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Summer Transitions: Panoply Booth Displays

Since Panoply's buying trip in June, sister M and I have been methodically rotating some of our new purchases into the mix at the antique mall. Enough changes have accumulated that it's worth a few look-sees to those areas in our booth spaces affected.
Farmhouse Styling, Panoply July 2015
The above photo shows how the main [farmhouse] space currently looks. The next photo shows three different looks in just one week for the center wall, as we transitioned the looks.
One week, three different stylings
The little Amish bench (above, L) sold, and we were bringing in a very cool jeweler's chest, but it came in two trips, different parts of the week. So the middle frame above was the interim look. The chest, over 100 years old, is solid wood, from a shop in the northern part of the state (Wheeling, WV) that was in business from 1885 to 1961.
Antique Jeweler's Chest & Base Table, with Details
We're displaying some of our ironstone and vintage cotton tablecloths in the top piece for now; however, those flat-file drawers make it very tempting to keep for my antique beaded purses (except I'd have to sand and paint it). Three of the drawers still have the original labels from the jeweler's use. A ribbon label with the shop's name is also inside the lid of the top piece which, by itself, looks and opens much like a cedar chest.
Utility Cabinet
The utility cabinet we purchased in June (above photo) is to the left of center of the farmhouse space, not visible in the first photo.
Garden Fence Architectural Shelf Unit as Stand Alone Display
The garden fence shelf unit in the photo above, also purchased in June, is to the right of center of the farmhouse space. This was where we had our ironstone displayed in May-June, in a black stepback cabinet. We transitioned this corner in stages also, in similar fashion as we did the center area. Here's a look back at those changes ( photo below).
Using furniture componentry for versatile displays
You can see (right side) the upper portion of the black stepback was swapped out for the fence shelf unit. It was an EXACT fit, width-wise, not exactly ideal for that many dishes, so it was ultimately changed back to its original black on black, but moved to just the other side of that louvered door you see in the photo above. The two photos below show those iterations of the stepback behind the booth space. The pieces are versatile, I'll say that much.
More versatility with furniture componentry in booth spaces
Another area with changes included the space we're calling the military encampment office (photo below). 
Military "Encampment" with Industrial Appeal, Panoply July 2015
A few new pieces with a masculine/industrial feel include the drafting stool, the solid wood youth chair, and the tobacciana display on the wall with baskets on the right.
Tobacciana Display 
Across the aisle in another space, just a few children's and/or play items were styled under our summertime picnic table display (most of which already sold).
Wee Things, Play Things
Lastly, sister M has a niche for vintage hats in our space, and she put together a great display with an old, framed millinery illustration, along with a Victorian wooden hat form, and vintage hats. You can see the illustration just above the settee in the photo below, while the form rests on the stack of antique books. Just to the right (outside of photo frame) is a Barrister bookcase, full of more hats.
Victorian Hat Form, Framed Illustration and Vintage Hats, Panoply July 2015
There are probably 3 dozen or more hats in our spaces right now, so I made a collage to show the many different types M's buying and selling of late.
Vintage Hat Collage, Panoply July 2015
Our antique mall will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in its current location the first weekend of August, so we're gearing up for some specials for our customers. Most dealers will have a few items in their booths 50% off, and then running discounts of various percentages off the rest of their booth items. We've been in our spaces 7 years now, and still having fun.

If you're ever traveling through Charleston, WV, where I-64, I-77 and I-79 all intersect, I certainly invite you to stop in the South Charleston Antique Mall on Exit 56 of I-64. It's an easy on/off ramp, and just a few miles from where the other interstate roads intersect - certainly worth the slight detour. It's three + floors (18,000 sq ft) of vintage and antique goodness. If you do travel our way, please drop me a line if you plan to visit our antique mall - I'd love to meet you there!
South Charleston Antique Mall Exterior

As always, thank you for your visit. It's a pleasure to have you here!
Rita C. at Panoply
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