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Tales of the Traveling Totes #12- Summer Fun

It's time for installment #12 of the Traveling Tote tribe. While I'm unpacking my bags and throwing some laundry in the washer, you can read the background on this series of related posts and all about the makings of the Traveling Totes Tribe here
Things started getting back to a more normal existence since our last adventure, and travels have been both local and afar this summer.
Shopping the Capitol Market is a great way to support local farmers, and we're lucky enough to have one that's open year round. While there's a mad rush for flowers and plants through Memorial Day, June really is the start of fresh veggies and fruits coming to market. The trip is less than 5 miles from my home, so it's easy to pop in and see what's new. Who knew it would be the only place around town where I would find state postcards to help out a friend in California for a school project?!
Capitol Market outing
June is also time for celebrations. This year I had a milestone birthday, and we also celebrated a nephew's high school graduation and my son-in-law's post-graduate program. We gathered at my niece's the first weekend of June for a family picnic.
Daughter B and me, family picnic
In mid-June, my sister M and I attended a local estate auction. I got just a few things (shown here). No matter how good or bad the wins, the hot dogs and nachos are always good. :)

The end of June marked an inaugural Girls Trip, 6-23 to 6-25-17, including myself and seven other high school friends. We came from NJ, PA, VA, NC, and WV, and stayed in one of West Virginia's state parks, celebrating our milestone birthdays and renewed friendships.
We shared a wonderful Saturday evening meal with foodstuffs brought by each of us, and cooked in cabin. We also each brought something for show and tell (no, Miss Charley C wasn't exactly my show and tell, but she certainly took center stage on that prize-winning quilt made by my friend in the blue polo shirt).
We hiked trails on Saturday after a drenching Friday evening rain, and on Sunday, we trekked to Blackwater Falls State Park to enjoy the raging waters there, along with a quick picnic lunch before we all went our separate ways again. With hopes of trying to gather annually, our 2018 trip is planned for the Lake Norman area in NC.

In mid-July, Mr. P. and I enjoyed a Naples Getaway, 7-12 to 7-19-17. Making connections at the airport to the rental car area, our bus driver picked us to ride shotgun with him! I'm sure it was Miss Charley C that caught his attention. 
Shopping Naples was fun, and Zazou, with several locations in the Naples area, satisfied my need for some Courtly Checks to take home.
The rest of our time was spent strolling the beach, the streets, and enjoying the food, and just kicking back, in general.
So what if ice cream was what we ate at 9:30 in the morning? I don't think my stomach knew what time it was, but judging from the heat, my mind felt the satisfaction of something cold.
Ice Cream for breakfast on vacation; neoprene tote on water is perfect!
We took a boat tour of houses we can't afford while in Naples, and a recent neoprene lunch tote from MacKenzie-Childs was the perfect bag for on the water. It has a zipper closure, and is multi-useful.
Courtly Check Neoprene Bag
The things I bought while in Naples (below) have already come in handy after returning home.
Naples FL Courtly Check Purchases
The first thing to be used was the neoprene wine tote bag, carried along when my sisters and I enjoyed the JQD Provence Market Farm-to-Table Dinner 7-30-17.
Reserving our seats at the table with CC wine tote
Not to be upstaged, Miss Charley C had to get in a picture too.
Panoply sisters at J. Q. Dickinson Salt-Works
At the first of August, I participated in a unique experience, celebrating the Charleston Ballet's 60th anniversary. Through a grant effort with our local PBS network, I was one among many generations of past and present dancers being interviewed for a documentary which is being created of the Charleston Ballet's history.
Gathering materials for the Charleston Ballet Documentary Interview
We were asked to bring along memorabilia of our time dancing with the Ballet, and so Miss Luna C and Miss Charley C were up for the task. We were asked to wear a solid top and black slacks.
Miss Luna C, Miss Charley C at the Charleston Ballet Studio
For a brief moment, my daughter B (who also danced with the Ballet) and I were in front of the camera together (with tote bags close by). A crazy tidbit from that time in my life: I danced up until the evening before she was born (was working full-time also), and then resumed dancing onstage three weeks a white, short tutu, no less! Notice my bags in the far left corner? That's as close to the interviewing as they got that day. On a side note, my daughter M also danced in the Ballet (and I danced leading up to her delivery and once again shortly afterward), but she did not interview for this documentary. The film project is scheduled to be aired sometime in 2018.
On set, Charleston Ballet PBS Documentary Videotaping. Note Miss Charley C left of set. :)
Another family get-together occurred in August, that being a brunch baby shower. As you can see from the family sibling photo below, Miss Charley C was bound and determined to be included among the checkered bunch I call family. ;)
Family Sibling Quorum at Baby Shower. Miss Charley C considers herself a sister. ;)
Last but not least, yesterday I went for a routine procedure that's anything BUT routine in preparation, if you catch my drift. That's me and Miss Charley C, while I was waiting to be readied for my Michael Jackson nap. All's well that ends well. And I'm glad that's behind me. Pun intended.
Hopefully, my Panoply sisters and I will be venturing out for a vintage shopping trip in another couple of weeks. Mr. P. and I aren't sure if we'll have any further travel this year, but that's the beauty of being retired....we may just get up and go.

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Until our next adventure (coming December 1, 2017), thank you for traveling along. It's a pleasure to have your company and visit! 

Rita C. at Panoply

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