Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kitchen Pt 1: It Started with the Fridge

Mr. P. likes quiet (too late, he married me!). All kidding aside, he always has enjoyed quiet at home. Probably one of his favorite pastimes is reading in the quiet. The fridge was it always does. However, Mr. P. was noticing it much too often as he sat in his favorite chair, reading, in the nearby family room area. I still do not notice the motor running. That said, discussion of making some updates to the kitchen began.
Oh, and I didn't mention the icemaker quit working a few years ago, did I? After two repairs, the last of which resulted in sending the repairman away and a refund, I was okay with using ice trays again. The current refrigerator is 66 5/8" tall, and they're not made that small anymore. There's always a catch, right? I finally conceded we needed to buy a new fridge, but drug my feet (more than a few years), knowing I wouldn't find the same size with the features wanted (and noise level is not a feature measured, as it is with dishwashers). Also, I had yet to figure out if that cabinet above the fridge could stay (my wish), or would end up a shelf, or completely gone. The proverbial stone was about to begin rolling. Mr. P. was also bothered by the scuffed [wood] edges of the [formica] countertops, wanting to have them refinished., thank you. I'll take new countertops instead, please and thank you.
While we're at it, we never use that wine rack either, and I'd like to change it to open shelving for plate display.
Oh yea, on that island's left-hand side? That's a state-of-the-art, 1980s built-in blender station. It's outta here. See that microwave on the counter? That's there because the state-of-the-art 1980s top, dual cooking, oven/microwave's timer quit working and has to be watched for microwaving (both ovens work fine otherwise).

This pantry is staying! It is the bomb for kitchen storage.

At this point, even though they are all still working after 30 years, all appliances are under serious review. This will include cooktop, dual ovens, dishwasher, trash compactor, and disposer. Even though it is a given that no replacement will likely last more than 1/3 of the current life of these appliances, I do not want to face the issues of replacement anytime soon again, especially after we have pricey stone cut for countertops.

This, my friends, is an excellent example of scope creep. We needed a new fridge, and we're all but gutting the kitchen. I honestly love my kitchen, funky built-in blender and all, and that is why we are not doing a complete gut job. I would simply replace my fridge...if the manufacturer's planned obsolescence in sizing wasn't an issue.

Did I mention my desire for under cabinet lighting? Kitchen sink? Why yes, let's throw those in, too, along with a new sink over at the wet bar.

Stay tuned for the design selections, which have been a very labored exercise in material and appliance comparison shopping. Mr. P. loves Consumer Reports, and typically consults it for major purchases. However, I have a sister and niece who each purchased the Samsung washing machine which was recalled for exploding (!) , yet was rated highly in CR. I'm fastening my seatbelt, as I think it's going to be a bumpy ride of home improvement projects in 2017. This is not my cup of tea.

As always, your visit today is welcome and appreciated, and so are your comments. And if you have any pearls of wisdom for me, I'll welcome those, too.
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