Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm in Flea Market Style.....Well, Sort Of

I must say...I look forward to August and February for one common's when Flea Market Style hits the newsstands!  Below is a photo of the latest Winter issue of FMS.  I absolutely adore Ki Nassauer and her style (the link within her name takes you to a Wall Street Journal feature article and video of her from June, 2012).

Ki is the editor and junk entrepreneur behind Flea Market Style and Junk Bonanza, respectively, and no, I did not get paid for writing this.  I just love this woman and her team's creativity.  This past year, she also published a first Flea Market Style Weddings issue, and I got my hands on that issue as well, from which I gleaned an idea or two or three for my daughter's wedding this October.
I'm especially excited for this issue....I'm in it!  Well, not me personally, but one of my favorite vintage items. FMS wanted submittals for Reader Favorites of vintage items scored, and I submitted a photo and blurb of my Art Deco statue I had won at auction and use in my bathroom as a valet for toilet paper.  Turns out, my Deco woman not only got mentioned, but she got her photo published too!  My local auction house got a shout out too, as their website was listed for my purchase source.
There's all kinds of super junk style and projects in Ki's magazine, so you may want to pick up your own copy.  If you can't find it on your newsstands, you can order one directly from the Flea Market Style link above in this post.  These are keeper magazines.  And Ki's been around the block a time or two - some of you may remember her project features in Country Home magazine, as well as the book she co-authored, titled "Junk Beautiful".  And she makes her rounds regularly at various pop-up sales and events besides her own Junk Bonanza.  She is all about the hunt and fun with vintage and junk!

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