Tuesday, October 10, 2023

There's a Little Witch in All of Us

Hello, my little pretties! Today I've set a special table for us. My little party's just beginning. Come inside, let's play....

You can park your broom ride outside if you wish.
Once you enter, please take off your shoes. I wouldn't want you to leave too soon. {hihihi} I'll just park my shoes next to the little ghoul. Why does he look so surprised??
I placed my shoes beside my hat and bag, so I can keep an eye on them....and YOU. {hihihi}
I've brought out my best china for us. It was made especially for me. It's got a portrait of my sisters and me on it. It's called Coven, but I like to call it Panoply Coven. {hihihi}. That little ghoul photobombed us and has that same look on his face as the one on the table. Why does he look so surprised??
Here, my little pretty, I have a place setting just for you.
Don't mind the spider on the table. He's been busy weaving placemats. He'll just hop into one of the napkin hats on the table to get cozy when he's finished. Use the little broom of a napkin ring to shoo him away if he lands in yours.
I've cozied up the place for you, too. I hope you like it. I had a portrait of myself taken and placed it over the fireplace.
I had some black and whites taken also, and I like this one best among the proofs. It shows my profile better.
I used one of my shawls to dress the sideboard. That's a portrait of the coven homeplace on the wall, a place you can never leave. {hihihi}.

Oh, don't get your feathers all ruffled. I'm just kidding. You can leave whenever you'd like. But the friends who've overstayed in the past are tucked away in the lidded pumpkin on the second shelf from the top, just so you know. 
I'll keep my peacock eye on you and on the clock so you don't wear out your welcome.
Let's eat, shall we? I'll share my spells recipes of anything you find tasty. The tastier the better, don't you agree?
I'll also share my list of supplies I used today for our little party. Don't worry. I won't be casting any spells on you or on any of the sources. I just like to share these in case you want to go on your own witch hunt for similar items. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿง™‍♀️๐Ÿงน

There's a Little Witch in All of Us Tablescape Source List
Tablecloth, Broom Napkin Rings - HomeGoods
Napkins - Crown Linen Designs
Acrylic 'Glassware', Chargers - Pier 1
Tangerine 384 glass decanter, bud vase - Blenko
Ivory Flatware (Sophia)  - Horchow
Witch hat & shoes, broom, spell bag - artisan fair, several years a go
Ceramic ghoul, spider - artisan craft fair, 2022 (Nanette Seligman)
Witch hat candle - yard sale
Royal Stafford (Coven) salad plates - Replacements, Ltd.
Smoky wine glasses, black dinner plates - Dollar Tree
Sarcastic humor - baby, I was born this way
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Thank you, my little pretties, for flying by today. Don't run off without letting me know you were here. I love your comments, warts and all. 

Rita C. at Panoply

A special thank you to Lynne of My Family Thyme Tuesday Turn About #224 and to Linda of Life and Linda Share Your Creativity #224 for featuring this post!


  1. Rita, what a fun, creative table and post! I can hear the cackle of your voice and sends shivers down my spine! Love the creative layers for the spider web stack. You've out done yourself with creative ideas in this post. Great fun, my friend! Thanks for organizing this hop. I look forward to all the fun takes on a Halloween tablescape. Hope my unconventional scape isn't too ordinary for a Halloween tablescape. Happy Haunting!

  2. I’m cackling with glee over your table Rita…you should see my resting witch face. My broom and shoes are parked by the door, let the spells and fun begin! Are surprised to know I have the same weathervane? I love how you removed the top and placed it on the mantel and your photo in black and white. The fire glowing in the fireplace adds such a spooky atmosphere. I adore your Royal Stafford coven member plates and tablecloth! Your dialogue is a scream…“sarcastic humor - baby, I was born this way” ๐Ÿคฃ Love the last overhead shot of your table and the pops of orange from your glassware. Thanks so much the fun this morning and all your efforts in organized these hops. I’ll be back for the cauldron bubbling and brewing later tonight. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿง™‍♀️๐Ÿงน๐Ÿงก

  3. Rita, you have definitely gotten into Halloween! I love your sarcastic humor, so you were born that way?! Your creativity for this table is top notch. I love your photo in black and white, again so creative! The plate stack is bewitching, I haven’t seen the RS plates before. I agree with Sarah, you have outdone yourself!!! Thanks so much for organizing the hops and for your fun post!

  4. Nailed it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rita, what a fun table! I love the haunting black and white image and all of your creative accents! Once again, thanks for hosting us, Friend!

  6. Rita, I love your humor....all my friends know they can expect much of the same from me...not just at Halloween but all the time. LOL Love your table and the witch in the mirror is delightful. Your attention to detail is perfect. Love your plate stack and witch hat, shoes, and broom. Mine are like Mary's...they are parked at my front door also. Thanks for organizing this hop. You are the best! Hugs,

  7. I love it! The dish and placemat stacking is hauntingly beautiful! You outdid yourself. Hope all is well with you and Fam! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  8. cute post - your table is set to perfection and you are very clever! Thanks for hosting another fun hop!

  9. Cackle cackle, Rita, frightful and delightful!! I love the witch hat napkins, and the plates are truly spooky! The spider web placemats are perfect and that little ghoul is so cute! The orange glassware adds a eerie glow, and your "portrait" over the mantel is very scary! I am going to get on my broom and fly off to visit all the wonderful Halloween tables~thank you for being our hostess with the mostest!

  10. Rita this is just amazing. I love those plates. Ha ha your little boo does look very surprised! Your witches hat and broom are so cute. Having fun seeing all your tables in the hop. Have a great week ahead. Hugs. Kris

  11. Rita, your Halloween table is filled with great ideas. The tablecloth with little brooms and witch hats, and the large hat, broom and shoes in the center create a spooky look. The 3 sister/witch plates are beautiful!
    Thanks for the hop!

  12. Sweet Rita, First, thank you for carrying on this wonderful hop! Now, your wonderful Halloween table!! I just love it! My favorite part, (besides your running commentary) are those fabulous plates! The detail is just fantastic! I was especially drawn to the tiny jack o' lanterns around the edges! Thanks again, hugs, Chloe

  13. Rita, I love your humor and its the perfect commentary for your table! I love the Panoply Coven plates and the witch over the fireplace is wonderfully frightful. The witch's hat and shoes gave me a chuckle and the tablecloth is so cute. I really like the pops of orange from the glasses, decanter, and bud vase - it adds and eerie vibe. Love it all and thank you for hosting!!

  14. That was a fun story and a very nice tablescape for this time of year!

  15. What a welcome! And what a party! Despite your disclaimers, I think I'll stay a while to enjoy all the details in your witchy party. Loved the napkins, the brooms and the hats. Those shoes are awesome! Thanks so much for coordinating such a fun blog hop!

  16. Oh my gosh Rita! I love it. The narrative is perfection! Love the witches shoes and hat, so rustic and authentic looking. The plates are bootiful too! Thanks so much for hosting :)

  17. Such a fun and whimsical post Rita. Love your sense off humor. The napkins, brooms and hats are darling. Love the witch Coven plates. The spider weaving the placemats is cute. The pops of orange is lovely. The little ghoul is so fun. It would fit in nicely on my ghost table. I am cackling with glee over your witch profile. A fun witch party. Thank you for organizing the blog hop, I appreciate you.

  18. So sorry to miss the coven meeting today, but my broom and I are grounded with a nasty sinus infection --- not the souvenir I wanted to bring back from France lol! Love everything about this post, beginning with the title, those wonderful plates, broom napkin rings (perfect with the witch hat fold!), and that friendly not frightening table cloth. And to think you use to tell me you didn't like Halloween my pretty!

  19. The Royal Stafford plates are really something! I have not seen this pattern before. Your tablecloth is so cute, and I like the touch of blue on it. The napkin folds are precious! That's my favorite thing along with the plates! (HAHAHA sarcastic humor....you are so funny!) Thank you so much for hosting these blog hops. I know it isn't easy keeping us all on track. I truly appreciate you, Sweet Friend! Happy Halloween!

  20. I have a real fondness for happy Witches on Halloween and you have certainly hit the mark. Love the black and white plates and the witch's hats you used on the table. You are such a star putting these hops together. Witch's, Halloween, and a Blog Hop...What could be better. Thanks, Rita, for all your hard work and your cheerful and welcoming demeanor.

  21. Rita, your Halloween table is adorable! I love those plates, and the witch hat napkin fold is precious! It has been so much fun visiting your Halloween party. Your fall decorations are beautiful. Happy October! Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

  22. I am totally enchanted with your covenly home and tablescape. And of course, the portraits, hats and all the touches are perfect but I think I like your family china the best! I hope you weave these wonderful stories for the little witchlet in training!

  23. Rita, The way you decorated your home this October surpasses everything. I particularly love the witch reflected in the dining room mirror. The sisters' china is beyond the beyond. No one has ever done that! Those will be a family heirloom. When I was a high school secretary, if two sisters came into the office, usually fighting over a boy, I'd tell them that a sister is one of the most important relationships you will ever have in life and to never betray one. I think you and your sisters are perfect example of how to do it right.

  24. What a fun post, Rita!! I really enjoyed the setting that you captured with your words. The dishes are so perfect for you and your sisters!!! Thank you for sharing all the fun not only at your table but at the fireplace and sideboard.

  25. Rita!! We are on the same wave length!!! I did my comments from the bottom of the list up and saved the best for last!! Seems we were both drawn to some witchy fun!! Your plates are fantastic!! I adore your witch weather vane!! I had those napkin rings as well but then didn't use them when I went with the standing brooms - Great minds think alike, sister!!! Now, off we go to concoct more Halloween fun!! Thanks so much for putting these hops together - I enjoy doing these so much!

  26. Girl, you're a hoot!! literally. so creative and fun! My fave? The plaid glass pumpkin on the sideboard. just gorgeous with the orange art glass. I can't even imagine what you do on Halloween when the little ones come to trick or treat!

  27. Thoroughly enjoyed this blog hop. Thanks to all who shared and Rita for hosting!

    1. Thank you so very much, Rhonda! I appreciate your visit and gracious comment!

  28. Love this so much - the combination of placemats, chargers, and dinnerware is very striking!

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! I appreciate your visit and nice comment!

  29. Such a fun and festive Halloween table, Rita! I am excited to feature your post at this week's Tuesday Turn About link party. Thank you so much for sharing!