Saturday, September 12, 2020

Early Fall, Simply Stated, and a Winner

I am finding that since downsizing last year, I will pull out seasonal decor from storage and start playing with vignettes, only to take much of it away. It starts feeling overdone quite quickly when your living spaces are all open to each other and you've come off a huge purge in moving. Just several simple vignettes placed within our great room keep me from feeling overwhelmed with 'stuff'. Come on in....

Upon entry, our entire living space is built up on a two-step platform with ceilings another ten feet high. Our building is a 1907 renovated warehouse-turned-condos. My decor style is a fusion of industrial / modern / vintage, complementing the 2008 original build out (as purchased) of our space. 
Standing in the right corner pictured above, the photo below captures the angle of the great room's view. The sliding glass doors are two separate rooms (his and hers office/personal space), flanking a central cubby with electric fireplace.
Here's our living in real life, with track doors typically open:
Our dining table is set for fall, as detailed in my post this past Tuesday, here
Standing against the wall with sliding glass doors, the view looks toward the kitchen and hallway on the right, and TV and storage credenza on the wall directly in front of the sectional. Nested sofa tables and two Parsons chairs for extra seating are behind the sectional. 
Pictured below, the curio / drink stand beside the chair on left has mixed feathers in an amethyst Blenko pitcher. A vintage brass figural nutcracker and wooden carrier with fruit and flowers are on the sofa table.
You may have seen my latest MacKenzie-Childs butterscotch tartan pumpkin in my September traveling tote post. I bought it to coordinate with my Blenko "Arches" piece I bought last year after our trip through Utah's national parks
Figs are a sure sign of early Fall in my region. The faux branch in the vintage trophy stacks up to the real thing in the photo below.
Standing at the hallway beside the wall with TV, here's the view looking toward the fireplace (our kitchen counter with barstools is in the foreground, left).
If you look closely at the glass of the fireplace in the photo below, you can see the reflection of the "Arches" and tartan pumpkin on the credenza on the wall opposite.
The framed watercolors are by local artists. The one on left is of one of our previous property's trees in Fall splendor, painted/gifted many years ago by a former neighbor. The one on right was a recent vintage purchase from a local artist's estate, river birches in Fall.
The ledge below holds an antique wooden dough bowl vintage wooden filled with quilted pumpkins, fruit, and sunflower. The still on the right is a three dimensional metal on corrugated board find from a February estate sale which I'm currently fostering. A trio of antique dexterity clubs in graduated sizes are on the left side of the ledge (seen in previous picture). 
I've cast an even lighter hand with fall decor in our master bedroom and in my office, just changing pillow covers and throws (none in Mr. P.'s space, his preference). 

With much decor still in storage, it's just a matter of rotating what I have for mixing things up seasonally to fluff the nest. The beauty of utilizing estate finds is that I can always purge and sell later in our Panoply antique booths. Dishes seem to be my constant temptation that don't resell particularly well. And I still have curio cabinets mostly empty one year after moving that I'm in no hurry to clutter up. Christmas seems to be the only time I decorate with abandon, but even that is evolving.


The traveling tote tribe offered one reader who commented on my last tote post summary the opportunity to win the set of MacKenzie-Childs parchment check coasters below. The random winner chosen by names tossed in a basket was AldaAlda, you are a so please email me directly at no later than September 16, 2020 so I can arrange getting your present to you! If I don't hear from you by then, I will necessarily select another random name as the winner.

UPDATE 9-17-20: Unfortunately, Alda is a and did not respond within the designated deadline of September 16, 2020. I am pleased to announce that StampinwithAnita was randomly selected as the alternate winner on September 17.  

Thank you all for your readership. Please don't just hit and run while stopping by the blog. Let me know you were here by leaving a comment. Two-way communication is always better than chatting it up alone!
Rita C. at Panoply
A special thanks to Suzanne of Pieced Pastimes Saturday Sparks #392 and Michelle of Thistle Key Lane Tuesday Turn About # 67 for featuring this post!


  1. Great touches for Fall, and I love that fireplace. That's one thing our dream house didn't come with and I wish we could put in.

  2. Your home is amazing! We downsized 3 years ago. I love not having the space to fill up with stuff. It just makes everything easier when it comes to decorating. I now only have the things that I love. Your pumpkin goes great with your Blenko piece, which is awesome. You have the touch!

    1. Thank you, Ellen, and congrats on your own downsize! It is much easier in so many ways, and I am grateful that task is behind us. Thanks for your kind comment on the tartan pumpkin with Blenko piece.

  3. Rita, you've added the perfect accents for fall in your new space. Loving these new plaid pumpkins. I've not yet seen them other than photos, don't need another pumpkin, but these sure are tempting.
    Happy Autumn! It all looks welcoming at your new abode!

  4. Good Morning Rita. I always love seeing your beautiful condo. Off to Michigan today for Terry and I. Wish it were not raining but fall is on our heels. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  5. Good morning, Rita. I love your condo and you have furnished and arranged it beautifully. I know your views are grand. You are inspiring me to move out the things we are no longer using and there is an enormous amount of 'stuff.' Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm impressed you are decorated for fall.It has been enjoyable viewing lots of fall decor on blogs and Instragram. I am in the mood but have been out of town this week so have not done any decorating yet. You are in a good position to sell items and buy more if you want to. That is a win win.
    Your MKC plaid pumpkin is fun. I have not seen those until now.
    Have a great week. I think we are in for lots of rain this week.

  7. Lovely Rita - inviting and each treasure has its own place. Lovely view from your windows too.

  8. Rita, you have done an outstanding job marrying vintage, industrial, and modern in your new home. Your autumn decor is just enough without being overdone. I do love the MKC pumpkin. I haven’t started any fall decorating, it is 91 degrees today with high humidity. Have a lovely evening!

  9. Your home is so lovely - you have such a knack of mixing styles! I love the sliding doors to your offices - lucky you to have a hideaway spot!! each year i get rid of a few holiday/seasonal decor items as I just dont want it all anymore!!

  10. It's beautiful, Rita. You really have nailed how to make contemporary look warm and inviting (it can often look cold to me). The view is fabulous and I love that you have your his-and-her private spaces. I'm a big proponent of us all needing "A room of our own" -- hands off, everyone else!

    I can't get in the modd to decorate for fall yet. I just don't want to let go of summer. That said, I've hardly been here so... before I go north again I'll bring out a few things -- wreaths and such -- but Halloween has to wait till October 15!

  11. Elegant and understated, nicely suited to your modern space and style. I'm digging out the fall decorations this weekend. It is raining and cool, and has put me in the mood for a changeover. Plus working on Autumn Jubilee, and I am ready for it to turn cooler for good.

  12. I loved your fall home tour, I tend to overdo decor and then tire of it quickly, and your fall touches are subtle and perfect for your space. My favorite is the bread bowl. I'm still pretending it's fall, we still have temps in the 90s. I do hope you hear from Alda!

  13. Your home is perfectly decked out for autumn, Rita! I love how you did your tv nook area - understated excellence.

    And your Butterscotch MC pumpkin - sooooooo cute and a great choice to sit next to your awesome Blenko glass arch! Wow.

    I am in middle of doing up my fall - I have downsized to two bins and then 1 just for Thanksgiving b/c I nearly always host - so needs its own bin - and I am already downsizing more. Like yours, mine is all open and just feels overdone. Perhaps b/c I am home now so much, or not entertaining, or old and tired, haha - who knows. But I texted pics of some things to friends and family yesterday who want to add little fall touches, so at least I don't feel guilty for the yesteryears spending.

    Less is more - just not easy. Hugs.

  14. your home is so lovely, Rita. I love that amazing sofa with such classic lines and the color duo of warm grays and tan/camel. I know that having rooms that flow into each other with open spaces would really slow down my decorating. It's so easy to overdo "stuff". I'm learning to edit my enthusiasm in decor, but it's really hard with Fall! That MC plaid pumpkin is amazing and one of those pieces that makes a huge impact with great color. LOVE it!! Hope you're having a great mid-September!

  15. It was so nice to enter through your welcoming front door, Rita, and get a good glimpse of your loft. Now, I can really picture everything. Thanks you for the tour and getting to see all your pretty decor. You have great style!

  16. That blue wall just speaks to me. I adore your fall themed table. Everything is oh so cozy!

  17. Rita, your condo looks so inviting. You have decorated it beautifully for fall. Kudos to you for downsizing. The plaid pumpkin is so fun. Congrats to Anita. I am sorry Alda was a no reply blogger. Happy weekend.

  18. You have fluffed your nest beautifully, Rita. It is always a joy to visit your lovely condo to see how you have decorated. It must be wonderful to have a booth with a plethora of pretties and bring items home and then back again. Your style is impeccable!

  19. Rita, your fall touches are just perfect in your gorgeous condo. I'm excited to feature your post at the Tuesday Turn About Link Party! Hope to see you there again.

  20. Rita, you have done such a beautiful job marrying your vintage, industrial, and modern in your new home. I love your autumn decor, especially that nutcracker! Then there is the new pumpkin, what gorgeous colors. And your faux fig..okay, I love everything fall so pretty much love all your fall touches. I have decorated a bit too, but since we also have a more or less open concept, I can't be too "full!" Happy fall, friend. xo