satisfied with the end result of displaying.

Until then, if you want to see more of Panoply's shopping ventures or displays, the easiest way is to enter keywords such as 'booth displays', 'pick', or 'estate sale' in the search block, just above my profile picture on the right sidebar.

 As always, I appreciate your visit!
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