Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Before the Blooms...and a Winner

Before the natural blooms of spring outdoors, I helped myself to several bouquets from the grocery, on several separate occasions, through the winter.
Beginning in late January. Mr. P. would assist in selecting various bunches of blooms, then I would choose some greens, take them home, and make simple arrangements.
The flowers, and especially the greens, would last sometimes for two weeks, as long as I snipped the stems, freshened the waters, and rearranged the bouquets as the blooms withered.
I even kept the greens as simple arrangements, once the blooms were gone.
When the blooms were gone, another bouquet was chosen, varying the color schemes.
It was a fun way to keep the winter doldrums at bay. My Valentine's Day bouquet consisted of one bouquet each of whites and hot pinks/reds, with a bunch of greens added to the mix.
I even got to the point where I simply stuck the greens in a vase - without water - because they lasted so long (beyond the two weeks).
Speaking of greens, I also picked up a small shamrock plant at the grocery for a bit of Irish flair in the sunroom for this post.
Our anniversary was in early March, and Mr. P. chose a prearranged bouquet of roses for me in one of my favorite colors, coral.
I also chose some additional florals on that visit but, unlike the rose bouquet, they needed arranging.
I thought they were a perfect segue into spring....along with the seasonal bunny, which I am seeing evidence of already in my garden lawn. That wascally wabbit.......guess he's officially announcing spring in the garden, as are the daffodils.
Speaking of announcements......

MacKenzie-Childs Giveaway Winner Announcement
The winner of the Traveling Totes March 1, 2016 Giveaway is Kathleen, from The Lavender Bouquet. Congratulations, Kathleen! Please contact me with your mailing address. I will send you the gift package of the MacKenzie-Childs set of 3 enameled pots and sticky note pad as pictured below as soon as I hear from you. Thanks to all who entered, either by comment on that original post or through email referencing it.
To all my readers - thank you for stopping by my blog, whether it's your first time or a return visit. Your comments are always fun to read.
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