Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Tales of the Traveling Tote #34 and Giveaway

Hello and Happy March, readers! If you're a new reader, I'm happy you've found my blog - Panoply! 

Today marks the 34th installment of the Tales of the Traveling Tote. These are quarterly recaps of places traveled by a group of us who don the MacKenzie-Childs totes proudly. We love sharing our experiences with each other, and you. Sometimes it's just local travel, other times it's places geographically distant from where we live. If you want to visit my personal log of tales, you can begin here, but it all started even earlier, here
My trips this past quarter were mostly still local (but I am definitely feeling the itch to travel again with Mr. P!). Let's start with trips made in January. The picture above is a breakout photo of my little granddaughter, J, who spent three nights in the hospital with RSV. She received the Olaf crocheted hat as one of her daily gifts from nursing staff. We were all happy for this discharge.

Poor little girl was really sick, as were her mommy and daddy (with a GI bug, which J also caught). I double masked and spent just enough time over those days to give the parents a break. If ever you have loved ones who have a little one in the hospital, may I suggest a gift card for Door Dash? It's a nice way for them to get decent food delivered.
February was more of a celebratory month. I went with J and her mommy and daddy to see Disney on Ice. Wow, they really bring out the crowds! So many littles dressed in their princess costumes, and so many opportunities to outfit your littles with all kinds of overpriced tsotchkes! Of course, I bought J a bubble making Mickey Mouse light. She learned quickly how to operate it herself.
The show was mesmerizing to J. She loves her Disney movies, especially Frozen. Of course, looking for treats in Mimi's bag during intermission was also mesmerizing.
Also in February, my local Panoply sister and I went to a particularly fabulous estate sale FULL of items for both resale and even home use. For those new readers, my blog and its name [Panoply] originated from the small antiquing business two of my sisters and I have shared since 2008. We've been in our local antique mall for nearly fifteen years. We were literally in HOG HEAVEN with a very large assortment of collectible pigs at this recent estate sale.
Sister J wasn't able to be in town for this one, so sister M and I shopped for her. Pictured below are several of the pigs we picked for her for resale.
I bought two pigs, one of which will be heading to garden this year. It's a Smith & Hawken - new with tag - pig watering can. The other pig is fashioned from a quilted remnant, heading to the booth.
I also scored a couple of very nice, vintage Asian pieces in blue and white. These will be fostered at home, at least for a while. The top vase is Japanese, the Double Happiness ginger jar with lid is Peoples Republic of China. That stool holding the ginger jar, by the way, was also a local vintage find in 2018. You can read about its historical background here. After publishing that post in 2018, I was contacted by a museum within our state, asking if I wanted to sell it. Needless to say, I still have it.
Sister J, who lives in Cincinnati and is part of Panoply, has been mining a single estate of a friend in her area for several months, and has made at least two trips to transport large hauls to town for us to fluff our booths. This past weekend, local Panoply sister M and I drove over to Cincinnati to bring back another load. But we also took in some much needed retail therapy! I had just completed our tax return, and sister M needed a respite from caring for family back home. We accomplished our mission.
It was a great weekend, full of sister fun, great deals, good food and overall good weather for traveling. We drive the AA Highway from WV to OH, and it was a sad sight to see so many trees and shrubs along the way that have been impacted by the flash freeze our region experienced the week of Christmas 2022. My guess is nurseries will not be able to supply the demand for many of the plants needing replaced this year.


UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner - Clara W.! Thank you to all who left comments.

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  1. Poor Baby J with her hospital stay, but she looks adorable in her sweet Olaf hat! Disney on Ice and a Mickey Mouse Bubble Light almost makes up for it. 😊 I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you go to an estate sale or auction. Cute pigs, love the black and white one and your blue and white ginger jars are handsome pieces. I hope you’re enjoying some beautiful spring weather like we are this week. It seems way too early for everything to be budding, but I hope March stays warm and we don’t nosedive back in freezing temps. Happy March!☘️🌱🌸

  2. Awww Baby J was so sick, but looked so sweet in her Olaf hat. I recognized that Mickey Mouse bubble light right away as my grand niece just got back from Disney in Florida. I enjoy seeing your passion for estate sales and auctions. I'm intrigued by both but have only been to one auction. Glad you had a great weekend, full of sister fun!

  3. Thank you for sharing your winter and blogging about Tales of the Traveling Tote.

  4. So happy your little granddaughter is recovered. Nothing more frightening than a sick child. It was fun to hear about your estate sale adventures. Nothing better than a good estate sale for picking up goodies. I have two great brothers but they are definitely not shopping buddies. LOL Hubby and I are heading out on some travels next month. I'm looking forward to seeing sosmething new. Have a great week.

  5. Hi Rita,

    How awful that that your darling girl and family were so ill. I do hope you are feeling better. I too love a good estate sale. Cute finds!

  6. So glad your granddaughter is better!! That Olaf hat is adorable - how kind of the nurses to do that. What a blessing! That Black & White pig is fabulous!! I'm gonna keep my eye out for one like it - it's so charming!!! And I love your ginger jar finds - I have quite a few but seem to always try to find room for one more - LOL!! I'm a sucker for blue & white :-) Thanks for sharing this armchair view of your travels - it was fun!! ~ Hugs~

  7. Little J looks so cute with her Olaf hat. That little one has been through so much. What a trooper. We went to Disney on Ice here in Chicago too. Our littlest granddaughter dressed as Elsa and had a blast. Your travels all look great with the hauls you made. Keeping everyone in good healthy thoughts and prayers. Hugs. Kris

  8. Awwww poor baby J! She sure went through so much this winter as did her parents. Thank you for the tip on Door Dash as a gift card. Baby J after all that, did get to enjoy some fun! I’m so thankful that prayers were answered.
    You and your sisters sure found some treasures!

  9. Oh Rita, how awful your sweet baby J had to be hospitalized, I can't imagine how hard that must have been~ and you and her parents got sick too, I am so sorry! She does look adorable in the Olaf hat, does anyone ever tell you she looks like you? It was the first thing I thought of when I saw her picture! I know you love those shopping sprees and the pigs, one of my weaknesses, they are all so cute! The watering can pig is hilarious! What a good grandmother you are and Disney on Ice I'm sure was magical. Happy March and enjoy your next adventures!

  10. Oh Rita! We're so glad that everyone is feeling better. Having a little one in the hospital is so scary, especially when the parents are under the weather too. It's so good that you all live in same area. Disney is always fun, even for the adults! The pigs are adorable. That little quilted pig would be so cute for a little girl's room. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the warmer weather. Clara❤️

  11. so happy J is feeling better and on the mend.
    Would love some day to make a trip to WV there is always something new to find.

  12. Oh Rita, I am so sorry your sweet baby J was so terribly sick! Anytime a wee one is sick it's a terrible thing but when one is so ill to be hospitalized it breaks our hearts. What a beautiful pic of baby J in her crocheted Olaf hat. I know that was a wonderful day when she came home. So good to hear you and the P sisters are having fun furnishing your booths and even pretties for your homes. I love the collection of pigs and I think the Smith and Hawking pig would be a keeper too. I also love the blue spatterware. It's always good to spend sister time, looks like it was fun. Happy March Rita

  13. Makes my heart ache to think of little J so sick. I'm happy all are well again. They are so fortunate to have you close. I love her cute little crocheted hat! I'm curious if you brought any pigs home. You know I have a few around here as well, even dishes! Ha! Ha! I know you are surprised! Happy March!

  14. Poor little baby girl J. being sick and hospitalized.. So glad she is well once again. What a joy to spend time with her. Disney movies are so fun. She is such a cutie pie, especially in her Olaf hat. You are so lucky to have your sisters.for shopping. Outings together are great with a sister. Fun finds with the pig and the Asian ginger jars. Happy March Rita, I hope you and Mr. P get to get away.

  15. Rita, I’m so sorry to hear about your little granddaughter, J. I’m relieved that she’s healed and well enough to see Disney on Ice. I love your pigs!

  16. So happy to hear Baby J has recovered - there is nothing sadder than a sick baby! I love to see children's faces when they see Disney characters - pure magic! You look like you enjoyed your little shopping trip! - sister fun! Thanks for sharing your winter adventures with us!

  17. First of all, thanks for hosting the giveaway for us.
    I love seeing your sweet photos of Baby J! She is so adorable, Rita. I know she was truly mesmerized by Disney on Ice, and I'm happy she was able to attend. I hope she continues to approve throughout the spring. I love the gorgeous Asian pieces you found! Very nice. I know what you mean about the Christmas freeze...I think we've probably lost about a third of our shrubs. I am also worried about supply and demand!

  18. Baby J looks adorable in her crocheted Olaf hat. Bless her heart, I am so glad she is over RSV and everyone is well and had a nice February! I went with EM and her mommy to see WD Frozen on ice and she was mesmerized! So happy you went along. Isn’t being a grandmother the grandest?!! It must be wonderful to have sisters and to shop together for your antique booths!! I love the pigs. Happy March, Rita!

  19. New to your blog but have read several others that share the tales of the traveling tote. I am sorry to hear that the precious little one was sick.

  20. Oh Rita, Such fun! I love when you almost take me with you (and your sisters) along on your wonderful trip for treasures. I love the cast iron pig door stop. I have a rooster which is a cast iron door stop too. And a pig watering can! So adorable. It is so wonderful to have sister fun and to share in the antique booth together. Your granddaughter is such a little sweetheart. I am so happy to hear she has fully recovered from RSV. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Spring.

  21. Thank you for having the giveaway. Hope your child is better. God Bless.

  22. Sorry your little one was sick.

  23. Thank you for the giveaway/

  24. Oh so many adorable pigs that you collected. We have a tall standing one that is always in the kitchen as my husband used to always say to the kids, "Fat pigs love to eat!" We love our piggy. My daughter has raised pigs for meat for the last three years. They live right behind where we are building - I said she had to move them as we get a good waft of them once in a while. So glad you could take us shopping with you for them.
    So sorry about the RSV. My youngest had that at 2 1/2 and they sent him home on oxygen. I missed a cruise with the older kids because of it, but he was more important. So glad you could help out.

  25. You're a wonderful gran and I'm so sorry your family, and especially little J had to deal with the RSV. She's just darling! What lovely finds from your travels -- and I'm sure they were loads of fun!

  26. Your little sweetie looks so much like you. RSV has been around so much down here, our daughter just doesn't take the baby out. Can't wait till warmer weather and for her vaccinations to be finished so we can see her more often. Such a great Mimi to be at the hospital for comfort. I love seeing where your tote gets to, AND it's the perfect Snack carrier! Happy March, Rita!

  27. It is so hard to see your sweet baby sick. But, what good times you did have later. Great finds shopping and am glad you saved some for yourself.
    I'm in Colorado enjoying my grandchildren.

  28. I'm so glad to read that Baby J is okay! Happy spring!