Sunday, October 31, 2021

Miscellaneous Musings No. 20

Hello, my friends. Time for another musings post from yours truly. Please don't be offended by anything written here. It's just the way my little brain turns, and every now and then I need to spill through what has become a series. This is Miscellaneous Musings No. 20.

I've actually seen people write solely on the subject of decorating with branches. Well, here ya go. I even threw in a spider lift since it's so appropriate for fall and Halloween.The pin oak tree (above and below) is was on the corner of the lot of our new home, and it is was very precariously positioned over both our slate roof and the city electric wires overhead (the wires I deplore, but it's an old neighborhood). Here was the emotional state of the tree this past Tuesday:

I have plans for the corner, and hope to have them in place by next spring when the soil is amended, after the stump is gone. I also have an interim plan. More to come.....

Graphic signs are often another popular subject seen and written about as trendy. Here's one for you, in case you can't remember what this part of your house is....PORCH. (Full disclosure: upon blowing it up, it says Welcome to Our PORCH).

More Kroger math spotted in the grocery store since my last musing: 
Oh yea, I'll take Charmin for $7.00 per square foot, please. Puh-lease.

From the organization's an easy way to tote clothing short distances, you know, Beverly Hillbilly style. Just fill a yard waste bag of your hanger clothing, then wrap the ties over each side of the hangers, tighten, tie and go. Then, later, you can re-use the bags for their original purpose. Hey, worked for me in moving, and later with my little landscape I'm about to take on.
This next one is both gross and funny. I am notorious for getting rocks and tiny debris in my socks/shoes as we walk, which causes me to have to pause and take my shoe off, empty it, and go on. Recently, we went to a nephew's wedding and had to walk from our parked car to an outdoor garden venue for the celebration. Thank goodness I didn't take my shoe off there! When I got home and took my shoes off, this is what I found:
My interior lining completely deteriorated on my bare foot! These are Franco Sarto shoes, and I bet I've only worn them less than a half a dozen times. Problem is, I never wore hose with them. I had to peel that stuff off over the trash can before ditching the shoes. Notice the farmer tan line at the ankle...

Here's one from the purging most of my longtime readers know, we downsized two and a half years ago from a nearly 5,000 sq ft home/landscape garden to just under 2,200 in an urban condo. We got rid of ALL of our yard tools but one little tote I kept (and leaf blower that won't even touch that pin oak!). Well, we just moved into a 2,900 sq ft home with small landscape. Easy enough to manage....if one had the right tools. The best part? We gave our lawn mower to the guy who we are now paying to cut our grass. We did manage to negotiate rakes, hoses, and a few other things from the sellers we had previously purged, including those yard waste bags I mentioned earlier.

I'll leave you with views taken a couple blocks from our urban dwelling...
...and from just one block from our newest home...
...just crossing the river once again.

This is what I feel like after this past month of moving:
Thanks for your visit. Please send someone who'll clean for me. 

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

hOWLoween Tablescape

hOWL are you doin'? I'm so glad you're here at Panoply because today I'm sharing my hOWLoween tablescape I've styled for October.