Friday, August 1, 2014

Sleuth Decorating - Your Opinion, Please!

Mr. P. is mostly retired, but when he does leave the house for business, I waste no time in sleuth decorating. Recently at auction, I came away with a nice little side table with turned legs, and white marble top. I had two places in mind for it in the house, and I'd love for you, my readers, to weigh in and cast your opinion on its final destination.  I like to work out the visionary details before the reveal for Mr. P.'s sake, as any new look seems to settle better with him when it's complete.

I know you can visualize details if I describe them, which is what is hard for Mr. P. to do, and one of the reasons why I decorate sleuth-style. Now, should I place the side table in my bathroom?  This is how the bath is currently situated, prior to my bringing the table in: 
This is how the bath appears after I placed the 'new' old table in there:
Notice the white old-school stool is displaced.  It would fit under the table, but the wire basket would not.  I tried the wire basket on top of the white towel cabinet, but did not like the appearance.  Color and lighting in this bath is closer to the photo below, but shooting directly into the morning sun streaming into the window distorts both (in the above photo). 
I realize I could take out the small, white towel stand, but I prefer having unused towels not in the open air, so I may need another solution if the opinions say take out the white towel stand.

The second option for the table takes us to the kitchen!  The targeted wall in the kitchen is on the far end of the island in the photo below:
This is where you have to use your vision - I was running out of time, as I had an appointment to run to, and I was only able to get the table base in the space for the look-see, without the marble top.
I want, so badly, to have a plate rack wall in my kitchen, and either this wall, or an existing, built-in wine rack (never used) that's above a wet bar are my targets for that project.  For now, please envision either a plate rack on this wall, or hanging plates in a gallery or collage arrangement, with the table. I placed it such that I can open the pantry door without interference.
Okay, that's it for today's sleuth decorating.  Your input will be appreciated!  Should I place the table in the bathroom, the kitchen, or sell it? What would you do?

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