Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Tales of the Traveling Tote No. 29 and Giveaway

Hello, tote traveling troupers! This past quarter has flown by for me, mostly because I was wholly immersed in moving. Yes, we've had three homes in three years. It's a Goldilocks thing.....we think we've found the "just right" home this time. Join me as I recount my travels in this 29th edition of the Tales of the Traveling Tote.

People ask us if we're moved in to our new home, and our answer is we moved the day we closed, on October 6th! A sweet neighbor welcomed us with a bouquet of tulips shortly after our arrival. With nothing more than a set of sheets and pjs in my tote, and some items for breakfast the next day, we slept in our new home that first night. We negotiated the bed and snack trays, which served as bedside tables until our official move at the end of October.  😊
About a week later, another housewarming gift arrived from one of my "other purse friends" (I am a member of the Antique Purse Collectors Society).
Isn't this the cutest dish?! My friend Mary took up glassmaking two or three years ago, and knows how I love the Courtly Check pattern. She created this piece by fusing the various glass pieces. I love it!

Just a few days after our closing, we went to a family wedding for my brother's son. It was held in the Rose Garden of the city just one hour west of our home. You may remember my telling of my shoe mishap, here.
In early November, my local MacKenzie-Childs boutique held an open house that was spectacular.
They rented retail space adjacent to their existing business in early August for the sole purpose of Christmas displays, and the MacKenzie-Childs stock was huge, with a 20% discount on all Christmas items during the open house.
There were refreshments and door prizes, and the place was buzzing! It was a joy to run into friends and neighbors, and sip and shop throughout.
So, what did I buy? Just a couple of hand towels for the holiday season, which happen to coordinate with my upstairs bath that has its original 1938 hex tile.
The same day as the open house, my sister-in-law hosted all of Mr. P's siblings for a Covid collage celebration. It was the party of all parties missed during our almost two years away from each other. 
We were greeted by a St Patrick's Day flag at the entry, along with our hosts, Woody and Jessie (that's Mr. P bent over with laughter, and me with disbelieving wonderment at top rt). The food fare ranged from summer hot dogs and fried chicken to ham, mashed potatoes and stuffing, with dessert birthday cake decorated with all holidays and family noted. The home dΓ©cor was a mishmash of all the holidays too. It was a hoot! 
We were happy to be able to have Thanksgiving at my sil's too, and Baby J was with us.πŸ¦ƒπŸ§‘
Our local arts center has a Van Gogh exhibit going through February, so my daughters, one son-in-law, and Baby J went to that on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. It wasn't the wholly immersive experience that I've seen friends share in other cities, but it was fun. We had more fun, though, in the kids' discovery museum. 😜
By the end of the Thanksgiving weekend, I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of boxes needing unpacked and organized, with my sight set upon getting the house decorated for Christmas. It's all still a work in progress, but things are coming along. 
I'm looking forward to Christmas, and even though the Omicron variant threatens to be the uninvited guest, our family is hopeful in getting together. We've already received the best gift ever with Jacqueline. 🎁 She was on her way to having Christmas photos taken when my daughter sent me this one, below. πŸŽ„πŸ’“

The Traveling Totes Tribe is offering another giveaway and Debbie at Mountain Breaths is our giveaway sponsor this time. One lucky reader who leaves a comment on Debbie's post today will have their name thrown into the hat for an opportunity to win this beautiful Highbanks pattern travel mug. I love this pattern, and it's a perfect accessory throughout the entire season of winter. 

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Join us again on March 1, 2022 for another edition of Tales of the Traveling Tote.
Thanks so much for your visit. I love reading your comments, and be sure to leave one on Debbie's blog for a chance to win our token gift. Stay safe, and Happy December!

Rita C. at Panoply


  1. Truly, you always have much too much fun, Rita. Goodness, you have been busy, busy, busy. Baby J is adorable; love the last photo of sweet. I would think your best Christmas present is your sweet grandgirl. Have fun decorating your new home for Christmas!

  2. Rita! I loved this post. Your sister in law is so much fun! That took a lot of work; the cake was hysterical. Your daughters and Jacqueline are beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing your new home. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Merry December Rita! Your SIL is hoot…what a hysterical cake and menu for all the holidays you all missed celebrating! Love the Jessie and Woody costumes too. You are so photogenic and oh em gee, Baby J is SO adorable. That photo and smile, how can you stand the cuteness?! I hope Mom and Dad are up for the challenge of trying to say no to that sweet face over the next few years. :) Glad you’re seeing light at the end of the box tunnel. ♥

  4. I love your friend's party idea!! Such a hoot to do all year on one party, so fun and unexpected!! Great post!

  5. SHE is darling!! What a fabulous Covid gift she was! The party looked like a fun way to celebrate the celebrations missed. You have been busy and hopefully the new variant virus does not affect gatherings for the holiday! Emily posted a pic of Blenko glass on her post and it always reminds me of you! Have a wonderful holiday season in your new home

  6. What a busy, happy life you’ve been leading, Rita! The party looked especially fun and I’m sure you all had the best time. You’ve left us with the cutest photo of all of Baby Jacqueline! I know she brings joy to your heart ❤️

  7. What a fun post Rita! Thank you! Your sister-in-law is too much. Brilliant idea and she pulled it off perfectly. I'm amazed that you managed to get things unpacked this quickly and not only find your Christmas things but begin to decorate for the holidays! All the while living life to the fullest! Jacqueline is adorable and I'm so happy for all of you. Nothing like a new baby joining the family to make the struggles of the year fade into the distance! I am hoping the new variant is not as bad as first thought. The city of Denver has put the mask mandates back in place indoors through the holidays. I'm fine with that though. Thanks for laughs today. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  8. Such a fun Fall, especially the family party celebrating all the past birthdays and holidays that you all missed! Such a fun and fabulous idea! Baby J is such a blessing, and will be a princess for sure. I am glad you are feeling more settled and loving your new home. The hand blown glass piece is beautiful, what a sweet friend. Happy December Rita and I know you will be making new Christmas memories this year in your new home.

  9. Little "birdie" baby J is so cute. She looks like her mommy and Mimi. The gift from your friend is gorgeous. So happy to see you settling into your new home. Happy New Week sweet friend. xoxo Kris

  10. Rita, The party sounds like great fun! The shots you shared looks like everyone had fun. Love that idea! Jacqueline is a little doll! That smile is heart melting! Love the towels and that plate is beautiful. What a wonderful talent! Enjoyed every pic! Happy December! Clara❤️

  11. I love this post, such a fun way for your family to catch up. A great way to celebrate all the lost holidays and family events we've all experienced from Covid, you made up in a big way! Beautiful glass gift, perfect for you Rita. Sounds like you had the move well planned and I'm so happy for you to have that behind you. What a sweet baby girl enjoying the Christmas tree. She will be the center of everything now. Enjoy the holiday season Rita........

  12. Rita, you are a girl that hits the ground running…3 homes in 3 years!! The MC store looks fabulous, it must have been so much fun. The collage party is hilarious, what a great idea. Little Jacqueline is beautiful and the best gift of this year and all the years to follow! Happy decorating!

  13. So much fun, Rita!!! Happy December!!!!

  14. You have been so busy. So glad you are getting settled. The party look like so much fun. Love the Jessie and Woody costumes. The food is over the top. Such a cute glass dish Your bathroom tile is unique and does match your new towels. Baby Jacqueline is so adorable. Those sweet cheeks. Happy Holidays Rita.

  15. I never knew there was an antique purse club! I am going to be selling my small collection so if want photos email me! Sounds like life has been going well! Enjoy the holiday!

  16. OMgoodness! Baby J is the cutest! Isn't it fun to have a baby in the family? We currently have a 2yr old, and 2 boys that are both 3 months old. Not twins. My Niece and Nephew and their spouses each had a baby boy about 5 days apart in age. My thanksgiving was spent holding napping babies. It was perfection!

    Looking forward to seeing more house posts, but I know how much time it takes when you just moved in. Enjoy the time!!

  17. Rita, it's so much fun to see beautiful Baby J!!! She is full of personality....I can tell from her photo! You have been busy this quarter, and when I see babies and weddings, it fills my heart with joy!
    The Christmas trees you shared with us are absolutely beautiful, and your purchase of the guest towels are lovely!
    Kudos to your artist friend for making you that pretty glass plate. I love it! I also liked getting a little peek at your new home, hint, hint! ;P

  18. You are the cutest blogger with the best smile! Every photo makes me wish you lived next door! But I'm glad you are settling well into your new home and even having time to travel about a bit. You're right about that best Christmas gift that has already arrived. She's the cutest thing ever! Please take care and stay safe and well and celebrate the joys of "new" this season!

  19. Thank you Rita for sharing you photos and gatherings and sweet grand daughter's smile. So appreciated.

    1. Thank you, Joy, for stopping by and saying hello! Happy December!

  20. How fun! Thanks for sharing....I felt like I was tagging along with you. Baby J is precious as are your daughters and extended family. You certainly all know how to have a good time! Can't hardly wait to see your new home!

  21. What a fabulous idea for a party! Such a cute idea. I wish I would have thrown one this summer, while we could be mostly outdoors, and before this dreaded Omicron reared its ugly head. The open house looks amazing. Little Jacqueline is precious!

  22. You and your tote have been busy.

    Jacqueline is adorable.

  23. Oh, Rita - I do love this post and seeing all you have been doing. I believe you must have some sort of motor in your shoes. All your pictures are wonderful, however, the best of course, is Jacqueline. It is hard to tell exactly from the photos, but it looks as though she may have your eyes. She is beautiful!

  24. Loved the family party celebrating all the birthdays and holidays missed during Covid. The cake is so cute and I can tell you all had a great time being together. You have been very busy but you don't miss a beat!
    Your grandbaby, Jacqueline is adorable! So special to be near her.
    The MKC Christmas Open House looks fabulous and fun! I love the towels you bought and they are perfect in your new bathroom.
    I am amazed at all you have accomplished.
    Enjoy all the Christmas celebrations and your new home.

  25. Rita, I'm not sure why I skipped to the earlier TT post, unless I popped over from someone who had an old link. Or I simply hit the wrong post. Who knows with me these days!
    Your family collage party was a hoot. What a clever idea! I like their sense of humor. Large families who are close are inspiring. It's not easy to get a group together. I admire you and your siblings.
    Your local MC shop went all out. What fun to attend their open house all festive and decorated. Your towels are lovely!
    Happy Holidays in your new home!

  26. ohmygosh!!! I love it. you all sure know how to have fun. Baby J is totally adorable; you are so blessed! I love all the pics and what a wackadoodle party. So glad you survived the move. I so understand the Goldilocks syndrome; I'm living it too! xo Deb

  27. Rita what a fun post! Jacqueline is precious! That party…. Genius. Your past few months have been a whirlwind, but what fun.

  28. Oh my word, the family collage party is a riot! I love the creativity that went into that party, and always say, why didn't I think of that. LOL Your local MC shop went all out, and I especially love the over the top floral arrangement in the Courtly Check pedestal vase. Of course the best photo of all of is sweet Baby Jacqueline! I know the joy you are feeling as a grandparent. Have a wonderful December, and wishing you Happy Holidays in your new home.