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Winter Cardinal Table for Two

A table for two may immediately conjure thoughts of a romantic setting, sharing an intimate meal with a partner. My interpretation today of a table for two takes us in a different direction. May I suggest, if one is single - for whatever reason - that the interpretation of a table for two could be for one's self and a friend, relative, or loved one - past or present - you'd most want to share an intimate meal with? Those were my thoughts with today's tablescape, a Winter Cardinal Table for Two.
January is my self-proclaimed month of quiet, and I wanted that same feeling in my table setting. We live in a region with all four seasons, and while I don't particularly like January - cold, barren, and snowy - I do appreciate the quiet time it ushers in after the holidays. It's also a time of celebration in our household - Mr. P.'s birthday - but it's also a reflective time for me - the month my mother passed (ten years ago). While I certainly will celebrate life and love with Mr. P. at every chance I get, sharing another meal and conversation with my mother would be one opportunity I'd very much cherish!
Winter's snow, ice - or even just the hardened ground - all have birds scampering for food and shelter during a season of mostly gray days. For some people, shorter daylight hours bears a real impact on the psyche, recognized by the medical community as seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.).
That said, rays of sunshine in January are that much more a welcome sight!
A cardinal sighting is especially welcome in winter, with its bright red coloring against an otherwise gray background, and its song of "♫cheer, ♫cheer, ♫cheer" to bring you none other than! According to Native American interpretation, a cardinal sighting which captures your attention symbolizes harmonious, monogamous relationships, or the potential for one in the near future if single. Cardinals are also a species in which the male/female each have distinctive song, known in nature to be two-way communication between the pair.
In Christianity, the cardinal represents the fire and vitality of the living spirit, the blood of Christ and the hope of resurrection for humanity through His death.

Cardinal symbolism suggests its sighting signifies a visit from a loved one who has already passed, a sort of messenger left for personal interpretation or meaning.
Photo of Cardinal at St. William Catholic Church, Cincinnati, OH, by Joe Baldwin. Used with permission.

So, a winter cardinal table for two is left for your personal interpretation - a symbol for a romantic partnership, and/or a symbol of cheer, of faith in yourself, your circumstances, or even thoughts of loved ones who have already passed.
You may be single, by chance or by choice, or in a rich relationship with a partner. Either way, a table for two could be simply a thoughtful interpretation, or a physical reality.
While I can certainly abide by the idea of romance and celebrating life in a table setting for two, I also like the interpretive idea of an opportunity of having a conversation with my mother. Perhaps the cardinal is that symbol that the opportunity is there, if just in thought.

Who would you most want to share your table for two with?
Tablescaping is one of my favorite topics here on my blog and, while I typically share my vintage collections in doing so, today's table is mostly a mix of newer, more readily available items. The complete source list follows.
Winter Cardinal Table for Two Source List:
Winter Cardinal China, Beaded Napkin Rings  - Kohl's
Red Chargers, Faux Snow - Michael's
Red Flatware - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Glass Hurricane(s) - Wisteria
Red & White Snowflake Napkins - Thrift Store
Vintage Anchor Hocking Ruby Red Water Goblets, Cross-stitch hearts - Estate Sales
Wool Felted and Crocheted Bird's Nest - Desert Thread (Moab, UT)

A special thank you goes to Chloe from the blog Celebrate and Decorate for organizing and hosting this winter tablescape event. There are four days of participating bloggers (also at the end of this blog post) that I encourage you to visit. Each blogger is sharing their own interpretation of a Table for Two, sure to pique your creativity. Be a friend, make a friend! 

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