Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tales of the Traveling Tote #35 and Giveaway

Hello, and welcome to the Tales of the Traveling Tote quarterly update! This is a recurring themed post, all about a group of gals who fell in love with and connected via a particular MacKenzie-Childs tote several years ago. 

The group continues each calendar quarter by sharing experiences of where we've been and how we've used our tote. It also includes a token giveaway from us to you, so be sure to see further in this post for that opportunity. Be sure to also read through and see my fellow tote travelers' posts, with links provided to take you directly to each. If you want to visit my personal log of tales, you can begin here.

These last few months have been spent locally for me, with family and friends. Activities have run the gamut from holidays and meals shared....
Easter Sunday 2023
...birthdays celebrated with friends...
Birthdays shared with friends
....birthdays and health rehabilitation celebrated with family.
Birthdays and Better Health with Family
Time was spent watching Baby J learn and be amazed at new things in her world....
Exploring the world with Jacqueline
Mother's Day was the first time J starting calling me Mimi. Melt my heart.
Mother's Day 2023
I spent the Saturday of Memorial weekend hiking with daughter M's family, trekking through a state park to find the grotto. The terrain was challenging at times!
Memorial weekend hiking the grotto
Afterward, we let Baby J burn some energy at the park. She finds friends wherever she goes, even with worms and ducks.  
Baby J at the park
Spending time shopping sometimes involves mostly picking for the antique booths I share with two sisters. However, I always keep an open mind about finding items to keep or foster at home, or even for the garden! I found some great deals on things I needed, and things I didn't know I needed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of those pictured below, I'm keeping all but the round bank and beaded purse at the bottom (middle) of the collage.
Recent Estate Sale Acquisitions
Our local boutique which specializes in MacKenzie-Childs had a sale, so I bought a couple pieces of Royal Check. I also received my annual loyalty gift (the neoprene Courtly Check tote) from Aurora. I love it! You will likely see more of it since it's lighter weight than Miss Luna C. I must name her!
MacKenzie-Childs Recent Acquisitions
With the same friend who shops M-C and all things gardening with me, we did a little purge with a garage sale at her house in mid-May. Lemontnis for the win. Cheers!

The Traveling Totes Tribe is offering another giveaway and Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul is our giveaway sponsor this time. One lucky reader who leaves a comment on Sarah's post will have their name thrown into the hat for an opportunity to win this MacKenzie-Childs home apothecary scented disc in the Golden Hour scent.

PLEASE NOTE: If your comment displays as anonymous, be sure to write your name so that you may be identified!
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Join us again on September 1, 2023 for another edition of Tales of the Traveling Tote.
Thanks so much for your visit. I love reading your comments, and be sure to leave one on Sarah's blog for a chance to win our token gift. Stay safe, and Happy June (and soon-to-be๐ŸŒžSUMMER๐ŸŒžin the Northern Hemisphere).


  1. Love seeing all of your collaged pics of your spring adventures! Your grandaughter is growing up so quickly and is such a cutie! You had lots of celebrations and that's what life is all about! Love your M-C finds! Enjoy the summer

  2. Your Baby J is so adorable. I keep scrolling up and looking at her sweet photos! I love that she's started calling you Mimi. Did you pick that name, or did she? Good for y'all hiking! The scenery is beautiful, and the destination was worth it. I love hiking to waterfalls, grottos, and other pretty landscapes. You acquired quite an eclectic collection of treasures while antiquing! And I really want to add some Royal Check to my collection of M-C. Beautiful buys!

  3. Rita, Baby J is adorable! I love her sandals and sunglasses. She is quite stylish in her wardrobe too. The pic of the chrome bumper is so cute. Your shopping netted you some beautiful plates and other pretties. The MC items are beautiful too! Love the tote and can't wait for her name. Looks like you had a nice quarter of activities. Happy June! Clara ❤️

  4. What fun pics of Baby J. She is getting so big. My heart smiled too when you said she is calling you MiMi. That is what my two grand girls call me and my heart melts each time. Love seeing her see herself in the bumper. Adorable. Glad you had some fun travels to see family too. Enjoy your summer and being able to do fun things like the park with Jacqueline. Hugs. Kris

  5. Rita, it makes my heart sing to see all these darling photos of your precious granddaughter. Love the name MiMi! Family is everything! Thanks for taking us along. Have the best summer playing and adventuring with Jacqueline!

  6. Family and friends is what life is all about, nothing is more valuable and enjoyable than that to me! Baby J is growing and growing, I know you were delighted when she first said your name~ she is absolutely adorable! Lucky you for receiving a loyalty gift from MKC, looks like a great tote for filling with your shopping treasures. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

  7. Baby J is adorable Rita, I don’t know how you or her parents stand the cuteness! Love her pigtails and Pebbles Flintstone topknot…so CUTE (!!) looking at the pig and her reflection in the bumper. ๐Ÿ˜Š Happy Birthday wishes to you, friends, family and Happy Health wishes too. I’m surprised you’re not keeping the beaded purse, it must be too similar to one in your collection? I have MKC Royal Check star plate envy! Happy June ♥

  8. Rita, looks like you have been busy in a wonderful way spending time with family and friends. Oh how sweet baby J is growing! And to hear her call you Mimi for the first time must have made your legs buckle! She is adorable and I enjoyed seeing all the pics of her. Glad you enjoyed time with your family, always special. I know getting away for hiking is always amazing too. Have a wonderful summer and hug sweet baby J for me..........

  9. Awww, just look at baby J, so sweet and adorable. You must love spending time with your baby J. How special she called you MImi. on Mother's Day. What a wonderful gift that sweet tote is from loyalty MKC. How fun you have a local boutique that carries. MKC. a day outing hiking and walking is wonderful, especially with family. Shopping can be so fun. I love you found things you did not know you needed. Happy summer Rita.

  10. I can’t believe how baby J is growing!! I am sure you heart did melt when she called you Mimi. You had a fun Spring with family and friends. Happy June and more gardening and fun with family.

  11. Rita, how fun to enjoy friends and family! Baby J is beautiful and to finally hear her call you Mimi melted your heart, I just know. Being a grandmother is so fabulous…enjoy every moment and don’t blink! The hiking looks great and certainly a good work out. Thanks for sharing Baby J, she is growing and is adorable!

  12. Rita,
    I so enjoyed your post and catching up with what you've been up to! ENJOY your summer.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope your summer is pleasurable.

  13. I know your heart melted when J starting calling you Mimi. I am "Grandma" to Xavier, "Grandma Debbie" to Claire, and "Minnie" to Quinn and Harper. Baby J is the sweetest and being a grandmother is wonderful as you know. The hiking looks right up my alley, and I love the Almost Heaven photo of you. We are Switzerland and Italy bound on Monday for two weeks. Enjoy your summer in the gardens, and with family, friends and baby J.

  14. Oh my! Baby J is getting so big -- and so darling! Everything looks like it has been so good -- especially the many moments with family which are to be treasured, each and every one. And fun antiquing too! Love your gift (well deserved!) and all the fun and smiles!

  15. Awe...she is so sweet...mine call me gigi....luv it! hiking? I'm not quite ready for but I admire all who do it. Thanks for sharing. hugs my friend

  16. Such a fun collection of travel photos. I adore your recent finds. The Bunny Williams book is a favorite!

  17. I always love your family and fun pics Rita. Baby J is so precious, I'm looking forward to that stage with our little Olivia. And that garage sale looks like my idea of the perfect one!