Thursday, September 4, 2014

Super-Easy Game Day Snack Foods

Okay, this isn't one of those healthy food blogs, nor are these recipes anything original. This is just a quick post with some tried-and-true, super-easy recipes for game day (or any day you're having people over) and need some snacks.

The first is my favorite late summer-through-fall treat, and it couldn't be simpler!  Take a bag of your favorite brand of Indian corn candy, and mix a nearly equal amount of your favorite brand of peanuts and BOOM!
PayDay Snack Mix
You get PayDay snack mix - it mimics the taste of the old-fashioned PayDay candy bars. So good! We just happen to buy the big containers of peanuts, but I mix an amount nearly equal to the size bag of candy corn I use (mix to your preference).

Pay Day Snack Mix

The second recipe is also very simple, Armour appetizer meatballs, with just three main ingredients:
  1. Armour brand original flavor meatballs, 14 oz package 
  2. 1 jar grape jelly (I use jam if that's what's on hand) - 12 oz
  3. 1 bottle BBQ sauce, 12 oz (your choice, I use Jack Daniels honey smokehouse)
Mix the jelly & BBQ sauce in a saucepan to melt on low heat, toss in the meatballs and simmer a few minutes.  Move to crockpot and serve when thoroughly heated. (Armour's site calls for thawed meatballs, but I toss mine in frozen). I usually double my recipe, and the bottle sizes pictured are 22 and 20 oz, I believe - plenty enough for the doubling of meatballs.  These are also great with mashed potatoes or macaroni & cheese and a salad as a quick meal.

Finally, the last quick and easy recipe is a twist on Rotel's Famous Queso Dip.
Classic Rotel Queso Dip with Sausage
The original recipe calls for simply cutting 16 oz of Velveeta cheese into cubes, heat to melt, and stir in one can of Rotel chilies. For those guys who simply can't go without their meat, adding some cooked and drained sausage to the mix kicks it up a notch in both staying power and taste. Serve from a crockpot with nacho chips or crackers and you have yourself a winning combo.

There you have it - three super-easy game day snack foods!


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