Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Miscellaneous Musings No. 12

Where have I been for the last three months, besides purging in my basement?? It's time for another miscellaneous musings! Just a random mix of goings on, this is No. 12.

Let's start with the Charleston Ballet documentary, which I mentioned participating in last summer (read more here). A gala was held to premiere the completed film in late March, a fabulous evening! The film is wonderfully done, and the evening was a reunion of ballerina alumni, striking poses for photo ops....
...and remembering good times together.
As the saying goes, ballerinas never die, they just go from barre to barre. Pictured below are three charter member ballerinas who danced in the ballet's first production in 1956 (top L frame of collage), and are still taking weekly adult group lessons. Current ballerinas (top R) are pictured with Kim Pauley, Artistic Director and Choreography (3rd from rt), and Deborah Novak (far rt), the Producer of the film. I purchased the commemorative Blenko decanter signed by Ms. Pauley, and a copy of the documentary DVD was provided for each ticket purchase.
The PBS airing dates are still in the works, and it is expected to be a pledge drive campaign in WV (WVPBS). I was told the WVPBS station has a reach in WV, VA, OH, KY, PA and MD, and our station would be the presenting station to the overall PBS system. The producer hopes it will land in the PBS Plus programming, which evidently takes time and requires several hoops to be jumped through. I'll keep you posted. Daughter #1 and I did end up in the final version. :)

Speaking of daughter #1, she was honored in early March as part of the the YWCA 2018 Women of Achievement Awards as the "Woman to Watch". A high honor, indeed, for her short career thus far in promoting the arts in the community as Director of FestivALL. I've written about FestivALL previously in this post. She's pictured below, starting clockwise, top L: with the other 2018 recipients, delivering remarks, with her cousin and sister, and receiving her reward (a Blenko commemorative).
Speaking of artists, pictured below is a work in progress by a local artist, Anna Toler-Frazier, who I've mentioned before, here and here. Anna is creating two separate necklaces for my sister, J, from rocks J's collected from special places traveled. The rock on bottom L has been fashioned into a heart, and came from a 2017 trip to Versailles, France. The other rocks are from various locales, and will become a bib necklace.
In other artist news, did you know when Ed Sheeran is not performing all around the world, he works with one of our local auction houses?? Me either! Either this was Ed (L) at that last General Lewis Inn auction I attended with my sister, or it's Ed's doppelganger. What do you think?
This next one is not as close a doppelganger, but she still reminded me of Dakota Johnson (daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith). When not working with Fifty Shades and its sequels, I caught her shopping at the South Charleston Antique Mall, 😉. She was carrying the Kate Spade camera bag to foil the paparazzi. Who's your doppelganger?
Did you watch the show, "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World"? It was silly, even goofy, but fun. Did you know the star is John Ritter's son, Jason Ritter? I should've known, just based on how goofy he is with his slapstick style comedy. I hope it's renewed next year.
Kevin (Probably) Renewed or Cancelled
I save what I call "good words" or words for "a laugh a day". This one below made me laugh.
Now, I need you to read this article and tell me if you agree with the list excerpted from the book titled, "The Top 10 Objects Your Kids Don't Want (and what to do with them)". I disagree! This goes out especially to all y'all who just participated in my purge.
Speaking of purge, as I was organizing things, both purged and splurged (see herehere and even here), I wanted to add spring wreaths to my front doors. But I couldn't find the wreath hangers, which I had put in a place where I knew I'd easily find them after the Christmas wreaths came down. Can you relate to the dilemma of this fine style of organization??
Holy cow, I looked and the same places at least, I don't know, maybe a dozen times. With the basement purge in full swing, I thought they'd be glaringly out in the open. Finally found them where I put see them, don't you?? Yeah, me neither. They were hanging on the edge of the nested wire baskets.....under the tartan cooler, behind the rolled rug. And you maybe thought I was organized? The cooler and rug did just get placed there during, after the purge......😌
Which leads me to a conversation I had recently with Mr. P. He reads a lot of those post-apocalyptic world stories (and we are Walking Dead fans, too, btw). He said one day, "in all these end-of-the-world scenarios I read, 3 is 2, 2 is 1, and 1 is none." He was referring primarily to supplies - guns, etc. I then said, "I guess you could say the same for collections." He then retorted, "So if the world ends, you'll still have dishes." 😜 I guess so.
Well, Dilly Dilly!
Until next time.......if you want to see my prior musings, you can get a rundown of those here.

In the meantime, I may be spending part of my free time playing some pickleball. Mr. P. and I just took it up in beginner, open sessions at our local Y with a couple of other friends. Imagine a crossroads among ping pong, tennis and badminton and you've got an idea of pickleball. More than likely, though, I'll be spending a good bit of time out in the garden with the bunnies, birds and moles (thanks, Mary, I love all the pockets!).
But first, I've taken a little break. Be back soon.
Thanks, always, for your loyal readership. Your comments are always welcome here.

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