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Top Five Things to Look For at Yard Sales This Year

It's hunting season and Panoply sisters are on the prowl, but we're not the only ones! Fellow blogging pal Melissa, from Melissa's Antiques, was inspired to do a roundup with those of us who get thrilled by the hunt, and we're bringing it to you, all in one place, so you can see what we each think are the top 5 things to look for at yard sales this year. Are you ready??? Let's see what Panoply will be looking for this year......and don't forget to check out the other participating bloggers, listed with links at the end of this post!
1. VINTAGE TEXTILES We're sometimes called the Linen Sisters at the antique mall where we rent space and sell our vintage finds, and for good reason. We love vintage textiles! We keep a really good stock of both dressy and casual linens, and there are few we can resist when we spot them at yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores or auctions. Vintage hankies are the least expensive buys, but sometimes beautiful, hand-worked quilts of old can be had for a song. Rescue a few for yourself before they're all gone!
Even the stained and dirty textiles don't really bother us (they're cheaper!), plus we have tried and true methods for making old, lifeless linens look almost new again. You can find out more about our success methods in this post.

2. VINTAGE SUITCASES, LUGGAGE The next category of things on our list we'll be looking for when shopping yard sales, etc., are vintage suitcases and luggage items. We look for unusually styled ones - wardrobes, hat suitcases, those with travel stickers - they're the ones that bring the best prices if reselling (because they're typically harder to find). So, if you see one, and especially at a good price, grab it!
Another tip when shopping vintage luggage is to look for those with level shapes - they're much more conducive to stacking and creating display surfaces from. Don't worry about color necessarily, as you can paint your suitcases to blend with your decor. Vintage luggage is an excellent storage option most anywhere in your home!

3. 'MANTIQUES' Another hot commodity when shopping yard sales, etc. is what Panoply refers to as 'mantiques' - things that attract the guys, especially if you're setting up shop to resell items in a competitive mall where it's necessary to distinguish yourself among many vendors. Although we girls may find a lot of these same items attractive, the guys need something to keep them engaged too! Collectibles items related to tobacciana (advertising ashtrays, tobacco pouches, pipes, etc), old board games or sports-related items, vintage barbershop items (razors, straps, mirrors, mugs, etc.), antique and vintage hardware, petroliana (gas station items such as signs, doorstops, oil cans and bottles), ink wells and typewriters, compasses, binoculars - all qualify as mantiques. Think gadgets and gizmos. Even if the guys don't take notice, they make great gift ideas for the gals who shop your space. Below is a collage photo of just some ideas for mantiques.
4. GARDEN ITEMS The next item to scout for at yard sales is anything garden related. Spring and summer  - yard sale seasons - are the perfect times to find them! Vintage flower frogs, garden hand tools, hose nozzles and sprinklers, yard art and statues, watering cans, concrete urns - all are great items that can be had for good prices! By all means, keep your eyes peeled for neighborhood trash piles - that's how I scored the fence sections you see in the collage below - free!
5. CRATES, CARRIERS Last, but certainly not least, on the list of the top 5 things to look for at yard sales this year are crates and carriers. Who doesn't need something cool to corral their stuff?! Pay close attention when at yard sales, especially if in the garages, as you may spot a crate that's holding a bunch of things you may not want, but need to take just to get the prize. It's usually worth the trouble!
Look for advertising graphics still intact on the crates (worth more if reselling), but don't shy away from those plain ones either - paint is your friend. However, one possible exception to that rule may be finding real primitive items with original paint (as is the case of the cobbler's carrier in the middle frame on left of the collage above, showing original red paint). People who collect primitives covet that original paint! Carts, crates, carriers - big or small - endless possibilities for containing, corralling all your stuff!

All of these are items Panoply will be looking for this year. Yes, there are more, but these are things that all three of us can get excited about, and that means synergy. Since we Panoply sisters resell and display collectively, that means like finds give us a better opportunity for amassing collections when styling. Amassing items in displays sometimes prompts customers to want to either add to their own collections, or start a new one. At the very least, it allows options for the end-users.

Probably one of the best things about this joint post with fellow bloggers is the opportunity to see what's hot in other regions from where the other participating bloggers hail and hunt! For me, my region is WV, OH and KY. Having said that, the mall in which we rent space, The South Charleston Antique Mall, is located at 617 D Street, South Charleston, WV. It's a convenient on/off  from I-64 at Exit 56, an area which happens to be very close to interstate exchanges for I-77 and I-79. Come see us - we're on the first floor!

Now, let's see what the top 5 items are for all the other participating bloggers joining in this regional flavor of yard saling! Here's the list (in alphabetical order by bloggers' first names):
Rita at Panoply (you are here!)

What's hot in your region? As a picker, I'd love to know. Sharing is caring! Please leave your comments, and thanks so much for your visit. If you're new to my blog, I'd love for you to come back. You can sign up by email or follow me on Google+, just a click away on my sidebar. I'm a commercial free, no-ad blog. ;)
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