Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Forest Fantasy Holiday Tablescape

Hello, and Happy Holidays! Today I am sharing my Forest Fantasy Holiday Tablescape, as part of my 2021 [new] home holiday decor. Welcome, readers, both longtime and new!
With the holiday season upon us, this tablescape comes to you just in time for planning and organizing your own table to welcome your guests. It is but one of the many ideas being shared today as part of a Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop I'm hosting. You'll find the complete list of stylists participating at the end of this post.
With styling tables for several years now, my love of tablescaping has me continually keeping my eyes open to gathering items I can use, re-use, and in the case of vintage finds, rotate as inventory available for my customers at the antique booth spaces I rent and share with two of my sisters. This year, my inspiration has come from several little things that I've assembled for what I'm calling my Forest Fantasy Holiday tablescape.
All of the items pictured above - except for the owl salt and peppers - were additions to my tablescaping inventory in late 2020. I knew I could mix and match with other items I already had, so I challenged myself to come up with ideas using these.
Of course, being a dealer of antiques and vintage items, I always try to include a few of those things into my tablescaping. The Boopie coupes I'm using were manufactured by Anchor Hocking, starting in the 1950s.
The Art Deco foxy lady πŸ˜‰ was an auction find many years ago, and she comes out each Christmas season.
Like most tablescapes, this one evolved. I was unboxing decor items we had moved while working on this, along with Christmas decor, too. I first placed candles in the fox and owl candlesticks, but later added a centerpiece with pillar candle, so I placed bottlebrush trees to the top hats of the candlesticks for a bit of fantasy. 
My woodland elf and wreath surrounding the pillar candle were unboxed, and it was at this point that the idea of Forest Fantasy Holiday stuck. 
The owl salt and pepper shakers and beaded tree were added.
Lastly, the dipping tray dish set was something I remembered buying last year that fit the theme, along with the little butter pats.
Placemats, chargers, dinner and salad plates were pulled from my cupboards, topped with the Woodland and Berry appetizer plate, to create the plate stacks. Although I have complete sets of both the ivory and red flatware, I liked mixing it for this tablescape.
Christmas tree napkin rings were a MacKenzie-Childs barn sale purchase this past summer, gathering tartan plaid napkins I've had and love bringing out at Christmastime.
Not only was my table morphing over the course of a few days, but so was my space decor, as I was still unboxing things from our loft-to-house move in late October. You're also catching a first glimpse of our new home with this tablescape! 

This dining room is the first room upon entering our home, just beyond the small foyer entry. Below is a daytime photo, with a bit of the entry Christmas rug showing on the far right. This room was used by the former owners as a living room, but we didn't need the duplicity since we use our great room as our living room (with casual dining). Notice the difference between this photo, taken a few days after the leading photo? A painting over the fireplace was replaced with the mirror that was finally hung. πŸ™Œ
There is a gas fireplace in this space. It creates a nice ambience for evening. Both the mirror and the curio cabinet reflected in the mirror below was previously in my office in the loft (but not the curio contents), as was the Asian credenza (beneath the windows) and one of two grey flannel chairs, all now in this dining room.
The small bookcase to the right of the fireplace is being used for seasonal displays, and storage below it for tabletop items.
I was happy to bring out things like my miniature books (on the third shelf from top). They'd been boxed since we moved from house-to-loft, two and a half years ago! Yes, we have had three homes in three years.

Here's a shot of my tablescape looking toward the great room. You can see the second grey flannel chair (in our master bedroom at the loft) to the right of the threshold between the dining and great room. At this point, I wasn't sure if I wanted to decorate my tree, but later decided on it. It looked sad in the daytime without decorations. πŸŽ„ 
There are lots of cubbies in this cottage home, and I'll share more later. Until then, I hope you've enjoyed what I've shared today, and that you will take the time to explore all these other bloggers' imaginations at work with their Christmas table creations. 

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A complete source list of elements I used is listed below, primarily as my own cataloging. No commissions are received by sharing these sources; perhaps just a bit of goodwill for those who may be interested in one or more items.
Forest Fantasy Holiday Source List
Table Runner - Amazon
Red Placemats - Big Lots
Twig Chargers, Green stemware - Pier 1
Dinner Plates  - Pfaltzgraff (Filigree)
Salad Plates - eBay (Arita Tartan)
Appetizer Plates - Williams Sonoma (Woodland and Berry)
Butter/Nut Dishes - Nell Hill's
Bird on Apple - Hobby Lobby
Owl Salt and Pepper - Decor Steals
Deer/Hummingbird Dipping Dish Set - Paperproducts Design
Fox and Owl Candlesticks - Victorian Trading Co
Flatware - Horchow (ivory); Bed, Bath & Beyond (red)
Napkins - Mark and Graham
Napkin Rings - MacKenzie-Childs
Woodland Elf - Mole Hole Local Gift Shop
Green Stemware - Wayfair
Green Coupe Glassware, Art Deco Lady Tray, Beaded Tree - Vintage, auction finds
Hurricane, Bottlebrush Trees, Little lights - Michael's 
Thank you for coming into my holiday home and visiting today. If you enjoyed this, I hope you will consider returning, and possibly subscribing for any new posts. I hope you have a safe and healthy December. Merry Christmas season!


  1. Rita, Your Forest Fantasy table is speaking my love language! I love the whimsy of the bottle brush trees in your fox and owl candlesticks, very Vicki Sawyer-esque. Your antiquing and acquisitions allow for such creative tablescaping with your fostering and rotation of tableware. I had to chuckle at your ‘foxy lady’ making an appearance and I have MKC Christmas tree napkin ring-envy. :) What fun to get a glimpse into your new home too! I love the ambiance of a fireplace in dining room too…looking forward to seeing more! As always it’s a treat to join you at the table. Thanks so much for your organizing efforts for the hop, they’re so appreciated. ♥

  2. I am loving your Forest table! All the little details really bring it to life and add dimension. Those chargers really add some gorgeous texture too.....love those! plus, what fun doing what you love...Tablescaping in your new place! I'm getting a sneak peek and I am anxious for more now. Can't wait! Happy Holidays if I don't get to chat with you later...

  3. How fun to hear how your table evolved even the title theme. I love the nostagic boope coupes and your twig chargers, MC Christmas tree napkin rings and plaid napkins. You incorporate vintage finds so cleverly and artfully.
    Great to see some glimpses of your new home and I look forward to seeing more. I am still amazed how you have organized two hops and moved and unpacked your home at the same time.
    I can scroll and scroll and enjoy your creativity styling this Forest Fantasy table with your delightful vintage collectibles.
    Wishing you a happy and special Christmas with your family.

  4. It's such fun to get a sneak peek of your new home and especially as it's decorated for the holidays. Your table is lovely. I love a forest theme -- I cannot resist a tree -- and those wonderful candle holders with the trees are perfect! All your dishes are delightful and I especially love the woodland creatures and the pretty greens. The plaid just sets if off. I love it, Rita!

  5. So lovely, and all your woodland details work together so well.

  6. Rita, you've outdone yourself with this pretty table that is both elegant and whimsical! I love your forest fantasy "guests" as well as those beautiful salad plates. I also enjoyed seeing how you styled the shelves in your new home. Thanks again for hosting and Merry Christmas to you!

  7. How did you manage to do all this with your recent move, Rita? Your table is Forest Fantasy table looks perfectly happy in your new home. I loved getting glimpses of the new spaces. Having a glowing fire in the dining area adds such ambiance. You must be so happy this Christmas season.

  8. How nice to get a peek into your new home! I love the fireplace in your dining room, that will make for many cozy winter dinners. I love the trees on your candlesticks, such a cute idea. The plaid napkins with the MKC Christmas trees are so festive and I love the foxy lady! The flatware mix of red and white is so fun. I am so glad you are settling in and enjoying your beautiful new home! Thanks so much for being our wonderful hostess :)

  9. Rita you never disappoint with your tablescapes. The new napkins are beautiful and love all the pretty texture to your table. Your new shelves are styled so pretty for Christmas too. Love your Woodland theme. Gorgeous. xoxo

  10. Rita, your forest fantasy table is enchanting, filled with little animal creatures and a magical elf. As always, I'm drawn to the special plates, appetizer bowls, and vintage green Boopie coupes.
    Setting up a new home takes a lot of work. Thank you for showing some of the finished rooms, and for hosting this blog hop!
    Merry Christmas

  11. What a nice large dining room! Your theme is certainly a fantasy in the forest! Great details on your table and cute napkin rings. Your new home looks lovely and cant wait for more peeks! Thanks for hosting this fun hop - the tables are so inspiring. Merry Christmas in your new home!!

  12. Rita, I am so excited to see a peek into your new home. I am anxious to see more. You are amazing…three homes in three years would put me under. On top of your recent move, you have hosted blog hops. Truly you are unbelievable! How I love your table and its evolving into this enchanting forest of wonderment! The candle stands holding the bottlebrush tree are an excellent and creative idea that I might have to borrow. Your vintage finds make for an interesting and eclectic mix, which I love. The MKC napkin rings are fabulous as is every detail. A fireplace in a dining room set the perfect ambiance.

    Thank you for hosting the blog hops and wishing you a Merry Christmas season. I know it will be the best with your beautiful granddaughter ♥️

  13. Rita, what can I say to an amazing lady? First, thank you so much for organizing these hops... you are the perfect one to do so because of your organizational and attention to detail abilities. You keep us all in line (me mostly) and I am so grateful for you as a friend and colleague.

    Secondly, your home is lovely and I can't wait to see more. (loved your outdoor landscaping) Genius to use what once was a living room and make it your dining room. Who sez rooms can not Morph? I've always liked the unexpected. (And right away, I did notice the mirror over the fireplace in the later photo, so I was glad you commented on it.)

    Thirdly, your styling of your table is stunning. I am sure you are thinking of all the items you gave away or sold when you moved to the loft, but now you can collect different vintage finds and use them in your home (or shop) or just rotate them.

    KU will be playing WV Jan 15th and Feb 19th so good luck to both our basketball teams.

    Special hugs to you my dear and sweet friend. You know I treasure our friendship!

    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  14. Very pretty table Rita. I love how it evolved. Sometimes it is one item that gives us inspiration. I agree with Kari, you are a natural for keeping us all organized on these blog hops with your organizational skills. Thank you again. Enchanting Forest is such a lovely theme. Love the MKC napkin rings along with those fabulous plates. The bottle brush trees in your fox and owl candlesticks look fabulous. The foxy lady is a showpiece. I adore how you mix vintage with everyday decor. How nice to get a peek of your lovely home. I want to see more. Always a pleasure Rita. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas in your new home.

  15. A fun fantastical tablescape to celebrate Christmas! Or indeed any wintry day! I love the details, particularly the berry plates atop the plaid plates. And those top hats on the owl and fox are adorable! Mixing new and vintage, elegant and quirky is definitely your forte. Thanks so much for all it takes to keep us on track for the blog hops - organization and patience! Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home!

  16. Very beautiful, Rita, and it's fun getting a little glimpses of your beautiful new home! I love your theme of Forest Fantasy Holiday. You nailed it, My Friend! :D
    I love the little elf on the centerpiece wreath, and the beautiful MacKenzie-Childs Christmas tree napkin rings are perfect! I appreciate you for hosting these blog hops because I know they're a lot of work for you. I'm also thankful to call you friend.

    Merry Christmas!
    Ricki Jill

  17. Hi Rita, your table is lovely, as is the peek of your new home. I am anxious to see more. Knowing you, it will be gorgeous! Wishing you a wonderful December, I hope you can get some rest.

  18. Rita, thank you for not only hosting and sharing your darling, eclectic tablescape, but for showing us a peak of your lovely new home! I always love how you mix old and new —it’s a gift. You know me, I’ve got to have a theme and tend to be matchy matchy lol! That Art Deco figure is so special. How clever to add the little trees onto the candlesticks for whimsy. Crushing on the miniature books on the shelf; have you shared their story (pun not intended!) before? Wishing you a most wonderful holiday season in your new home.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous as always Rita! I love the bottle brush trees you decided to use in the fox and owl candle holders. So many little touches that make all your tablescapes so unique. It's fascinating to me how you pull it all together and create such a lovely space. Speaking of lovely spaces, thanks so much for the glimpses of your new home in this post. Beautiful! I'm sure I'll be back to visit often in the days ahead but I do want to wish a wonderful Christmas season. Take care and thank you for the hop. So much fun!

  20. Hello Rita!
    So fun to see your new home all decorated so lovely and festive for the Holidays! Such a darling and eclectic tablescape. I really enjoy how you mix it all up with your keen eye and creativity!
    Happy Holidays,

  21. Loving the 'peek' into your lovely home and looking forward to more....everything is beautiful. I'm in awe of how you are so organized and fast! Seriously!! Wishing you a Blessed Christmas Season and New Year!

  22. Great theme! It all looks so festive! Thanks for the peek into your new home - can't wait to see more!

  23. Rita, what a unique and fun theme for your Christmas tablescape. You have an amazing collection of woodland and forest themed items. Thank you so much for taking over hosting the blog hop. You are the most organized hostess. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully, 2022 will be a fun tablescape year.

  24. Rita, such a fun theme! We spend lots of time walking through the woods in our area over the Christmas holidays so I can really appreciate the forest theme! The fox and the owl candle holders with the bottle brush trees are darling! I love your charger plates and the sweet appetizer plates. I love reading about how your table evolved over a few days. I often leave my tablescape up through the season and change little details throughout! Your new dining room is a lovely space! I so appreciate you gathering us all together to join in this hop! You are indeed the hostest with the mostest! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  25. That owl and fox! They are dressed to the NINES!!!! I need a hat like that owl is wearing and a jacket like the fox is sporting! Yes, I would actually wear them in public!!! (I'm "Fancy Like" that!πŸ˜‰ Uh oh...now that song is stuck in my head again, and I'm craving a Bourbon Street steak!) Adding the little tree on top is such a cute idea that really makes each stand out even more.

    I LOVE those 3-D napkin rings!!! Wow! They really give the napkin and the whole place setting a little extra "oomph."

    The mirror is a really great addition to the room! Anything that will double back light gets a thumbs up in my book!πŸ‘πŸ½

    Thanks again so much for hosting the hop! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  26. Thus table is wonderful. It's pretty and whimsical.

    I'm a bottle brush tree junkie.

  27. oooh, woodland critters and Tartan plaid? perfect combination! Everything is gorgeous and I'm so excited to get these peeks into your new home. Love those shutters and wonderful bookcases. I know you must be enjoying all the space you have to store all your beautiful dishware and tablescaping goodies. Now I just want to see more!!

  28. Rita, your Forest Fantasy Holiday table is one of my favorites. Such adorable whimsical pieces, I love the fox and owl and how you added the bottle brush trees, which I adore and my collection is growing (like I need another collection of anything). I think your Art Deco Foxy Lady is so stylish. I love mixing periods, and your Art Deco and vintage, well, I just love it. Wow, when I read this, three houses in three years I had to stop and think about that! How do you do it??? I hope you are settled permanently now so you can find time to rest! I really enjoyed seeing the first peek into your lovely new home. Your skills really show, blogging, hosting, moving and decorating. I know who to call for advise if I ever move again. What an inspirational post Rita, you are amazing! Love your new home and darling table setting......XOXO

  29. Rita, what a magnificent job you did of pulling your table together using all your lovely items. Your place settings are gorgeous and I love those candle holders - what a find! I'm glad to hear that you are getting settled in your new house and thanks for sharing the sneak peek - can't wait to see more. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  30. A forest heme has never been one as chic as this. No cartoonish critters on plates or napkins! Everything is fabulous! The chargers, napkins, and dessert plates are what I'm drawn to most. I also love getting a peek of your new home. I may have missed a bit but I'm loving the classic style you have gong on.

    Happy Holidays, my friend!


  31. Rita, so happy you are settling into your new home! I love everything about your table. Those butter pats are so cute. Love the napkin rings, plates and plaid napkins. As always you do not disappoint ! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Rita, your new home is looking beautiful! We moved to three different houses in three years, and I know that is not fun at all. Hopefully, you will be able to get some rest and enjoy your new home and holiday season. Your table is both gorgeous and festive with all of your collected pretties. Do you find it hard to let go of some of the things that you find for your store? I sure do! I'm sorry that I am so late commenting. My neck has been froze up this week, and I have tried staying off the computer. Thank you again for hosting this fun blog hop. I appreciate all you do! Wishing you a most Merry Christmas!

  33. I was trying to figure out where I was and then I looked back into your archives to find out you moved! How exciting! This tablescape is lovely and I love every inch of it! Happy Holidays in your new home!

  34. Well I certainly wish my tablescapes evolved like yours do. I've always loved them and this fantasy forest is no different! Those candlesticks are amazing as are your dishes. And how amazing to have a working fireplace in your dining room! That seems to be the best idea and use of that room. Such a pretty glow. Hope your holiday season is wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  35. What a gorgeous Christmas table! Love it all, but most especially that fox candleholder. The whole thing made me smile! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm and Happy Holidays! Pinned! xo Kathleen

  36. This is a beautiful and lush table Rita. Those fox candleholders along with the foxy lady in red are quite the show stoppers! Thank you for the mini tour of your new home and for all you are doing to keep our group together. I wish you and your family all the joys of the holiday season and a prosperous 2022.

  37. Hi Rita, this is my second attempt to comment...I thought the first was in moderation but when I checked back it wasn't there.

    I just love the cute forest friends on your table! That was clever to place bottle brush trees in the top hat candle holders. That rustic charger looks great with the pinecone and berry plates. Those MacKenzie Childs napkin rings were a great score! They look perfect with the tartan napkins. It was fun getting a peek into your new home, too. I love all of the built ins! I can't wait to see more! Thanks for hosting this wonderful hop. Merry Christmas, my friend!
    Rebecca (Zucchini Sisters)

  38. Rita, Your table is so festive. You scored some really great finds! Loving your woodland friends with bottle brush trees instead of candles. They're adorable! The napkin rings are gorgeous. Your foxy lady is such a clever addition. Your new dishes are a favorite. Love those! Your new house is lovely. The cubby decked out for Christmas is so pretty! I especially love your nativity scene. Happy Christmas!❤️

  39. Rita, loved this wonderful tablescape blog hop. So many interesting and different ideas for setting a festive holiday table. Thanks so much for putting this together so it can be enjoyed by all.
    Lynne, Thrifting Wonderland

  40. Those plates are sooo pretty and I love, love the tartan elements!!