Thursday, November 1, 2018

Holiday Booth Displays 2018

Happy November! It's that time of year when so many holidays seem to blur together. Am I right? Believe me, I feel it firsthand. The Panoply sisters were busy the week before Halloween flipping our antique mall booth displays from fall to holiday. It's a must, when you consider how consumers (bloggers included!) plan their personal decor in advance. Retail must be ready for those who are already ready to purchase for the holidays.

With that said, I want to share our Panoply booth stagings as they're set for Christmas 2018. We have what we consider four separate booth spaces on the main floor of the South Charleston Antique Mall in the way we divide and style. We tried to add a bit of holiday cheer into each one. Our last updates in styling our spaces can be seen in this post. I won't show prior photos, but you can always reference that post when I comment on previous looks.

The first of our spaces is our largest, and it was our original space rented nearly ten years ago (we started in a less trafficked area until this became available). Linens, as shown on the right edge, are a mainstay for us, and that rack is typically full of dressier table and household linens, all laundered and pressed, ready to purchase and use. The anchoring piece on the left of the space is a locked showcase of a some treasured smalls.
At the front and base of the showcase is a Christmas display of a carriage seat, quilt, ice skates, skater's lantern, and various items for winter frolicking.
In the center of our space we changed out rugs for the season, adding the thick wool, red rug. On it sits a toy carriage and doll, along with a child's tartan rolling suitcase. It's a nod to going to Grandma's for Christmas.
The setting in the back of this space includes tartan plaids outfitting the antique table and bentwood chairs sister J purchased recently, complete with a vintage ceramic tree, a bowl full of bells, and other items for holiday use.
The wall above the table/chairs has changed significantly since early fall with both a large print and mirror selling. A smaller mirror is added, along with the brass hat rack and sconce flanking a Fenton light fixture above. Vintage hats are a staple offering of ours too, and we will add some lights on this rack for a more eye-catching, holiday look next time we're in. Various prints and plaques round out the space on the wall.
One cabinet is decked out for serving up some Christmas cheer, with primarily glassware and silverplate items. I'm not sure what that floozy is doing standing beside the Madonna, it's our conundrum, but that's how we roll when styling. One sister said this restyling/redecorating effort was like hiding Easter eggs, and we both agree it's a game of hot potato as to who gets stuck holding the last item that needs a new place, given our rule of trying to never take anything (other than seasonal) out of the booth once it's in.
The curio pictured below was a recent find to help with those leftover items needing new perches in our booths. The case is actually a revolving unit with glass doors, and is currently holding several more holiday items. 
Our second space is geared toward men (mantiques), but I have to be honest in saying I really enjoy searching for and styling with the items here. So, it's not just mantiques! There's not a lot of Christmas decor in this space, though, other than a few items within the curio cabinet on the right. That may change in the coming few weeks, as more items are brought in.
During this holiday transition, however, we did condense some of our previous display and created this cowboy corner (below) on the outer left wall edge. The deer and bull horn racks came from that same estate as the furniture pieces I purchased for my dining room and shared here, and the hats, boots and framed print of the little boy smoking (my sister's finds) complement the corner.
Across the aisle from mantiques is our farmhouse kitchen and garden space. We keep our more casual linens here (added many holiday linens), and also various tools and decor which could be used in this ever-popular style.
A vintage Tom & Jerry punch bowl set, and a couple of old vintage candelabras make for a quaint, old-fashioned Christmas.
Directly across from the wall shown above is the display rack below which is made from picket fence sections with added shelves.
Bookending the farmhouse kitchen and garden space is the winter sleigh ride vignette below. You can see the picket fence at the back of the sleds, and the casual linens and rest of the wall decor in the background. The sleds and vintage tartan are resting on the wallpaper table I found a few months back, and the metal paper guides which pull out from the table came in handy to hang the skates on the lower right side. UPDATE: Both sleds sold! One sled sold within hours of us leaving the store, the other within a few days!
Beneath the table is an antique erector set from the 1920s. Hard to believe little kids were gifted these kinds of things, but it's true. Not only is the solid wood box heavier than anything most kids can carry (it took two of us to carry it!), it has razor sharp contents!
On a shutter and shelving unit which divides our third and fourth booth spaces, we have various items on the shelves, including the nativity set below.
Just on the other side of the shelving unit, this bowl of vintage ornaments sits on the edge of our fourth and final space.
The final space displays a Victorian scene, with remnants of our apothecary we set up in late August. A lot of those items sold, so we condensed what remained, and then filled in with holiday items.
Below are the scales my sister M purchased from that great estate sale we all shopped (same for the table and chairs, deer and bull racks shown earlier).
In the corner, we staged wood cutout carolers. These are actually being purged from my personal home decor.
Last but not least, a handmade, Christmas coal Santa is dressed in tattered quilted remnants, patiently sitting and waiting for those who come to the antique mall to experience our holiday spirit.
Panoply booths are located on the first floor of the South Charleston Antique Mall, 617 D Street, South Charleston, WV. It's an easy on/off of WV I-64, Exit 56. We hope you'll stop in if you're traveling over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house this holiday season via Charleston, WV on I-64, I-77 or I-79.
Thanks so much for your readership and preview of our holiday booths. Your comments are always welcome!
Rita C. at Panoply

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