Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunshine is Great Inspiration; So is a Giveaway!

We have had so much rain lately, I almost forgot what it felt like to have sunshine. Today we had sunshine and warmer temps! To say I was inspired is an understatement. Out with the feathers and silver branch decor remains of winter, and in with the flora and fauna that signals spring!
Instead of flowers for Valentine's Day, I told Mr. P. I wanted a hellebore plant that caught my eye in the grocery store. It was perfect for Valentine's Day, which was also the first day of Lent. The hellebore is also known as a Lenten rose for its typical timing in bloom. I'll enjoy it indoors until it quits blooming, then plant it in the garden.
Bunnies are multiplying indoors, just as they are outdoors (I chase them out of my landscape all winter, where they seem to be quite comfortable).
I just replenished my Valentine candy with Easter candy. :) White chocolate M&Ms and jelly beans are within an arm's reach in strategic places on the first level of the house. MY chocolate is hidden, but I bought a clearance bag of kisses for the Mr.
Birds are waking me up in the early morning hours, certainly honing their mating and nesting instincts with their songs.
With a day of sunshine, I ventured out into the soggy landscape to see what's coming up.
Another couple days of the warming temps expected, and my daffodils may start blooming. Pansies will wake up again.
My hyacinths are pushing up dirt, too.
Can't see them? Look again.
Our forecast has no temperature falling below 32° in the foreseeable future. Rain will come again, but it looks like spring will come soon.

Here's something else that's coming soon.....a GIVEAWAY! Hurry over to my friend Patti's blog at Pandora's Box for a chance to win this fabulous MacKenzie-Childs courtyard tote. You must leave a comment before February 23rd on her blog to have a chance to win (sorry, tote contents not included)! I made it easy for you, just click on the link.
MacKenzie-Childs Courtyard Tote Giveaway at Pandora's Box Blog
Hey, it won't be long before we're packing our totes for warm weather fun! I'm inspired, are you?
Thanks for stopping by. I hope warm weather inspires you soon, too.
Rita C. at Panoply

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