Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Panoply Pandemic Vintage, Antique Shopping 2020

Hey, y'all. When I started this blog in 2013 its original purpose was to be able to have one place to journal and share vintage finds and antique mall booth displays with my two sisters who, together with me, comprise Panoply. It's become more of a lifestyle blog, but its original purpose remains.

Summary collage, January-August, 2020 Panoply Vintage, Antique Finds

In spite of the pandemic, I/we have still managed some vintage and antique shopping this year. At times the shopping was with my sisters, other times alone. Today I'm sharing most of my vintage and antique finds from January through August, 2020. Brief descriptions follow each collage.

Pre-pandemic February, 2020 Estate Sale (Clockwise, L to R): Virginia Metal Crafters, brass sconces, wicker and rattan tiered shelf display, 1968 Old FItzgerald bourbon decanter and two Derby (1984, 1987) glasses, handmade wood and brass hunter with dog plaque, vintage stapler, blue Depression glass vanity set, 1970s Frye boots with original box/pamphlet, various fall/Christmas linens, pair of quadruplate napkin rings, and set of 8 colorful hand-blown tumblers.

February, 2020 Estate Sale additional items (L to R): miniature pheasant, handpainted Scottish tartan clothes brush, wooden block mind puzzle, pair Waterford crystal candle holders, handpainted cast metal rooster corkscrew, road runner bottle opener. These were keepers. :)Pre-pandemic January-February, 2020 Private Estate Linen Lot Purchase: A reader reached out to me through my blog, messaging she was clearing her mother's estate of many fine linens. Above is just my portion of what my sisters and I purchased and divided. There were many fine, new-with- and new-without-tag linens (NWT, NWOT), including French Brode Main tablecloth and napkins, John Matouk & Sons seersucker bed coverlets, monogrammed German dish towels. Other unused items included hankies, guest towels, and table covers.

Pre-pandemic March, 2020 Estate Sale: (clockwise, L to R): vintage ladies' ice skates with blade covers and tartan carrying case. set of 21 Japan miniature winking Santa mugs, Tom Turkey oval platter, box of 12 1930s Gillette razor blades and Twinplex razor blade sharpener, 1949 Virginia Metal Crafters brass horse clip, pair of Dietz small kerosene heaters (the official lantern of Boy Scouts in 1940s), and unique 3D Maggie Product still life magnetic board (signed Vestey Rich).
March - July, 2020 various purchases from individuals throughout COVID pandemic (clockwise, L to R): sterling bracelet, 1920s sterling dance compact with finger ring, set of amethyst glass/crystal base sherberts, pair of brass pheasants, mint condition 1960s Ohio Art Huckleberry Hound sand pail, a set of vintage (heavy!) Tiffin Madeira Franciscan glasses, a pair of Kolene Spicher garden sketches, a unique fireman's uniform badge, a handmade folding side table, a Pilsner Urquell (Czech beer) pail, antique asbestos iron, a hand thrown pottery vase and handmade crochet afghan.
June, 2020 Estate Sale by appointment (clockwise, L to R): diminutive Staffordshire dog, brass greyhound or whippet statue, 1965 Austin Products bear and bull sculpture, vintage kaleidoscope, trio of English brass horse fobs, collection of children's books including Mother Goose pop-up, antique mirror-backed, hanging  shelf unit, French stellarscope in box, vintage binoculars.
July, 2020 Private Sale (clockwise, L to R): Asian ginger jar and mid-century figurine, barrel cask decanter with shot glasses; Blendo (WV) juice service and pineapple tray; Noritake saucers and Jeannette clear hex optic cups; Jeannette  iridescent marigold various candy/nut servers; Anchor Hocking ruby Georgian glasses and Coronation berry service; Indiana blue harvest carnival juice and table service (butter, cream/sugar).
August, 2020 Estate Sale by appointment (clockwise, L to R): terrific chenille bedspread, miniature oil painting of TX bluebonnets, two vintage bird figural napkin rings, Copral (Portugal) copper saucepan, set of 6 Kentucky Derby 1995 commemorative glasses (only one shown).
August, 2020 Estate Sale by appointment (clockwise, L to R): trio of wood candlesticks, cloisonne candy dish, Fire King tulip grease and stovetop shakers, retro giraffe swizzle sticks, framed & matted, artist signed watercolor with easel, pair ceramic quail (1977), 1961 bowling trophy.
August, 2020 Estate Sale by appointment (clockwise, L to R): pair ice skates, Aladdin thermos, vintage cottage tablecloths and table topper (hand-embroidered Flapper corners), accordion sewing basket, pair cloisonne ginger jars. 

My sisters and I have remained in business at the South Charleston Antique Mall in South Charleston, WV since 2008. Three separate interstates go through the area (I-64, I-77 and I-79), with strategic billboards placed along each for high visibility. We are conveniently located off of Exit 56 on I-64. 

Our mall closed for five weeks during the COVID lockdown from late March to mid-May. Since reopening, we have have had numerous travelers throughout the pandemic, stopping and shopping in our mall. With 18,000 square feet and three and half floors of space, one can easily shop in our antique mall with physical distance! 

I'll try to get a post up sometime soon showing some of the 2020 Panoply displays in our antique mall spaces. We rent approximately 1,000 sq feet together, with 4-5 spaces styled, depending on how we divide and structure the displays.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the virtual shopping! Thanks for dropping by. Stay well.