Friday, March 30, 2018

Bunny Love, Spring and Easter Joy Link Party

It's a good thing bunnies were created to be so endearing in appearance because Mr. McGregor was right - they wreak havoc in a garden. So, in trying not to be the villain that Mr. McGregor was to the bunny folk in the Beatrix Potter series, it appears I'm embracing some bunny love in my home. I'm also inviting you to join in a link party to share your spring and Easter joy at the end of this post, so I hope you'll stay with me!

Allow me to share my bunny love at home with you...
A sweet Easter greeting on a vintage postcard sits alongside a little ceramic basket with bunny, and a couple of marble eggs, basking in the early evening sun.
A flower arrangement in the sunroom has one bunny very curious, while the other tries to not look guilty of partaking of the greens!
"Bunnies on a Picnic" vintage children's tote is part of my antique purse collection, and takes up company among a stack of plates with napkins in the bunny fold.
Even though the MacKenzie-Childs bunnies (above) were bought last year, they didn't come out to play until this year. They're hanging out in my dining room.
The little guy pictured above is my role model of bunnies welcome in the garden. For many years I've embraced his presence, but it could be he's the culprit for attracting the real deal in recent years. Hmmm.....
And then there was this guy. Some bunny had to love him. I simply had to take him in, off the curbside, where even the trash collectors wouldn't bother taking him, he was so heavy. He's my Bunny Van Gogh, and resides year round, among my lavender in the courtyard.
In my tablescape post a couple days ago, all the guys above used my dining room table as their playground.

One might conclude I have a collection of bunnies, but I swear, this one was totally accidental. I only realized my number as I've been working through my inventory, continuously organizing, and changing winter decor to spring. Admittedly, there may be one or two still stowed away. The fact that I'm not ready to take any of these to the booth spaces yet, though, is a pretty good indicator they're a collection. I think I'm pretty safe in keeping a lid on the size of the colony. Now, keeping the real thing out of the garden, that's another story!

How about you? Have you fallen into the rabbit hole of bunny collections? How big is your colony? Are there other springtime decor themes that you cannot resist, that seem to multiply the way bunnies do? Well, you can share those collections, along with any other springtime decor themes now!
Welcome to the Spring and Easter Joys link party hosted by:
This is the place for celebrating the beauty of spring and Easter with old and new friends!
From March 30- April 2nd, 2018 we invite you to link up your inspiring spring or Easter themed home decor, crafts or spring garden style posts (No more than five please).

Party Etiquette:

-You may share old or new posts.

-Have fun and be social! Visit other bloggers and leave comments. This is a great place to make new friends!

-Please include a courtesy link back to the host's blog where you have linked up.

-Several of the hosts will be sharing features from the party next week on their respective blogs, so be sure to be watching for updates.

We can't wait to see what you have to Away!

Best wishes for a beautiful Easter holiday to all!
Rita C. at Panoply

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