Sunday, January 6, 2013

Into the Land of Blogosphere

With this new year of 2013, I am initiating myself into the Land of Blogosphere.  I welcome you, and hope that you will welcome me too, show me the way, be my Garmin, so to speak.  I am comfortable in the Lands of Email, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other technological applications, but this one is new.  And having multiple identities, i.e. email accounts, has given me much grief as I make this leap.  After all, January is the month to organize, something I consider as a personal strength.  Getting these identities all tidied up is something I'd much rather have perfected before I launched this, but I guess we all have to start somewhere, start being the key word.

I've had several false starts in the Land of Blogosphere.  You see, I signed onto Gmail in 2007 (personal) and again in 2008 (business).  Then I set up a YouTube account in 2010 (business), and then I started linking with other blogs (personal).  Oh yea, then there's a Google checkout somewhere in there.  And, now that I have a smartphone (Android), I'm accessing my Google email again (personal).

I couldn't figure out how to link the personal and business accounts together here in the Land of Blogosphere, so my business side (Panoply) invited my personal side (Rita) to join in the commotion (Panoply was where my intention of blogging began) .  I think I'm going to like it better this way, as my blogging will likely cover the gamut of my business and personal journeys.  Plus, I like for things to balance, seeing as how I come from a business accounting background (debit/credit, the answer always being zero).  And I enjoy left brain/right brain balance (business logic with artistic expression).  As a former ballerina, balance is key!  As a human being submersed in a world full of stressors, balance is critical!

So, here I go. 

Though mostly retired now, I mentioned I have a business background (accounting undergrad with an MBA earned later in my career).  I work part-time now, with my husband, in his consulting business.  And my other part-time job is more my passion:  Panoply, which means "a wide-ranging and impressive array".  Panoply is a small antiquing business, in which I share booth space with two of my six (!) sisters in our local antique mall.  We love the hunt, and the display as much or more as the hunt, and we each bring a different angle to the things we find, display and sell.  We were on board with Ruby Lane's beta operation of Ruby Plaza, having an online shop for two and half years by the same name (Panoply), until it closed on December 31, 2012.  Instead of migrating to Ruby Lane, I'll be exploring other venues on behalf of Panoply, as the year unfolds.  Entering the Land of Blogosphere is the first stop.  I hope you'll join me!

And how apropos is it that I begin this on January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany?!


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  1. Well, there you go, lovely Rita, you certainly hit the blogosphere road running, didn't you! Now, I think I will have to read more of your lovely posts, before I 'met' you. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy my armchair ride through your blog years immensely!