Thursday, April 30, 2015

Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Adults!

Remember that '70s commercial for kids' cereal, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids"? Well, silly rabbit, tricks are for adults, and I've got just a few more up my sleeve to rid you from my garden, once and for all!
Remember last year when the rabbit nested in the middle of my lawn and the bouncer, Mr. Hawk, ultimately took care of things?
Well, one of the rabbit relatives came back this year, and decided to move in not too far away in my lawn again, not quite in the middle, but close. A little too close to my Asiatic lilies, which I added more of in my flower bed last year after consumption killed them off (just to the right of the umbrella stand pictured below, out of frame). It's been two weeks, and neither Mr. Hawk nor my product seems to be working.
Last year I used a shelf product, Repels-All, that I, incidentally, get no sponsorship for, or anything else I blog about. It's a good thing, because it didn't work, last year or this year. I distributed it over the lawn and landscape areas again this year because I still had some and wanted to get rid of the product along with (hopefully) the rabbit. It's supposed to irritate the sinuses. A lot of things irritate my sinuses, but I keep on going. I should've known better, I guess, because the rabbit kept showing signs of return (the dug up grass).

Latest tricks? Well, I was reading Feathers in the Woods' blog post on the subject, and she's got a list of 8 tricks ways to keep rabbits out of the garden, so I'm onto this one - Irish Spring soap (see photo below).
No, it's not garnish for a salad. Well, maybe it is - for the rabbit clan. I'd like to think of it as washing the rabbit's mouth out with soap, just like moms did back in the day. You take a bar of Irish Spring soap and whittle the flakes, place them in a net bag or hosiery. I have no idea how much I need, but I made four little "bulbs" with a half bar of soap and one knee-high.
I went straight out to the rabbit hole and affected landscape areas, and I "planted" my bulbs". I put one directly in the hole (where I had sprinkled Repels-All just two weeks ago). 
I placed the other three "bulbs" around the area where my asiatic lilies are supposed to be growing.
In the photo above, you can see a few, random lilies coming up (along with a black-eyed Susan and wild violet). I also put the flexible fencing around the area in vain, to try to keep the rabbits out. I think they have a tunnel from the yard hole over to this spot.

I'll let you know how this remedy goes. We may have bubbles all over our lawn when it rains again, hahaha. I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve just in case this one doesn't work. If it does work, I've got more soap.

Did you ever get your mouth washed out with soap? Did it work??

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