Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Summertime!

My sister and I styled our booth space today - my first day back after vacationing last week.  We put together a couple small vignettes that evoke memories of summers past.  This Saturday (May 17th), our little part of the world will be hosting an Armed Forces Day Parade, so fluffing up the booth space was not necessarily intended toward that end, but we both knew we'd be busy before Memorial weekend, so this is what we did:  we set a scene for an All-American iconic summer outing at the drive-in, no less!
Several months ago, we found some awesome drive-in paraphernalia that came from the Kanauga Drive-In Theater of Gallipolis, OH (which closed in 2008).  The display includes an open blue vintage suitcase, holding a vintage, 48-star flag and drive-in theater aisle marker #10.  Below that, there's two children's red folding deck chairs with a classic red & white cotton tablecloth, and an aluminum case on top, containing the drive-in theater speakers for the car windows (with two more speakers on the floor).  To the right, on the bench, there's the picnic basket & cute repurposed, vintage red & white fabric pillow, wooden oar and authentic, Maine lobster fishing buoy below, and a 'Yarmouth Rescue' license plate topper.  I scored the buoy & plate topper several years ago on a trip to New England, and the oar just last Fall (and it has Massachusetts graphics on it).

This is the back of the display....a 1960's Murray child's tricycle, in near mint condition.

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine called the night before trash pick-up (yea, you pretty much know the rest of this story, but it's got a funny twist).  Her neighbor was throwing away a great little garden bench. So, I rushed right over in my Rav4 and picked it up.  My sister and her husband, my partners-in-crime, agreed to store the bench until we were ready for it to be set in our booth.  Well....her husband worked on it to fix a couple of rotted joints (hence, trash).  My sister liked it so much afterward that she decided to keep it (!), and purged her vintage chapel pew on her porch instead.  She spruced it up with a good coat of white, then added one of those new free Valspar samples from Lowe's on the grooved panel sides.  Here it is:
We placed the white quilt, repurposed vintage fabric [new] pillows, and a few vintage cotton tablecloths on the bench, and some bottle carriers below.  That little rag rug is pretty cute too (it's folded in half) - it's made up of seven hexagons, sewn together as a circle rug.

The photo above shows the bench's side view, where my sister trimmed the grooves with one of Lowe's free samples of new Valspar paint colors (the coupons were in several Spring issue magazines such as BHG, Real Simple, HGTV magazine).  Fun fact:  I caught an exact likeness of that little yellow stepstool featured in Episode 1 of Season 6's "Mad Men" in Betty Francis' kitchen.

Here's the macro view of our current little country kitchen vignette in our booth space.

A statement of disclosure here regarding American flag etiquette...  We love our country, our flag, and what it stands for.  We own (take responsibility for) what we styled here, but realize it may offend those who follow flag etiquette strictly.  Flag code states that it [the flag] should never be draped or used for decoration; instead, bunting should be used in those instances.  We have displayed it here with utmost respect for its iconic symbolism associated with Memorial Day.   It was sourced from a local estate, and I suspect, like others we've had in years past, it will soon be purchased and waved high on a flagpole, in its rightful place - rather than in a box, where we found it, obscured by a lifetime of belongings.  We feel we have it in a good holding place for now, and liken it to a rescue.

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