Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Tales of the Traveling Tote: Fun in the Sun

Today, my Traveling Tote friends and I are bringing you a special summer edition of our travels, called "Fun in the Sun".  We wanted to catch you up while the summer fun was actually happening, versus recapping summer when everyone's all into pumpkin this and pumpkin that. Our normal schedule will resume on September 1. To read all about my tales since joining the group with my two totes - Miss Luna C and Miss Charley C -  you can go to this link.
I'll make this brief. Miss Luna C and I have been having a luxuriously lazy summer! After spending months downsizing earlier in the year, we are now about doing as little as possible. When we last caught up (here), Miss Luna C and I had headed to the beach to start our fun after several months of a downsize move project. I knew it was going to be a good vacation when my plane seat row stayed emptied on the flight down!
We spent the week doing mostly this:
And a little of this:
We even trekked to one of Miss Luna C's summer campsites to see all her friends:
Mornings were spent walking:
And evenings were spent gazing:
Since that beach trip, Miss Luna C and I have been taking it nice and slow, just hanging out in our new digs. I've labeled myself a summer sloth. I'm not in any hurry to get up and go, and when I do, Miss Luna C typically stays behind. But that won't be for too much longer. Mr. P. and I are hoping to take a couple trips soon, and we're in the planning stages now. No hurry, no worry.
So, without further adieu, you should mosey on over to my tribe sisters' posts and see what's been going on in their worlds. I know Debbie and Patti have been especially busy in their travels.  Patti at Pandora's Box  has a little surprise for those of you interested in a token giveaway too!

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Come back and see us again on September 1 when we resume our quarterly updates to the Tales of the Traveling Tote. Our tribe enjoys your company, and hope you enjoy ours too!


  1. I like how your tote travels, relaxes and shops! I think next time I might tuck myself inside and travel along with you!! Great shot of the sunset!!

  2. You and Miss Luna C take the best beach trips! Makes me long for cool breezes off the water and a little sand between my toes. I know I'd enjoy your destination, especially the MKC "camp site". What a store! Stay cool and have fun planning the upcoming trips. Happy August!

  3. Rita you and Miss Luna C deserved that fabulous trip after the past year of downsizing and the move. Miss Luna C looks so relaxed. Loved your spot for watching sunsets, beautiful! I always enjoy the planning stage of trips and I know you are as well. I'll look forward to hearing all about those! Enjoy the remainder of summer Rita...........

  4. I am so glad you are finally relaxing after months of hard work down sizing and moving! Being a Summer Sloth sounds good to me! Your beach trip looks like it was perfect and if I could get an empty row of seats on an airplane I would travel more often! Can't wait to hear where you and Mr. P are headed soon!

  5. Rita, I am so glad to hear you and Miss Luna P are relaxing. After all of that packing, purging, you deserve some time off. Being lazy is well deserved. A beautiful place to take in the sunsets. There is something magical about seeing the sun disappear. How wonderful to have those empty seats next to you. I can see Miss Luna P took full advantage. Enjoy August.

  6. Rita, your beach trip looks perfect. You definitely deserved time to recover from your move and downsizing. I am glad to hear you have been taking it easy this summer. So I will look forward to reading about your upcoming trips.

  7. You and Miss Luna C certainly deserved that relaxing beach vacation, Rita!! I look forward to hearing all about your upcoming travels with Mr. P.

  8. You deserve a luxuriously lazy summer after your move and downsizing! Fun in the sun and some shopping sound like a perfect vacation to me. I can’t remember when the last time I was on a plane with an empty seat, much less row. ;)

  9. I want to go to camp with Miss Luna C!!! I promise I would be a very good camper. ;P

    I need a trip to the beach. There's nothing better than reading on the beach as the waves crash upon the sand!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  10. Happy August Rita, your beach trip looks like perfection!! You definitely deserved time to vacation after your move and downsizing. Your shopping bags were from some of my favorite stores! I am glad to hear you have been taking it easy this summer. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming trips!

  11. Rita, a vacation well deserved. Your hard work of moving will continue to reward you with lovely leisure days. Looking forward to your future travels.

  12. You deserve a year long break! I'm glad your enjoying things now. Loved seeing the Shop pictures. I had no idea there was such a wide range of things in the pattern style. Those lamps and chairs are awesome!

  13. Looks like a great summer so far! Learning to take it easy is an art!

  14. what fun Rita!!! and miss luna c was certainly enjoying herself too! I think the summer sloth idea is is never a bad thing to relax, especially after all the downsizing work you did. I love your happy smile my friend and so glad you and Mr.P got to get away for awhile. (and miss luna c. too) hugs

  15. I want to be a summer sloth with you!!! Glad you are having fun and the move and all the crazy around that is over. I am right on your tails finally getting settled. I think I need to borrow Miss Luna C and take a nice trip! Happy Thursday.

  16. Your visit to the beach sounds perfect.

  17. Some absolutely beautiful photographs, Rita :) I'm so glad you're getting some well-deserved rest after all your hard work--

  18. Your photos speak to the value of doing absolutely nothing...just breathing it all in. Sigh. Glad that you have completed your move. Now you all can 'lock and leave' just about any time that you want. Cheers to you! Cherry Kay

  19. Rita, I am so glad you are relaxing this summer after such hard work downsizing and moving. Your beach trip sounds wonderful. I remember from your other trips there what great shopping was available. Again, let me say you accomplished an amazing feat and did it with such grace.
    I am currently at Cape San Blas Florida for a family vacation. That's why I am late commenting. Yesterday, was my day to cook. We had a huge low country boil feast for dinner. It's time to go home tomorrow. The week passed so quickly.
    There is damage visible from Hurricane MIchael all in the area. You can not get into Mexico Beach easily which was hit hard. Hurricanes are so powerful.

  20. What a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you were able to get some R&R after the move! Moving is fun (sometimes) but it is definitely an overwhelming task! Love and hugs sweet friend!

  21. Ahh, you vacation like I love to vacation! I need down time when I get away with just hubby - usually we are entertaining on "vacation"! Glad you had a much needed get away.

  22. Rita, you and Miss Luna know how to vacation! {I'm glad she got to see her family, too! } It looks relaxing, which is well deserved because I know that moving was a whole lotta work!! Your post is almost like a little vacation, thank you! xo Lidy

  23. I'd say that looks as glorious as any summer holiday could!

  24. Oh you little traveling Diva you!! Miss Luna C is sure to have many more fun excursions!!