Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tete-a-tete Summer Tablescape on the Balcony

Welcome to Panoply! While many of us are looking forward to the transition of seasons by August, we are still very much in the throes of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Today I'm inviting you out on our balcony, where we can share a little tete-a-tete meal. 
Tete-a-tete comes from the French tête-à-tête, which literally translates as head to head. In our new loft location, our tete-a-tete refers to a private meal set for two. 
I want to thank Chloe Crabtree from the blog Celebrate and Decorate for hosting and organizing several bloggers each day this week, bringing you late summer tablescaping ideas, all in one convenient place. You'll find the list of other stylists and their blog links at the end of this post.
We can enjoy dining alfresco on our balcony for casual meals during the warm weather seasons. Our dwelling is oriented with primarily southeastern views, where sunrises fill our space with abundant light once above the distant hillside and cityscape. The high position of the summer sun and its directional movement through afternoon and evening allow for sitting on our balcony without direct sunlight glare for most of Spring through Summer. I shot both morning and evening photographs for this tablescape to demonstrate the flexible use of the light and space. 
Sunrise over the cityscape
Early morning hours show a city waking up, and a common river sighting is barges going up and down river, transporting coal. In the photo below, the barge is going up river to receive a load.
Summer sunsets, though not in direct view from our balcony, generate some spectacularly reflective shadowplay on the buildings and light in the eastward sky as the sun sets in the west, dropping out of view over the river. It's a show in itself to watch the sun, clouds and weather patterns, both east and west.
Evening shadowplay

Evening light from the west, lighting the eastern clouds
Overhead outdoor fans and southerly breezes from the river keep the air circulating on the balcony. Food fare this time of year for Mr. P. and me is quite simple and easy. The balcony accommodates a small table with service for two quite nicely.
Of course, there is always a plan for dessert in our home after each meal! 
Evening views on the river will likely include recreational boaters enjoying the water.
Or, the skyline in the distance....
From a professional lens (below, by West Virginia photographer, Jesse Thornton), this is a closer view of the skyline from our balcony. We recently purchased this photograph and framed it for our loft. It is known around town as the 'church and state' view, popular among both amateur and professional photographers.
The photo  of my tablescape below was taken from inside our loft, looking through the plate glass windows. The reflection was minimal so I took advantage of seeing the view from a center angle.
We're still feeling the sense of vacationing in our loft, or maybe it's just that summer living seems easier, in general. One thing's for sure, we are enjoying downsized living. 
Summer Balcony Tete-a-tete Tablescape Source List
Dinner plates - Dollar Tree
Enamel salad / dessert plates - Pottery Barn
Solid Blue, Yellow Napkins - Waverly 
Lemon / bee towels - Williams Sonoma
Napkin Rings, Tablecloth (Ralph Lauren) - HomeGoods
Bee glassware (La Rochere) - Sur La Table
Flatware - Oneida
Daisies and Greenery - Grocery
Clear pyramid vase - Blenko 
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