Sunday, November 12, 2017

More Late Fall 2017 Vintage Finds

If you missed my last post of vintage finds published just a couple days ago, I mentioned Panoply pickin' for 2017 would come to a halt by this time of year, unless something really good comes along. Well, some really good things came along, and here's my latest haul.
A nice old quilt, all hand-stitched, in the bowtie pattern. There are but two bowties in a red fabric, one of which was threadbare. That only makes it more endearing to me, and will need to be so for the potential buyer. I do not repair vintage and antique quilts I buy, I only launder them for resale.
A pair of hand-thrown pottery wine goblets, signed RUM 11. I had a pair of these back in the 70s, in browns. These coordinate with my Hannah Pottery items I've collected, one being a mug in the last group of items from this same estate.
A great, vintage 1965 Jim Beam fox decanter. I just think he's super handsome.
Doesn't he look quite dapper on my hutch as it's styled for fall? I'll soon be changing this for the Christmas holiday, but I may need to foster this guy for another year to enjoy his company. 
This item below is quite collectable. It's an antique Dietz Sport ice skater's lantern, unused, with original foil label and store price tag (Kanawha Supply Co.). Patent dates on the cap are dated 1904, 1908, 1914, which means its manufacture was sometime afterward.
Two 1924-25 catalogs: The "National" Money-Saving Style Book, spring and winter issues. My inner flapper girl adores these, and I can't to see if any of my collected purses or other vanity items are included in the catalogs.
Black Americana, primitive-style shelf sitter and forest of pine trees. These are only vintage, but certainly cute.
A home-sewn doll tent, complete with sleeping bags, roll-up door and screened vent (back side, circle). This is not my typical type of purchase, but I loved the workmanship detail on it. This lady was a multi-talented artist - quilter, painter, potter, needle artisan - as evidenced by her personal effects and collections. The fabric looks like 1980s Cabbage Rose pattern - maybe Waverly?
I picked up another old, tin bundt pan, with a nicely fluted design interior.
Some hardware: the door handles are old glass and brass; the faucet spigot is newer, solid brass (Flora & Fauna).
As always, I will keep some of these items, at least for a while, and some will go straight into our booths for resale.
Okay, that's it for me. I MUST stop vintage shopping and get on with thoughts of the holidays! Have you started your shopping or holiday decorating?

Rita C. at Panoply
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