Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fostering Finds

I've come across some great stuff lately. It's so hard for me to give up many of my finds once I've scored them, but hoarding is not a label I want either.  So, I guess I'll settle in as fostering my finds - sometimes two weeks, sometimes two years, it all depends on my mood. 

These past couple of weeks have been times for gathering, growing the stockpile of items for the antique booth spaces' upcoming vignettes, and it seems great things are coming out of the woodwork!  Tempting everyone from the dealer to the end user -  and I'm one of each - there have been lots of great items found.  And it seems to follow that once you find one or two great items, the ideas for styling just begin to flow freely.  It's a very invigorating feeling!

 Here's what the last couple of weeks have looked like, before it all gets sorted out and styled - fresh picks:

This is one collective haul, prior to separating mine from my sister's.  The dealer we bought from said "this car is bigger than it looks!"  Indeed, the Rav4 always amazes me with what it will hold.

After sorting, this was my haul (plus another piece of furniture picked up).

Then there was this haul from another dealer.

Last but not least, I'll give you a preview of a piece I came across that I am in love with - it's a warehouse cart from the early part of the 20th Century.  It would have originally been used to haul things from one area of production to another, or to move stock inventory. 

These are being reproduced by the likes of Restoration Hardware, and are quite pricey (starting at $700 for one sized like this), and going up from there, according to size.  But this baby is the real deal.

Finding an authentic piece like this, in this great, original condition that's been cleaned, sanded, and polyurethane coated makes it good for another century of use.  It would make a fabulous coffee table.  And it would look really good in my sunroom.  I think I need to foster this one for a while.

Okay, y'all, that's it for the preview show and tell today.  Now I've got to get busy and unload my car's cargo, and reorganize my basement so that I know where everything is.  Then I've got to list everything to satisfy my accounting brain, and only then will the really fun part begin - getting it into store display so the public can buy it!

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