Tuesday, October 12, 2021

hOWLoween Tablescape

hOWL are you doin'? I'm so glad you're here at Panoply because today I'm sharing my hOWLoween tablescape I've styled for October. 
My table design is just one of many among a hOWLoween tablescape event I'm hosting today. This event is sure to offer you ideas as varied as the number of design enthusiasts whooo are participating today, listed further in this post.

Honestly, my inspiration for this tablescape came from a place called The Great Outdoors; that is, literally, the great outdoors. While on a daily walk with Mr. P. last spring, black walnut shell halves were found along a path of ours. I picked up a few and held onto them. Most likely the discarded shells were remnants from squirrels' stashes during winter months of feeding, and they looked like an owl's face!
An idea was born. I started searching for some plates with an owl design and found an Etsy dealer, Rebecca Sipper Art, whooo made a set which totally captivated my design aesthetic. I love their irregular shapes and unique designs (which are also on the back of each plate and signed by the artist).
By the time my birthday rolled around in June and our Blenko Visitor's Center was having a sale, I picked up the fiery colored glass owls and classic Blenko #384 glass decanter.
The twig flatware and horn napkin rings were natural selections to perch on the tabletop from my inventory.
Shortly after the early June Blenko sale, my local boutique which sells MacKenzie-Childs offered a sale, and the salt and pepper shakers took flight and landed on my table.
My MacKenzie-Childs local retail distributor also participated in the annual barn sale, and I was able to add the Courtly Check everyday vase to my collection in late July. Together with faux florals and dried lily pods from a friend's pond (also from the great outdoors), my centerpiece took shape.
The Blenko clear candle holders of my table centerpiece were vintage finds from an estate sale last winter. Seasonal berry garland and little lights cast an evening glow on the table.
Like a progressive dinner, this tablescape evolved over a course of time (several months), and in various intervals of purchases/finds. I love adding the the owls to my inventory, as they don't scream hOWLoween, but they do lend a nocturnal style celebration for which the holiday is known.
Some fun facts about OWLS (from Mental Floss):
  • A group of OWLS is called a parliament
  • OWLS can turn their heads 270°
  • OWLS have far-sighted, tubular eyes
  • OWLS have super-powered hearing
  • OWL flight is silent
  • OWLS swallow prey whole, and then barf up the idigestible bits
  • OWLS sometimes eat other owls
  • OWLS feed the strongest babies first
  • OWLS are masters of camouflage
  • Some OWLS make terrifying hissing noises
  • Elf OWLS live in cacti
  • Burrowing OWLS take over prairie dog towns - and hunt with poop
  • OWLS serve as natural pest control for farmers
  • OWLS were once a sign of victory in a battle
  • OWLS also symbolized death
  • OWLS and humans generally get along
West Virginia is home to the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia, whose mission is to conserve the region's wild birds through research, education and rehabilitation. They are licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to treat and rehabilitate injured, ill or orphaned wild birds, including raptors, eagles, songbirds, waterbirds, waterfowl, and sea birds.  I encourage you to visit their website at the link mentioned above. They've rehabilitated numerous owls over the course of their existence.
Be sure to see all the stylists whose tabletops will be dressed in their finest displays for your hOWLoween treat! No tricks, all treats!
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Since memory fades and lists tend to last longer, I always like to include my tabletop elements in a source list. I have no affiliation with any of the vendors listed, but maybe I should at least consider stock in a few. 😉
hOWLoween Tablescape Source List
Table runner - TJMaxx
Napkins, Placemats - Crown Linen Designs
Dinner Plates, Wine Stems - Dollar Tree
Salad Plates - Etsy Rebecca Sipper Art
Chargers, Flatware, Napkin Rings - Pier 1
384 Tangerine Glass Decanter and Owls - Blenko 
MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Everyday Vase and Owl Salt/Pepper - 
Rosegate Design and Women's Boutique
Blenko candlestick holders - vintage finds
Faux Florals - Michael's, Afloral, and Decor Steals
Berry Garland, Little Lights - Michael's
Walnut Shells as Owls, Dried Lily Pods - The Great Outdoors 😉
I hope you've enjoyed today's tablescape, even if you're not much into hOWLoween and all its hype.  As I've tried to demonstrate with this table design, you can set a table for a holiday just by looking to nature and its color palette for inspiration. Thank you for stopping today, and I hope you'll return again. I'd love it if you let me know you dropped by with your comment. Take care to stay safe!


  1. Rita, Whoooo wouldn’t be charmed pulling up a chair at your table? I love your parliament of owls. Your owl plates are a wonderful find and inspiration for your table, along with the black walnut shells. The shells are almost spooky in their resemblance to owl faces! The addition of your Blenko glassware, copper flatware, berries and flowers adds just the right amount of color for a tradition palette for orange and black for Halloween. Love your Courtly Check owls and vase too! Thanks so much for hosting. I hope your move is going smoothly. I know you'll be glad when you're all organized and squared away. ♥

  2. Rita your table is perfection: I love how it evolved (thank you for your story). AND I really enjoyed the Owl Facts, so interesting! Your owl plates are adorable. Whoooooo would have thought the walnuts were nature's own contribution; they are so clever. What a find! The MC pieces fit right in and certainly belong on this lovely table setting. Thank you for hosting, especially in the middle of your move...talk about a full plate! Hugs and blessings my dear friend.

  3. I love how you got your inspiration as much as I adore this table. Those plates were a awesome find! It seems like the Universe was on your side with all the Sales put in place to assist you in getting that table done. Love it!

  4. Rita, it is so fun to hear how you were inspired to do this table, and how sometimes it comes from the most unlikely things-whooo knew an old walnut shell could lead to such a fabulous table!! The owl plates you found are gorgeous and go perfectly with all your courtly checks. I enjoyed the owl facts as well. Thank you so much for hosting, especially in the middle of a hectic time for you. I hope your move is going well and you get settled in your new place nicely. Have a fun Halloween 🎃

  5. Rita, I love your owl-themed table! The artwork on each plate is so delicate, and they pop off the black chargers and black checked placemats. The Blenko owls were a fantastic find, and you got lucky with the MacKenzie-Childs owl salt and pepper shakers. They are really cute! I haven't seen them in person at our local store, but they're so cute I bet they sold quickly!

    Thanks for sharing your sweet story about what inspired your tablescape. Mine was simply a craving for sugar!

    Also, thanks for hosting this blog hop. I think we need to find as much joy as we can during these crazy times!


  6. Oh Rita, what a wonderful Howloween table! Once again your organizational skills kicked in as you began planning this table last Spring and patiently searched and waited for sales and the perfect plates. It is dramatic and beautiful! Of course I love the MKC pieces you added and the Blenko owls are fabulous! The owl facts are so interesting, I know owls are the masters of disguise and I know they are in the trees behind my house but I rarely see them. Thank you so much for hosting and keeping our hop going!

  7. Rita, whoo wouldn’t love an owl themed table. I love how finding black walnut shell halves became inspiration for your table. By being observant, it is amazing how inspiring it can be. The owl salad plates are a fabulous addition to your stash and will undoubtedly be versatile for many celebrations. The Blenko fiery colored glass owls add the perfect pop of orange. How fortunate to have a local shop that sells MKC and you scored the CC vase. I would love to sit at your table and take in all of the details. Thank you for hosting this fun hop. You are a fabulous hostess!

  8. Whooo, Whooo! Rita, this is a fabulous table! I have a true fondness for owls. They are such interesting creatures. One of my favorite units of study when I taught school was one on owls. It was a perfect science unit during October and fascinating for children and their parents. Thanks for including some of the facts. Your plates are fun little works of art, and the Blenko owl is fabulous. It all looks elegant with the MC touches. Well done! Thanks for hosting us on this fun hops. You are a terrific leader!

  9. What a great table and I love your inspiration and owls. You have some of the prettiest owls in your tablescape. Happy New Week. Hope all is going well with packing and getting ready to move. xoxo Kris

  10. Rita, You have a wonderful collection of adorable owls! Those plates are fabulous! Love the Blenko owl and your MC courtly check owls were a nice find. Your walk and nature finds inspired a beautiful tablescape. Love pairing the black and white checks with the pops of autumn color. Great job on hosting the blog hops, setting a lovely table and organizing a move all at the same time! You're a busy lady! Hope your move is going well. We're excited for you! Happy Tuesday! Clara❤️��

  11. Absolutely gorgeous Rita! I am crazy about owls and this is just beautiful! It amazes me to see how you pull all the different elements together. The twig flatware just seems like it was made for this setting. It's always fun to see how you use your MKC pieces in different tablescapes and I love your new finds. Thanks so much for putting this all together. I have my coffee in hand and I'm off to visit the next blog! Have a wonderful day!

  12. Oooooh Rita, your tablescape is a howling success! Those fabulous plates are works of art! I love how the table evolved as you acquired elements that tied into the owl and black/white and orange color scheme. Now that you have a new house, I see storage issues are not holding you back from shopping — once a plate addict always one lol? Admit to being a little green (with envy) over the MC finds and deals too. Thanks so much for hosting while undertaking a massive move — you’re the bestest!

  13. Rita, loving the graphic black and white leavened by natural elements! And I love that you pieced the table together over time. Finding great things to use when not looking for them specifically is a treat (with no tricks, lol). Traditional Halloween colors suggest the holiday, but this is one table that could be used beyond the 31st.

    Thanks so much for pulling the blog hop together! I'm in awe that you managed it in the midst of moving.

  14. Woohoo! Bravo for the timely howloween table. The owls are a nice touch. I can appreciate the progressive items you found to coordinate with your table. One never knows where some items can be found and an idea springs. The added MC items are perfect. The twig flatware is a perfect touch to your own table. I wish I had purchased them years ago. Thanks for the owl facts. I love them. Sometimes I can hear 2 or 3 in the night. Thank you for all of your organizing as I know it takes time. So glad you have a place to store your dishes. Looking forward to seeing more of your new home.

  15. Rita, this is SO fun! I love your clever play on words and those eerily elegant owl plates. They blend beautifully with you MC decor. I look forward to participating with you again next month. Hugs, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  16. What a fabulous themed table. I love when you share your beautiful Blenko pieces ( I treasure the piece you sent me). The owl dishes are so unique and your flatware is perfect for the theme. Thanks for hosting this fun hop!

  17. I always love seeing the Blenko water pitcher. It reminds of the time we went to the factory. Your table looks great!!

  18. I see walnut shells along the path I often walk in the mornings, and I will NEVER look at them quite the same again. YOU ARE RIGHT!!! They DO look like owl faces!!! For you to make that connection is so cool! Owls are, to me anyway, kinda spooky (your list of little known facts only makes them more so!) and a perennial favorite when I think of a crisp and foggy Halloween night. One was hooting away in the pitch black outside our bedroom window last night. Our poor pooch was frightened out of his wits. I like the black and white theme with just a touch of color. The owl plates could come out to grace your tables all winter long! What a great find! Thank you for hosting this blog hop. It was my first one, and I hopefully now have the hang of it.🤞🏽

  19. Rita, a fabulous tablescape where owls abound! Love the Blenko owls. Those plates are perfect, too. I have always loved that a group of owls is a parliament. They look much wiser than a confusion of politicians. =) Strange that owls feed the strongest first....they must know something.

  20. Rita, I use to work for The Great Indoors many moons ago. They are a subsidiary of Sears so I thought they might have closed them all down :(
    Your owl theme and the plates are a good match for Halloween. And you always have the best looking plates at your table. Collecting items that you love, even if you don't have a plan for them at the moment adds to the fun.
    Thanks for hosting another great hop in the middle of moving. I really appreciate it:)

  21. Rita, I love your owl themed table. Great plates, MC owls salt and peppers,MC vase, and Blenko vase all perfect with Crown Linen Design checked placemats and napkins. Your orange touches look great for your black and orange table for Halloween.
    Very interesting facts on owls.
    You are a great leader for blog hops.
    Hope all is going well with your move. Just a little hectic I am sure.

  22. Rita,
    It all looks SPOOKtacular.

  23. Whoooo would have thought that owl plates could be so adorable?! What a fun table Rita. I love the ruffled placemats. I was intrigued by the Blenko owls. I hadn't heard of Blenko before and went to check it out! They have beautiful things. The twig flatware is so fun!! Thank you for being our gracious host!

  24. One more fabulous tablescape, Rita. I'm totally in love with those MC Owl S&P. too cute. And oh my how lucky you were to find those Blenko glass owls. So. Much. Fun!

  25. That table is fabulous, Rita. I love your owl plates and all the owl touches make it extra special. I would love to sit down at this one!

  26. What a wonderful find in those owl plates, Rita! Your whole table is beautiful. The ruffled plates are the perfect addition. A friend of mine had an owl box in one of her trees and an owl visits and has babies every Spring.

  27. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog hop, gathered some ideas for decorating the life sized skeleton that I decorate and place around the antique store where I work.

    1. Thank you so much! These gals have certainly inspired me as well!

  28. Rita, those owl plates are so fabulous! How nice that you can use them all year long. Owls are a great Halloween theme choice...they're not scary but are still associated with the holiday. I love that you were inspired by the nut shells you found on your walk. They really do look like owls! Whoooo knew that MacKenzie-Childs makes owl salt and pepper shakers in an owl motif? They were made for your table! I love all the owl facts, too. I've been reading Harry Potter books with my daughter, and owls are often featured in the stories. Thank you for keeping the hops going. I really enjoy participating! Best of luck on your move. I can't wait to see your next table setting in the new house!

  29. Owls have always been intimidating to me, especially now after the Owl Facts. Your owls however are adorable. Everything came together so well and your styling to gorgeous. Thank you so much for keeping the party going, you are appreciated. Happy Halloween!

  30. Hi Rita, Your owl plates stole my heart. The fact that they are signed by the artist makes them unique and one of a kind. They are beautifully done and work so well with your black and white checks, your McK-C collection. I am sure they fit in perfectly with many tablescape themes. I have never seen any of the Blenko owls, but they are so pretty. It would be hard to resist. They would be flying to my table without hesitation. I can imagine these owls as night falls and the moon casts its eerie glow. Your fairy lights certainly set the stage for a spooky night for the owl. Happy Halloween, Rita@

  31. Rita, I love your Blenko owl plates - what a fabulous idea for HOWLoween! The tangerine glass decanter and owls are beautiful as well. Love the pairing with your MKC collection - what a lovely tablescape! Hope your move is going well!

  32. Really terrific table, Rita! It's amazing how many different pieces went into your tablescape. Love all your owls.....the black and white adds a dramatic backdrop. It's so much fun!

  33. Good morning, Rita. I love this post and I am quite fond of owls. We had them make their home in our barn when we lived in VA. And we never had unwanted critters after their arrival. Your table is perfect for the season and invites good times.

  34. Rita, love those owls. they must have had a wonderful time at your table. Black and white is always a great color combination. Thanks for hosting this great Blog Hop.
    Lynne, Thrifting Wonderland

  35. Rita, I love your plates. All your dishes work so well together. The owls are a great feature. Thanks so much for hosting. Happy Halloween. Where are you moving?

  36. Your table setting is magnificent and I love the owls and all the inspiration behind them. You have some of the prettiest settings around and all so inviting and cheerful. Hope all is going well with your packing and getting ready to move.

  37. This is so creative! I just found your site on Life & Linda's blog hop. I'm glad I did because I love this tablescape! I think my readers would love it too. If you get time, come by LifeasaLEOWife.com and share on my link parties, Happiness is Homemade (open today through Thursday) and Traffic Jam Weekend (opens Thursdays at 5pm CST and runs through Sunday at 11:59pm). I'd be so glad to have you. I've seen several of the tablescapes in the party, and it makes me want to join your lovely hop!!
    Have a great week!
    Niki - Life as a LEO Wife

  38. Shoot, Mary stole my line! This is so cute, I love it!! The checked linens are the perfect backdrop for those gorgeous owl plates. And then the MacKenzie-Childs owls, and Blenko glass ones - wonderful additions. What a fabulous themed table, I'd love to join you there any time of year, but especially on Howloween! xo Lidy

  39. Your table is stunning, Rita. Love the mix of the black and white check with the orange. Those MC owls are so darn cute!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  40. Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend, Rita. It has been chosen as a fave feature for this week's link party that goes live on Thursday at 5:00 pm CST.

  41. Wow, This is a fantastic tables cape, Rita, and I love how you tied in the owls with Halloween. I found your owl facts to be fascinating! I don't think I knew one single thing! I once saw an owl flying across a country road, out of the woods near the cottage. It started me but I was in awe. I keep looking for them now on that stretch.

    I happened to spy your post on your new home, and read it. I'm so excited for you! It's a beautiful house and I know it will be decorated as lovely as the condo and your previous home. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do. Change is good!

    Congratulations on your little granddaughter. She's precious! I hope you get to see her often. I so enjoy my own. I see Emily's two girls most often. One of my sons' is divorced now and his wife avoids us like the plague, so we only see his girls every other weekend. Jeff and his wife have two boys but they have very busy schedules, and so a nanny. But we are grateful when we do. Life is so harried for young adults. I'm sort of glad I've reached this age despite the busyness this past year.

    Enough about me. I loved your visit and I'll stay in touch❤️


  42. Rita, I'm building this week's FWF post around your owl idea, and featuring this post at tomorrow's party!