Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Panoply Purge Recap

My basement storage may not appear all that different to most but, believe me, these past 2-3 months of my inventory purge activity have resulted in a much better organization of what I am currently holding.
There's much less gray matter as to how I'm storing things, and there's much more beauty in where my things are being reloved. Be sure to read to the end of this post to see what I mean by that statement!

If you aren't familiar with what my inventory purge is/was about, you can go to my post of January 22 and learn all about it.

By the numbers, here's how my purge shook out:
  • I sent an individual, follow up email on February 4, 2018 to each person who commented on my proposal. I labeled the emails for easy identification in my inbox. Not everyone replied back to me, but it may be because my email landed in spam folders. Others replied and declined participation, mostly due to their own attempts in purging. I continued communicating with those who were interested in pursuing the benefits of my purge. I kept notes in my little pocket notepad (thanks, Patti!) and carried it with me.
  • 59 day timeline - I started purging in earnest on February 12, and had plenty of bad weather days of snow, rain, wind and cold to spend indoors. Before finishing on April 11, 2018, a total of over 40 hours were noted on my calendar pertaining to the purge specifically.
  • 31 packages were mailed, many with multiple boxes packed within, to a total of 23 recipients. The first packages went out February 12; the last one on April 11, 2018. I tried to include personal notes in each, telling of the items, but actually forgot a few early ones in my hurry to package and ship.
  • Of the items purged, more than 150 pieces of glass, porcelain, ceramics and stoneware were packed and shipped.
  • Gladly, but still sadly, only one piece was broken in transit. 
It is worth noting this was the ONLY piece I mailed in a USPS flat rate box. Although it was well-wrapped in bubble wrap and paper, it was not double boxed, but other pieces within the box did not break. USPS reimbursed me the shipping cost after I filed an online claim.
  • Only one other piece was broken - by my own clumsiness while packing. I had not taped the (inner) packing box bottom before lifting it, and it crashed to the cement floor. 😞
  • Other items purged included vintage linens & clothing, metals, and many other categories:
  • I used all the boxes and packing paper I'd been accumulating for more than a year, but did purchase one roll of bubble wrap and a package of 3 rolls of commercial packing tape (used 2 of 3). At times, my work area looked like an assembly line of partially filled orders.
  • The USPS had just increased its rates on January 21st, but it was still my preferred shipper, hands down. I have my own online account, and was able to easily make my own labels, track packages, and save a bit on rates by using the "click and ship" option. Thank you to everyone who suggested I accept shipping reimbursement. I spent $625 in postage and was reimbursed almost 100%. 
  • I keep spreadsheets for most anything involving numbers (leftovers of my career life), and the purge tallied over $1,200 of goods.
Far beyond all the petty detail above that my brain seems to be hardwired to keep track of and reconcile (I was counting boxes instead of sheep at night), it is the way you each have taken these things and reloved them in your own homes which has made this project worthwhile. I paid attention to your emails, as well as comments on my blog and yours, and chose things on an individual basis. Several of you relayed personal stories of remembering some of these items from childhood, your parents, grandparents, etc., and those are what made it more than moving for me. You sent me photos with your items in your home, and some of you (bloggers) even wrote posts (not required by any means!).

With permission from the recipients who are also active bloggers and wrote posts of their reloved items, I'm sharing their individual links below. A few others have told me they intend to do posts, and I will update this as they publish, so be sure to check back. Feel free to pin from each blogger's posts. They shared their items received, and have some beautiful photography. Enjoy!

Decor to Adore | The Red Painted CottageMarmalade Gypsy
Marmalade Gypsy | Decor To Adore
Thank you to all who participated in my purge. And thank you all for your readership. 

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