Thursday, June 30, 2016

Drunk on Junk

Well, I've done it again. I've fallen off the wagon of junkers anonymous. Remember that neighbor and the look what she's I've done (below).
I had gone to her house the week before her sale, but then she had the sale....and these dishes didn't sell. She talked me into them after the sale. It's Castleton China's Independence Ironstone, and I found a good reference article on the history behind this set.

Meanwhile, at the neighbor's sale, I came away with a few more things. She had once rented space in an antique mall, so she had a fair assortment of vintage items. I tell ya, I have to be in a mood to pick over junk, and that's why I don't really like yard sales. Start. Stop. Park. Haul. Score. No score. Repeat. Not to mention the cleaning once you get it home. I'd rather go to a destination, where all the dealers are, or a house sale (estate, tag), where things are better organized in displays (or by logical room storage). In the case of this yard sale, the neighbor had things sorted and stored [mostly] clean. I just walked to her sale, and later went back with my car to pick things up, so it was a little different from most yard saling.
Clockwise (above photo), starting at 12 o'clock: I bought another vintage purse (petit point, Made in France); a copper fleur de lis scone/biscuit/cookie cutter; perpetual desk calendar (bought another one, noted here); two state hankies; a chrome bullet-style Dixie Cup cup dispenser; a metal soap saver; and a Haeger ivory planter. All of these are resting on an absolutely gorgeous pale pink chenille bedspread with rose motif and pom pom trim.

Another weekend, another estate sale yielded these items (below). Mostly vintage kitchen utensils, a couple of McCoy flower pots, and a bag of square nails (tucked inside one of the mason jar jugs).
Most of the kitchen items are already in the mall space, and I have an upcoming tablescape using some of the other pieces shown in these photos.

To all the junk still out there...I'm coming for ya!

Rita C. at Panoply

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