Friday, November 1, 2019

Panoply New, Vintage Finds

Dear readers, happy November! In case you hadn't noticed, this girl has been on shopping hiatus for most of 2019. In fact, I've pretty much been on a blogging hiatus for most of 2019. Instead, I was on a mission of purging. In case you missed all that, you can view these posts, here and hereHowever.....there's a part of me that was longing to get back to doing what I love doing, and that's shopping, both new and vintage! Today I'm sharing most of my new and vintage finds gathered since the downsize.

With entering our new phase of living smaller, I'm settling into a better than ever sense of the things I enjoy and prefer living with. Whether it's a matter of trying to remain disciplined about 'stuff' (clutter) or just refining my tastes, the truth is I still love sourcing vintage or antique (and sometimes new) things. It's a conflicting scenario, but I try to keep a healthy balance in managing it all, both for our home and for the antique mall booth spaces. Bring something in, let something else go.

New Finds
This time of year is particularly conflicting, when everything from pumpkins, turkeys and Christmas trees can be found all over social media, retail and email solicitations. It's not always easy striking the balance! I've purchased very few New Finds for home, but those you see pictured below are a few: a pumpkin pillow cover (I purged duplicative pillow forms), rug mat inserts for fall and winter, and a new, tabletop Christmas tree. I felt compelled to pull the tree from the box last week, simply to see if the lights all worked. Why? Because I had gotten an email for a sale, and wanted to make sure I could get another one if this one was damaged. 
I went to a craft fair recently and purchased a few items, all handmade from woods native to West Virginia. As shown in the photo below (clockwise, L to R): a wine/glass caddy of maple & walnut; a cutting board of walnut, maple and cherry, lasered with "Country Roads" lyrics in the shape of our state; a wood bowl designed and hand-turned of maple and cherry woods; two wooden toy tops cut from the centers of the bowl designs like the one I purchased (genius use of scraps, right?); some really nice faux magnolia. Since I no longer have a go-to magnolia that I can go outside and cut branches from, I wanted some quality branches to be able to have for home decor. These fill the bill!
Speaking of craft, West Virginia has been home to glassmakers for over 200 years, and Blenko, a family run business, for over 120 years. In October 2018, Blenko landed a new design team in Emma Walters and Andrew Shaffer, breathing new life into Blenko's offerings. I attended a private opening wherein they were showing new designs and prototypes. The piece you see me holding below was made by Emma and Andrew. It is titled, "Arches", inspired by a trip they made to Arches National Park in Utah.
The piece (it's the second from right in the display image from their show), made in an ombre of cobalt blue and one of their latest colors - pawpaw - immediately struck a chord with me. Mr. P. & I had just returned from a fall trip in Utah the day before. This piece is sure to now become part of our story in our home.
Tunnel Arch in Arches National Park, Utah
Vintage Finds
My Panoply sisters and I have kept our booths running smoothly all year in spite of (or maybe because of ) my purge and other life events with each of us, but we all wanted to keep shopping! It wasn't until September that we had our spree, so I'm capturing my Vintage Finds from that and a few other estate sales in this post too.

My love of Art Deco continues, both at home and in our vintage offerings. Below, a figural lamp and reference book on Maxfield Parrish (both keepers, for now, and the lamp is pictured above with the pumpkin pillow cover).
Seasonal items already placed in the booths (and some already gone): cast iron squirrel nutcracker; sitting on plaid placemats; a turkey carving board (with helpful tips!); a carrying tray with needlepoint duck under glass; a ceramic turkey platter.
Metals: a miner's lamp; brass squirrel nutcracker (next to my new wooden bowl mentioned earlier); a turtle magnifier; various O Haus apothecary weights; set of brass eagle hooks.
An architectural salvage piece of wood, framing a cherub and floral scrolled cast iron design.
The little winter scene painting below, only 4" x 4", is hand painted on vellum, another keeper. The hand carved nativity is already in the booth space.
Glass: teardrop cake pedestal (in the booth, styled with Christmas items); a small footed floral bowl with opaque and vaseline glass; two small blue bottles.
Books!  Le Louvre Tomes I and II, fifty color plates each of masterpieces from the Paris museum, printed in France circa 1940s, when the private seller's aunt visited and purchased them; [Winston] Churchill's "My African Journey"; "The Shorter Poems of Robert Browning"; "Ellis Island" and "The Old West"; The Official Tartan Map (Scotland) and Robert Bain's "The Clans and Tartans of Scotland".
The cutest resin Airedale puppy; set of 9 vintage 1930s trade skills textbooks and Lufkin folding ruler; a nicely weighted copper colander; vintage 1970s Betty Crocker and Mountain Measures cookbooks; Hanson kitchen scale; Pyrex 2C glass measure.
Looking ahead toward spring already: a vintage Johnson Brothers Heritage plate with rabbit transfer; "Violets to Greet You" antique book of poetry; sheep mug; "Scottish Teatime Recipes", Toby cup and saucer; pewter and glass honeypot.
Two very sweet (6" x 6") framed rabbits, reproductions of Old World paintings.
A nice variety of English and US horse tack, brass fobs. I am particularly fond of the two lovebirds (From R, 2nd row, top) and the entire third row.
I still have collections in boxes stacked in one closet in the condo, and also in my storage unit that I haven't touched since moving in April. Even with sourcing additional things, I find there are still plenty of things I'd feel comfortable purging, so I've become a little more selective in buying.  I'll be the first to admit, though, that being more selective in buying (consumption) is a change in mindset, a good practice in self-discipline. I rather like it though, and it's a blessing knowing it's a choice rather than a necessity.

So, has downsizing, aging or Marie Kondo's "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" impacted your shopping habits in 2019?

As always, I appreciate your readership, and invite your comments!

(A special thanks to Barb at French Ethereal's Share Your Style # 232 for featuring this post!)
Rita C. at Panoply


  1. So many treasures that would be hard for me to pass up. Those vintage trade books, I think even hubby would love those! I totally get the new spending policy. I have been feeling the same way. I find myself asking a lot of pre-buy questions that a lot of the times I end up putting things back on the shelf....and not blogging as much. I don't know about you or anyone else, but it had just got to the point like I felt like I was "supposed" to keep blogging so people wouldn't forget about me or that I had to compete. Now I am just going to do quality of life instead of quality of blogging. and if I post something, I post something. Loved seeing all your travel pics on FB, glad to see your move has spawned a nice vacay.

  2. Rita I've said it before and I'm saying it now, it's a good thing that I don't live closer to you. I would buy your entire booth! Those books.... all of them, but especially the Le Louvre volumes. That turtle magnifier and the horse tack brass ( reminds me of my dad!) are just beautiful. Instead, like you, I'm in the middle of purging. I didn't purge enough for the move because I was afraid of getting rid of something that would fit in the new place! Just shoot me. We are in the new house basically camping until Sunday when the movers deliver the furniture. Let the purging begin! lol LOVE all of your beautiful finds.

  3. You are at a place where I know it must be a wonderful feeling. Who has time for much of anything else while going through that. To have downsized with all that work behind you, you can now enjoy your new home! I'm sure you do have to be restrained when you are shopping knowing you have limited space for storage. The great thing is you can still enjoy shopping for your booth and the love of the "the hunt." Great finds, love the pumpkin pillow and mats. Such a beautiful piece, "Arches" from the opening you attended. One of my favorites is love for rabbit paintings, so sweet. Great selections for the booth.......Happy November Rita.

  4. Great job getting back in the "shopping" groove without going overboard! It's definitely a new thought process, isn't it? Those sweet tops are my favorites, but my Renaissance Man would love the Old West book. And Blenko? Nice to see they're going strong again! You got a great piece.

  5. Rita, At least you have your booth where you can sell many of your great finds that you buy on your shopping adventures. Unlike me, who buys and then needs to find a way to unload more things. Mr. Cottage keeps telling me I'm trying to fill up a 5 pound bag with 10 pounds of items, LOL. I love to shop but for now the only way I know to sell some of my things is through Facebook Marketplace.

  6. Oh, Rita, you need to teach a class. "How to pass up treasures." I just stay away and honestly, I get homesick for my shops. It has helped that most have closed in our area. My weakness was china and quilts, they always tripped me as I went past. I do love Blenko glass and have a couple of pieces. Clarksburg was once home to 4 major glass factories and my husband's father and grandfather were both glass cutters.
    I always enjoy your post. Happy November to you!


  7. Rita, I enjoyed learning about Blenko being made in West Virginia! You are a great source of knowledge!
    I especially liked the vintage books you showed.
    My buying habits have definitely changed because I am out of room. It is satisfying enough for me to to look when shopping and not buy.
    I admire that you downsized and purged. I am trying to purge and have but still have more to go.

  8. Rita, I fear I would have a small problem of not mortgaging my home if I lived close to your booth. So many gorgeous antique and vintage treasures in this post. That little Airedale resin dog would be hard to pass up...but....then so many pretties seen here would be hard to leave on the shelf. Your Blenko glass is a beauty. Yes, I can just imagine the story that will be imagined within the confines of your home with this gorgeous piece.

  9. So glad you are getting back to the routine you love Rita! The handmade wood pieces are all quite stunning, and the blown glass piece is breathtaking! I really have to limit shopping these days as I don't need or have room for another thing! I love that you can have the joy of shopping and hunting knowing it is for your booth. I look forward to hearing about your trip to Utah! Enjoy your new finds,

  10. Rita I love that you are getting your groove back with shopping and finding vintage treasures. I love seeing all the great finds. OMG that Blenko glass custom made piece is a beautiful piece. How special to have them make that in memory of your trip.. Absolutely gorgeous. Have a great start to the new week.

  11. Rita, I know how much you enjoy hunting for antiques and vintage! At least you have the opportunity to shop and then sell...perfect in my opinion! I think age is making me think before I buy, I don’t want to leave behind so much that my son and daughter-in-love end up putting most of it in a yard sale! We just returned from Charleston, SC this afternoon, and I only purchased one item besides a couple of cute tops. That is a record for me. I always enjoy seeing what you have purchased for your booths!

  12. Blenko and Maxfield Parrish are two favorites of mine. I'm in the hospital with a small bowel obstruction. Watch for a blog update when the ordeal is over with.

  13. Oh Rita, I can just fall into your world. The deco, Blenko, those fabulous wood bowls and the autumn pillow cover and my! Those bunnies -- the Johnson plate and the painting repros. Biggest sigh! And best of all, that carved nativity. It won't last long. Your new tree looks nice!

  14. Really enjoyed your entire post--your own treasures, the booth, and treasures to sell. I have slowed up on buying glass and china as it has not moved well for me well. Now cloth for doll clothese and throw pillows and craft supplies is another story!I still buy milk glass that I don't have yet if the price is right!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! I have tried to stop buying china, but we all have our kryptonite, don't we? For me it's still china, and textiles, but not so much antique beaded and mesh purses as it once was. Glassware for us is usually only part of an estate we may purchase in bulk. I honestly surprised myself with that Blenko addition for our home! The good news is unique pieces of Blenko maintain their value over the years.....

  15. I want to go shopping with you! You found some great stuff. I especially like the figural lamp with stained glass shade. I wish you hadn't called that cookbook "vintage" though - that made me feel really old. Nearly everything in my kitchen is from the 70's. lol

  16. When I read about your downsizing and new-found will-power, I feel so inspired, Rita!! Trouble is, it doesn't last for very long, LOL. Love the Blenko glass and it's neat connection to your recent trip--very cool.

    Of your vintage finds, the winter barn scene and copper colander both really spoke to me, oh, and the ironstone plate with bunny is just darling, too. Glad you get to keep your awesome side business with your sisters. Happy selling!

  17. Love all the beautiful things you've found while out shopping, Rita! Happy to share your post at Share Your Style #232. Thank you!!

    Happy hugs to you,
    Barb :)

  18. you have some amazing finds Rita. shopping weekly for vintage pieces became a slight addiction and I used my booth spaces for the enabling excuse. I'm so glad I'm free of that and downsizing and purging helped a lot. I still enjoy browsing and buying but have to slap myself to not buy things that are just not "needed". your glass pieces are gorgeous and I love seeing your new "style" emerge. Happy weekend!