Friday, March 7, 2014

Getting Organized - Part II of a Series (Bath)

In this segment of my ongoing series of getting organized, I'll share a few things that are working really well for me when it comes to keeping various sundries organized in the bathroom.  Any of these items could easily be used in other rooms, as you will soon see.  For your convenience, I'll summarize all items mentioned at the end of this post.  For Part I of the series (paper), see link at end of post.

The first item I want to share in organizing my bathroom is this medicine cabinet shelf from OXO (pictured below).  For under $10, this little shelf adds stack storage to small items, utilizing space in medicine cabinets so much more effectively!  I found this item written up in Real Simple magazine a couple years ago, and ordered one right away.  I love OXO Good Grip items, and this one doesn't disappoint.  OXO also makes a few other medicine cabinet storage options, (see the 'frequently bought together' under the description in the link provided for this shelf).
After updating our bathroom fixtures last summer, I was inspired to better organize my items under sinks.  With a quick trip to Lowe's, I picked up a couple items for under sink storage that provide more stack storage.  The first is this coated wire shelf .  These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, useful for any cabinet storage.  With this one ($10), I can easily reach things from the lower level or from the shelf itself.
The other item I picked up is the stair-step organizer from Lowe's.  This item was $18, but gives much more visibility to items that always seem to get lost in the back of the cabinet simply because they're out of sight.
I removed most of the items I had on the shelves for the photograph above, but you can see it's got great grip strips on it, much the way OXO products are designed, so things don't slip off the shelves.  The photo below shows what it looks like when filled (looks I'm crazy on vitamins, but my local CVS had a BOGO sale, lol).
Another great item I use under my sink (this bath has double sinks) is a Rubbermaid 10" lazy susan turntable.  New, these cost around $17, but I found mine at an estate sale for $1.
I have room for my open vitamin bottles, as well as another small basket containing hair brushes, etc., that sits upon the turntable.  It's so much easier to turn the table to reach for items instead of reaching over, and inevitably knocking things over in the process.

What bathroom is complete without baskets?  I keep several in my bathroom, most of them purchased in graduated basket sets from Lowe's.  Mine are several years old, and I paid under $30 for a set of three. I use them for various things in the bathroom, such as small appliances.
Even on a vanity ledge, the smallest of the baskets in the set can be used to corral frequently used items.  The basket makes cleaning counters easy - just lift the basket - and the liners are removable / washable.

I also use the baskets to store first aid items (the one pictured below is from a different, graduated set that has handles).

The basket pictured below came from a Bath & Body Works gift set, repurposed after the items were used.
I like wire baskets also, particularly the European market baskets, and I have a couple of those (vintage) in my bathroom as well.  One is used for decor display only, and another for bath and body toiletries.
I guess with six baskets (wire and wicker) in one bathroom alone, you could say I'm a fan.  The best feature of baskets is being able to lift a lot of items all at once.  In my mud room / laundry / powder room, I have another vintage wire market basket, used for storing hand towels.

In summary, here are all the items described in this post that help me better organize the bathroom.  I hope you find these items useful, whether in the bath, kitchen, or even a craft room or office.
medicine cabinet shelf from OXO
coated wire shelf 
stair-step organizer from Lowe's
Rubbermaid 10" lazy susan turntable
basket sets from Lowe's
wire European market baskets - vintage

If you missed Part I of my organizational series, you can find it quickly at this link:
Getting Organized - Part I of a Series (Paper)

NOTE:  I was NOT compensated for any of the materials or references mentioned in this post!  These are simply tools that work for me personally, and are only posted as a means to help you get started on your own.

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