Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Sisters, Three Vintage Styles

Panoply is what my sisters & I call ourselves in our antiquing ventures.  We each have specific interests in our collecting/buying, and we're each unique in that regard.  I thought I'd share a vignette or two from each of our homes to demonstrate each of our styles.  Our styles, by the way, carry over to our shopping choices when buying vintage and antique items.  

Disclaimer:  when shopping and one spots "the" item, the other two will naturally try to find something similar, it happens.  Or, when one sells a particular item in our booth space, chances are the other two may look for one (or ten) just like it, it happens.

Here is a view of my sister M's style.  This is her master bath, created in a Country Romantic theme.
 M uses an antique pie safe for vintage linen storage at the end of her claw foot tub.  She is a master doll maker (porcelain), and she selectively displays some of her best examples throughout her home.
Opposite the tub is the his/hers vanity area, with dark green granite counter tops. The corner curio houses architectural salvage on top, a few miniature dolls in the cabinet, and a vintage WV Blenko (from our homeplace) on the lower shelf.
Living in easy at sister M's home - especially on the back porch.

Sister J thinks she was a servant in a former life, as her passion is authentic primitives - especially kitchen utensils.  She has a nice collection of crockery & tools, and has a particular fondness for small, architectural salvage. Here's a glimpse of her kitchen wall.
It's like "Where's Waldo?" when you're looking for the phone.  :)
J doesn't think twice about nailing a few tacks into her walls to display a cool grouping.
J's three adult kids already have a colored sticker claim process going on many of her pieces for their future acquisitions ("the corpse isn't even cold and they're takin' the rings off her fingers!"). ;)

And there's me - I'm the Flapper girl.  My favorite collection is my vintage and antique purse collections, especially from the turn of the 20th C into the 1930's, the Art Deco period.  Here's a glimpse of my office / guest room (if it has to be!) space:
I have three large windows in here, which makes capturing a photo very difficult.  In the far left corner is a curio which stands behind my desk.  It has three shelves loaded with part of my purse collection. 

Top Shelf
Middle Shelf
Bottom Shelf
 To the right of my office space is a wardrobe I use for off-season clothes storage, and the outside (and top!) has become my bulletin board for more purse displays:
Wardrobe "bulletin board" display of purses
This is my mesh purse display in my favorite room, the guest bedroom.  

So, what we have in Panoply is a "wide-ranging array" - a little bit of Country Romantic, a bit of Primitive, and a bit of  Flapper.  It certainly makes for interesting displays in our booth spaces.  If you'd like to see more of what we do in our store displays, check out my Pinterest button on the right here on my blog, or click here to go directly to our board:  Panoply - Three Sisters' Antiques...

Have a great rest of the week! ~R

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