Thursday, May 29, 2014

Everyday Tableware Taken to the Maxx

For our everyday dishware, we are currently using Pfaltzgraff's 'Sandbar' from the Sand and Seas Collection. It compares to ironstone - hard-working, heavy and practical.  Until recently, I was never inspired to create a tablescape with it.  That all changed with a recent, successful run to TJ Maxx.
After Megan from Farmhouse 5540 wrote about the vintage-inspired, grain-sack striped kitchen towels she found (there's even more exciting news she shared in that post if you go to the link),  I was excited.  They were sold at TJ Maxx, in pairs, for $3.99!  Red would have been my first choice, simply because I have so little blue in my decor, but it turned out to be a serendipitous thing.

Well, of course, the kitchen towels couldn't be the end-all for the purchase. I bought four of these coordinating placemats for $6.99.
I came home and was immediately inspired to set a table, using our everyday work-horse tools.
While the sunroom is in summer mode, I envisioned a table set for summer, including fresh foods such as corn-on-the-cob.  What better way to utilize the kitchen towels than as oversized 'lapkins' for something such as messy, buttery corn-on-the-cob?  I pulled out my OXO corn skewers and added them to each setting.

The Pfaltzgraff 'Sandbar' pattern (now retired) was purchased years ago at an outlet in Virginia, near DC.  Its texture and pattern mimic the movement of the sea and sand, just as waves continuously alter the beach's edge.  Our glassware is basic, by Libbey, and our everyday flatware is from Oneida.  A vintage, buttery yellow, linen tablecloth grounds the setting.
Just a few pieces were added to the summer-y tablescape, including three, graduated candle lanterns, filled at the base with shells collected from various seaside vacations.  I've also had these for years, and they're nice, in that the base decor can be switched out to suit your theme.
The ceramic serving dish and smaller dip bowl are hand-crafted and hand-painted by a resident artist, a souvenir from a trip to Grand Cayman, BWI.
The light, muted colors play out well in the table setting, fitting right in with the rest of the summer decor in the sunroom.  The total $15 spent on vintage towels and placemats from TJ Maxx take the everyday tableware settings to their maxx potential. ;)

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