Wednesday, March 3, 2021

An Unpretentious St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

Welcome to Panoply! Today I'm sharing my St. Patrick's Day tablescape with you, labeling it as unpretentious. 
  1. not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed.
My intention for this tablescape was a straightforward approach - simple and classic greens for celebrating the feast of St. Patrick and the changing of seasons. It's unpretentious in that I mix high and low end items, and almost always something vintage, whether it's my tables or anything else in my home. My complete source list for my table is provided near the end of this post (for informational purposes only, no sponsorship).
My sister was given this set of china I'm using today, and she asked me if I wanted it. Um, hellooo. Yes, I will set a table with it, at least, I told her. 
In researching, I found the china was manufactured by Taylor, Smith & Taylor between 1955-1960. It is called Classic Heritage Green. Kismet, I thought, as we are Irish by my father's heritage. And, fun fact: Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co. was in operation from 1900 until 1981 in Chester, West Virginia (my home state). They were the creators of the Lu-Ray Pastels of the 1930s. While I only used dinner and salad plates in this tablescape, there was table service for eight, including cups & saucers, berry bowls, as well as several serving pieces.
A simple bouquet from the grocery store in greens and creams became my centerpiece, with boxwood orbs flanking the arrangement. Once the table was set, Mr. P. walked by and made a comment about how nice it was. Needless to say, I think I have yet another set of china among my dish collections. 
The napkin rings I'm using are beaded blossoms, intended to be shaped as a fully open bloom. I rather liked them as a closed bud, giving the impression of a tulip in early spring.
Look at the magnitude of the beads of the bloom's center! They're quite heavy.
I played with candles on this table, but decided adding a string of little lights was better suited to the look I was going for in the simply classic approach.
A little surprise came about five days into having the bouquet. I knew there was a lily among the bunch, but what I didn't know was that it was a yellow bloom! Yellow is such a happy color. Beyond St. Patrick's Day, this table segues nicely into early Spring in our condo.

An Unpretentious St. Patrick's Day Tablescape Source List
Tablecloth, napkins - April Cornell
Placemats, Napkin Rings - MacKenzie-Childs
Chargers - Pier 1
Dinner, Salad Plates - Taylor, Smith, & Taylor Co.'s Classic Heritage (Green) - Vintage
Flatware - Target
Stemware - Dollar Tree
Vase - Blenko
I would like to take a moment to thank Debbee from the blog Debbee's Buzz. She organized all the bloggers whose links you will find below for even more St. Patrick's tablescaping inspiration. Be sure to visit each one. Each stylist has her own distinct take on the celebration.

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Thank you so much for your visit. I'd love you to leave a comment to let me know you stopped by. If you were here in real life, I'd offer you a piece of my Irish apple cake I made with this easy recipe!
Whether you're Irish by heritage or by choice, have a safe and fun celebration!


  1. Rita, you say unpretentious, I say gorgeous. Your St Patrick tablescape is lovely in the white and green. I love those white plates and the beaded flower napkin rings. Irish apple cake sounds mighty good right about now.

  2. Rita, I’m Irish by choice although my hubby’s family’s heritage is Scots-Irish! I’m always a fan of how you mix and match your table elements incorporating vintage treasures with newer accessories. Such a soothing and serene table that segues perfectly into spring and suits Mr. P too. What a nice surprise to have a yellow lily in your flowers and I’m smitten with your MKC blooming beaded napkin rings! I hope you’re drying out and everyone is safe including your SIL. As always it’s always a pleasure to join you at the table. ♥

  3. I love the simplicity of the table, Rita. Sometimes tables are so full you can't really see anything! (Sometimes, at least in my case, that's because the table itself isn't all that big!) This shows off the beautiful elements so well. You're right about those napkin rings -- stunners. And I think I have a Taylor china pattern, but I'm not sure. Off to the basement to check as I swap out winter dishes for spring. It's lovely!

  4. This is so lovely Rita, and how LUCKY to end up with a blooming yellow lily! It looks like a pot of gold in your arrangement! Love the plates, napkins and beautiful napkin rings. Your table is simply elegant!

  5. What a nice sister you have! Funny that she felt she had to ask if you wanted the dishes!🤣 A tablescaper ALWAYS wants the dishes!!!!!!!!😁 I love the whole look, and what a treat to get the big yellow lily bloom when you didn’t really expect it!

  6. A lovely table Rita. I love the elegant lines. Your vintage mixed with up to date items work beautifully. Those Mackenzie Child's beaded blossom napkin rings are so pretty. Mr. P has a great eye. What a lovely surprise to see the yellow lily with your flowers and greens. Don't you just love those Pier1 white chargers? They are on my table as well. Irish apple cake would be lovely right now withy my cup of coffee. A pleasure seeing your pretty table decked out for St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for sending me the precious Shamrock Cloth. From one Irish lass to another.🍀

  7. Such a pretty table, Rita! I love your classic and unpretentious approach to St. Patrick's Day decorating. Your dishes are gorgeous and the colors are so perfect for the holiday. I also love those napkins. The floral pattern makes me look forward to spring! Great hopping with you!

  8. Simplicity and splendid... simply stunning Rita. You have such amazing combinations and I find myself looking first for your vintage pieces, as I know you always tuck vintage items somewhere in your table setting.... staying true to your personality and character and life's mission. You enlighten us with history and background and your tables are classic. You are a dear friend and an inspiration to us all. The blooming yellow lily was a pleasant was the gifted dishes from your sister. Sidebar: I love my sister, but about the only "dishes" she could gift me would be of the paper variety. LOL.
    I would love to sit and sip tea, (from your lofty view) and munching apple cake with you any time.
    Hugs, Kari

  9. Rita, Your tablescape might be "unpretentious" but it is lovely! Your china is so classic and perfect for a St. Patrick's Day tablescape. The sculpted edges of your chargers show of so nicely against the green placemats. As always, it is a pleasure to hop with you!

  10. Rita, Your table is beautiful! Our favorite color is green and the blended greens are so soothing. The dishes are such a pretty shade of green. I love the boxwood with the fairy lights. The vase is such a nice shape. The napkin rings are so intricate. Love them! Your cake looks delicious and the cup is so delicate and pretty. Have a wonderful day Rita! Clara❤️��

  11. This may be unpretentious but oh so beautiful. Be careful or you are going to wake up one morning and 4 little lucky leprechauns will be waiting for breakfast at this table! Love it.

  12. Good morning, Rita. Your table is lovely and I am in love with your china. It would set a beautiful table any time of the year. However, it is simply perfect for spring. I think if truth be known, those of us who love china have a gene that comes to the surface when we see a pattern we love. Happy March, Rita!

  13. Rita, it's always lovely at your table! Lucky you to add this set of pretty green dishes! They are lovely on this table mixed with old and new. You know I like to do that too, as well as a touch of whimsy. I'm ready for spring, but it's going to be a slow recovery here. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to click on the recipe. Sounds delicious!

  14. Rita, I love the 'quiet' simplicity and beauty of you tablescape. A "new" set of china, oh you lucky girl! It's really lovely. What I like best are the layered textures in the setting, from the pretty cloth and round placemats to the fab beaded napkin rings. Thank you so much for taking a chance on my first time hosting, and on somewhat short notice! It wouldn't have been near as nice without your stylings and inspirational ideas.

  15. Your unpretentious style is so classic, Rita. I’m swooning over your newly acquired china from your sister. I can imagine it for so many seasons. Those beaded napkin rings are quite stunning and fairy lights always add to the ambiance. Yes indeed, I’d love a slice of your Irish apple cake, please. Mr. P and I share a love of sweets.

  16. Rita, I have a ton of Irish in me from my mom. Central Ireland to be exact.
    I like the "Unpretentious" word usage, but your low-key table still shines through. Those napkin rings are really pretty, plus where you placed them with the napkin is a stylized look that grabbed my attention.
    And, yes, you need to make room for the plates! They are keepers;)


  17. This is such a grown up version of St. Patrick's day. I would say elegant, not unpretentious. Although it is that too. Your lily is just the perfect touch of spring color. It was fun hopping with you.

  18. Such a pretty table. Those are a nice china set. You can mix and match with those a lot. Love the floral arrangement and the surprise yellow lily is perfect!

  19. This is such a pretty table. I like that it's simple. Love napkin rings


  20. Rita, my comment disappeared. I love you table and am smitten with the MKC napkin rings. Since the dishware is Mr. P approved, I guess it is a keeper. What a nice surprise for a yellow lily to pop out in your flower arrangement. RM and I both have Irish heritage. It has been a sunny day, hope you are drying out!

  21. Rita, I love that first photo looking down on your beautiful table. It is so clean and crisp!! I have those chargers but I didn’t even realize that those were them until I saw them up closer, I like the way your round placemats frame the chargers, I actually thought it was lace from above!! Maybe I just need glasses!! How nice of your sister to gift you another set of china, I hope we get to see more of this set. I am not Irish, but I was born on St. Patrick’s day and with the red hair, every one thinks I am, it is a fun day to celebrate!! It is always a pleasure to hop with you. Have a fun St. Patty’s day!🍀

  22. Rita, I love your table for so many reasons! Using those lovely green plates give a nod to St.Patrick's day for sure, but they are such a pretty shade they could be used for so many occasions. Those scalloped edged charger plates are showstoppers! I am all about the flowers, and your simple, monochromatic bouquet is perfection. What fun to have the bright yellow lily bloom and add a pop of colour! A pleasure joining you on this blog hop!

  23. Simply elegant and beautiful! I love the green plates...pretty shade of green!

  24. Well, I can virtually taste that yummy looking Irish apple cake and your table looks absolutely lovely, Rita. It's warm, inviting and full of greenery which always works for me. And those chargers with the cut away detail are gorgeous too. They create such a pretty backdrop for your new plates

  25. Rita, I love your table. I'm late due to my husband having two medical procedures this week. I was not able to open my computer yesterday.
    How nice to be given a set of green dishes at a good time to style a St Patrick's Day table. It is a classic set of china that you can change for more St Pat's Day. I love the elegant simplicity. Your white wooden chargers were a great choice to set off the lovely china and look work well on the green MKC placemats. I regret not getting those charger every time I see them. I love the floral napkins and interesting unique napkin rings! And the boxwood orbs look beautiful with your flowers. All your choices of flowers were perfect.
    Your apple cake is very inviting.
    Hoping the waters have receded and things are getting back to normal.

  26. Rita, this is one gorgeous table, whatever you call it. The gift of china from your sister is so sweet and it sets a perfect St. Patrick's Day table. I do love this green although I am not a big fan of green. It's soft and mellow in my opinion and works perfectly with your selection of flowers and mats. The addition of string lights highlights the table setting. This Irish heritage girl adores you table. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  27. Love your table! I do the same mixing of old and new.

  28. Rita, I agree with everyone that your table with it's subtle nod to St. Patrick's Day is elegant and sophisticated! The plate stack with your "new" plates (definitely keepers!) are such a pretty shade of green. I love the texture in your April Cornell tablecloth and the lovely beaded napkin rings. I have the same green Dollar Tree wine that's mixing high and low end for sure! How nice that your tablescape will transition into spring, so you can enjoy it for even longer! The yellow lily was a sweet surprise. As always, it's a pleasure to join you on the blog hops, my friend!

  29. Rita, I love the soft green of the china your sister passed on to you! It's such a classic design that it will go with just about anything in any season, though the shade of green first calls spring to mind. The napkins provide more color and a pretty pattern. I love the way you changed the presentation of the napkin rings. Out of curiosity, how do you get so high above your table for your photos?!

    1. Sandra, thank you. I would not recommend my strategy for overhead shots - high stepstool, reaching further, sometimes on tiptoes, with arms outstretched.....a recipe for potential disaster, lol!

  30. Just lovely Rita! Your centerpiece is gorgeous - with and without the lovely yellow lily! Thanks so much for sharing, and Happy Upcoming St Patrick's Day!

  31. Perfect for a quiet celebration at home Rita. I'm always in awe of you all that put together these amazing seasonal tablescapes. Your Irish apple cake looks so yummy, and oh my that quilt for the tablecloth. What a sweet surprise with that yellow lily. Have a wonderful week, dear friend. Thankyou for all the beautiful inspiration!

  32. Your St. Patrick's day is simple yet elegant, Rita. Your bird's eye views are fabulous. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!

  33. Rita, your table looks amazing. So fresh and un cluttered and inviting. We are not Irish, but we celebrate every year by watching The Quiet Man and having a traditional meal. Shepherd's Pie...and I will be sure to try your apple cake this year. Will so simple woven placemats with white china and green napkins...just us two. Can't wait for life to get back to normal so we can have dinner guests again. Have a fabulous March !

  34. Very pretty, Rita! There are a lot of reasons that these dishes are suited for you, now that's luck! I love to see the overhead shots, the tiny lights are perfect as well as the simple tablecloth. Where do you do your research? I have a set of china my husband bid on and won at an estate sale and they are just sitting in my storage room (sometimes my granddaughters and I play tea time!!). The parties you are a part of remind me that I haven't done a tablescape in a loooooong time. Time to get organized, the options are never-ending!!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day! A true Irish tradition on Chicago's Southside. ☘️