Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Miscellaneous Musings No. 21

Rabbit, rabbit! Well, hello there, Panoply friends. We made it through January! You know when you see the heading of Miscellaneous Musings, you know it's time for another brain dump. Little things amuse me, whether just plain cool, or funny -  ha-ha, or sarcasm-ly speaking. This is number 21. It's not the least bit adult-like as you normally think of 21.

Do you remember my concrete Bunny Van Gogh that I rescued from the street and had in my garden? 
Well, I purged him when we moved to the loft in 2019, and my daughter with the garden adopted him. My son-in-law is quite talented and, among other things, he owns and operates a 3D laser printer. Look what he surprised me with for Christmas - it's an exact miniature replica of Bunny Van Gogh!
Here they are, side by side. It was an awesome present!
Here are a few memento gifts I thought were also pretty awesome. My local Panoply sister made these (below) for my recently widowed Panoply sister to gift to her kids: a Christmas apron made from her husband's ties, and two toss pillows from his many wine t-shirts. She also made a bow tie out of one his ties for a grandson who loves wearing bow ties.
Since we're back in a house and garden, I've had family members who previously accepted purged items ask me if I wanted things back (no). But, when one Panoply sister decided to put a child's Hitchcock-style vintage rocker in our antique mall booth space (she had bought it among several items in a lot purchase from me, by the way), I bought it back, lol! My husband calls that incestuous shopping. I'm keeping it for Baby J.
In our new home, I've mentioned there are little nooks and cubbies. Well, apparently there's also a hide-y hole or two. In our master bath (yes, I'll choose to use that word over primary, thank you very much), it's got a separate closet for the toilet, while the shower and vanity are in a space of their own. We couldn't find an electrical outlet near the vanity mirrors to dry our hair! We used the toilet closet the first few days until...
I found a hide-y hole electrical outlet in the top, middle drawer of the vanity! It's a spring-coiled cord behind that outlet plate. Whodathunkit?!

And speaking of holes, in our guest bathroom, much of the tile is original, including the recessed toilet paper alcove. And today's super-sized toilet paper rolls do not fit in those tiny alcoves made in 1938. Did you know they make toilet paper extenders just for that first world problem?
My sister-in-law, whose bathroom dates to the 1950s, told me about that little gizmo. Seems our butts didn't grow huge along with the commensurate toilet paper rolls until...well, I really don't know when. When dinner plates went from 9" to 13"? When women started pulling fake junk in their trunks? (Btw, did you know that was around 1969?). 

Back to the subject of choice of terminology, did you know that Microsoft is choosing to autocorrect and filter words in order to push users away from what they consider offensive, such as postman (mail carrier), mankind (humankind), etc.? Wonder if they'll try to be more inclusive and autocorrect our WV State Senator from Manchin to Personchin??? A little too far to the left, if you ask me. 
Senator Joe Manchin, Official Portrait 2017 
Photo Source: Wikipedia 
With a new house comes new noises. A couple sounds which have scared the bejeezus out of us, even when we know they're coming are these:
Snow falling from a slate roof. Holy moly! It sounds like the entire roof is crashing down!
Lol, with our snowfall a week earlier than this post, Mr. P. was shoveling a path at the garage door, and a big pile fell right over his head where he had just shoveled.

Here's another sound that scares us almost every.single.time:
The sound of the mail slot when the mailman sends our mail through! It's a spring-based slot, and it's very loud!
Here's one for the person who needs their desk on the go (spotted on the boulevard as we were sitting at a red light): just put those post-it notes and papers all over that dashboard!
Okay, here's one that's just weird. I hope this uploaded video works.
I don't know what program she used, but a great niece of mine took the above photo, which was originally taken somewhere in the mid-1970s, and used a software that created what you see. My dad has long since passed away, and that is just....on the verge of creepy. It really captures his facial expressions, though, and that's what's SO weird.

My precious Baby J contracted Covid at the beginning of the year, as did her daddy and mama. They're all better now, thank God, but did you know they handle the nasal swab just the same for babies as they do adults?? As in, they go up the nasal passage until they reach the brain. 🧠 Poor thing. 

While the CDC guidelines are like a moving target, it was a work reconciliation nightmare for the parents. They were expected to be back to work after five days, but the baby couldn't go back to daycare for fourteen. They all had it at the same time. And, she had to have a negative test result before being allowed back in daycare. It's quite typical to test positive for up to 90 days, in case you didn't know. Baby J had to get a "return to daycare" permission slip from the Health Dept after she was well (which was fourteen days later, plus a few for the mid-month holiday weekend). I suppose that's one for the baby book - return to daycare permission slip. And Covid. #covidsucks

I caught up on magazine subscriptions in January. The prior three months of moving / organizing left little free time. I passed them along to a sister as I finished them.
As we head into February, here's a parting meme that captures the spirit of Ground Hog Day:

Take care, everybody. 


  1. Rita, Bunny Van Gogh Jr. is adorable! He'll be so cute in your garden. Sweet Jacqueline needs her grandmother holding her and rocking her. Ahh, she's so cute and I really hate that she got sick. It's bad enough for the adults to have to endure Covid. I hate it when the children become sick. I love the momentos your sister made, especially the apron. What a wonderful idea! That electrical outlet needs a note at the front of the drawer for future homeowners. It's clever but oh so hidden! I must agree on the language correction; it's a little too silly and I don't have the patience for it. Love your door wreath. It's so cute! The video of your Dad must have brought back many happy memories. Enjoy your day! Clara❤️

  2. Good Morning Rita. Poor baby J. She is so sweet I am glad she is feeling better. One thing I do like about not having a house anymore is the shoveling of snow in the winter months. I do not know what to think on the moving facial expressions of your dad. Kind of sweet kinda creepy. I see what you mean. Your dad looks like he was a sweet gentle man. Have a great week. xoxo Kris

  3. Morning!
    Wow lots of stuff going on for you! I'm glad you got the rocker back, that's a heirloom to keep for sure. The sounds.....yeah snow falling off would scare me too, our roof kinda creaks a bit. Makes me feel like we're haunted. LOL

    I am so sorry to hear about you and the baby got covid Man that sucks! Especially all you had to go through just to get back to your daily routine and daycare, etc. I hope the after effect horror stories I keep hearing haven't hit you...the no taste thing etc.

    Hope you're much better now! Sending you prayers and positive thoughts!

  4. I am so sorry Baby J and parents were all sick. She is a beautiful bundle of joy! I am glad everyone is feeling better. Your sister’s gifts are precious and are a wonderful idea. Your home is so beautiful in the snow, it would make a lovely Christmas card. It has gone beyond ridiculous with social media correcting everything to their ideals. Happy February, Rita!

  5. Bunny is just adorable and such a thoughtful gift from your son-in-law. I love the photo of your new home in the snow, beautiful! All those strange noises will take some getting use to! I'm am so sorry little baby J had Covid, her mom and dad as well. Glad they are all better now. Yes, can't imagine little babies having to go through the nasal swab. I'm glad you are got the little rocker and baby j will love it! Take care Rita.......

  6. Oh my Rita, sorry to hear about the family getting covid and baby Jacqueline. So glad they are better. The bunny is adorable. Those 3D printers are amazing! Beautiful gifts from your sister. That is great about the outlet in the drawer, pretty handy. Love the toilet paper extender...LOL I guess with your new home, you have to get used to the different noises. Your home looks so beautiful covered in snow. Enjoy.

  7. Such a sweet thing for your son-in-law to do! I don't like the tp holders so chaned my old one for one that lifts up and the roll slides on.

    1. Rose, is there some sort of retrofitting a recessed wall tp holder so you can do what you did, or did you have it torn out and redone?

  8. The baby is adorable and so glad they are all better. I recently saw that tie apron as well as a tie wreath - trying to decide which to make!! Your new home looks beautiful in the snow (sorry poor hubs got in the way of the roof avalanche!). Have a happy day!

  9. The 3 D printer bunny is amazing! I had a Hitchcock rocker just like yours that I got when I was a little girl. I kept it for my grands and now have passed it on to my daughter, a family heirloom :) The snow falling off the roof noise sounds scary for sure! My oldest grandson just got Covid, and he was with us all weekend. We've been testing and so far we are negative, fingers crossed! You're so right, Groundhog Day for sure as I feel like we're back in Spring 2020 again...

  10. Hi Rita, Having lived in an older home for so many years, I can relate to all of the updates older homes need to function, like slots for modern day toilet paper rolls. One of the "odd" things that I found living in a home so many years ago was that the bathroom with a footed bathtub was right off a hallway which led to the back door. The cold air was just up a few steps to the door of the downstairs bathroom and tub. It was so cold in winter that I had a electric plug in oil heater running continuously in the bathroom so that the children could take their baths in the evening and the cast iron footed tub could heat up a bit before it was filled with water. I love your adorable bunny and I am glad everyone is doing well from their Covid experience. Baby J is absolutely adorable! She is so incredibly sweet. She certainly is a sleeping angel. Hopefully, we will no longer have to deal with too much snow. Wisconsin had a "warm" day today....40 degrees F! Wishing you all the best, Rita!

  11. Love seeing a picture of Baby J. She looks so sweet and it is such a shame she got sick. I am glad all the family is better now but I know it was a stressful time.
    Your post is fun and I love your wit. The hidey drawer as you call it is funny it took a while to find. Very useful though. Speaking of extenders which are handy. Did you know the airlines have seat belt extenders for plus sizes!
    Great you got your sweet little rocking chair back.
    My husband rigged a signal on the mailbox so he can know the mail has come. He uses his binoculars to check.LOL! A mail slot would be nice as our delivery times are erratic.

  12. Rita you are so entertaining...I look forward to your musings. So sorry about Covid and the family. That nose swab is horrible. Bless her little heart...What fun to find an unexpected surprise and have it be useful. We have two electrical switches that we have never been able to identify since we moved into our home almost 15 years ago. LOL. Thanks for sharing my dear friend.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  13. So I've been tested for covid with a nasal swab at least three times now & I'm pretty sure they don't go up to the brain? They just swished it gently around inside my nose but not super deep.
    I have heard of people going too deep because they didn't know how to do it correctly.

  14. Entertaining blog (again)! Baby J is beautiful....the eyelashes and rosy cheeks...I just want to hold her. House noises...they seem to be more noticeable to me when I'm home alone..eek...even after all these years. You gave me some smiles. Happy February!

    1. Thank you, Susan! Baby J is full of expressive eyes and eyebrows too (when they're open!). She reminds me of a Kewpie doll. :)

  15. Your house looks beautiful in the snow! Glad Baby J and parents have recovered from Covid. The car with the post-it notes is hysterical!

  16. Glad to hear your family is recovering...Covid is no joke. Your bunny is precious and what a thoughtful gift!

  17. Rita, I am waiting patiently for a book from you. I even volunteer to help at your book signing. Now, to the post. Baby Jacqueline is beautiful - oh those eyelashes. I do hope she does learn to bat them before she is at least 20. So sorry she and her mom and dad were sick. And, I am happy you took the rocker for her. It is a lovely treasure to pass down.
    Yes, the mail slots can be noisy. However, with our crazy world they are certainly a safety factory.
    Our snow is starting to melt - just in time for a little more. Enjoy these winter days and don't forget about the book - in your spare time.

  18. Rita-I always enjoy your musings and am so happy that everyone is feeling better. The story of Bunny Van Gogh Jr. is adorable and your granddaughter is absolutely precious! It’s also so nice to see you enjoying your new home. Be well and take care.

  19. I'm so thankful that sweet precious Baby J is better! :D
    Your post is so funny, and I can't get over how much snow has fallen in your neck of the woods....plus it adds to all the other creepy noises in your new, beautiful house, LOL! LOVE the little rocker. Don't part with it again!!!

  20. Baby J is just beautiful and I'm so glad she's better now. We had some ice the last several days, and I took a video of mine falling because it actually sounded like a fountain! I love Bunny Van Gogh and Junior. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  21. My brain can not begin to understand 3-D printing and I find it fascinating even though it makes me feel like I’m learning-impaired. What a great replica of your bunny! Baby J is so adorable…how do you, mom & dad stand the cuteness? Those eyelashes…! I wouldn’t have been able to watch her being swabbed. It’s a strange world we live in since Covid, the world in general and definitely the powers that be have lost all common sense. We have a metal roof and the first year we were here and had about 7 inches of snow, we were shocked to discover it slid off in sheets, sounding like an avalanche! The whole house rattled when a big pile when sliding off so I can totally identify with the thud it must have made falling off your slate roof. Don’t tell Mr. P that I chuckled reading about it falling right where he had just shoveled...snow is a dirty four letter word. :) I have cubby/outlet envy in your bathroom cabinets, that is so genius! Love that apron from ties and those pillows from tees...such sweet gift and memories.♥

  22. I don’t know how I missed this post, Rita! I’m so happy to know Baby J is better snd your daughter and SIL, too. The items that your sister made for your other sister are so lovely. I’m glad that you got the rocker back for Baby J. I had to laugh at Manchin being named Personchin...too funny, Rita! ❤️

  23. I'm with Kitty... how in the world did I miss this post??? So glad your family is better. How scary though! I haven't had to have a covid test (knock on wood) but I've heard it's awful. Poor baby!

    I always look forward to your musings. I can imagine the snow falling off the roof would rattle your nerves. For me it is the squirrels that jump from the tree to the roof above my chair. There's always more than one and it sounds like an army when they land. I usually end up with a shirt full of coffee! Love the unique gifts you shared. So fun to have a mini Bunny Van Gogh! The apron and pillows will such treasured keepsakes too. It's no surprise that you would have such creative family and friends... birds of a feather and all! Thanks for sharing and brightening a gloomy winter day with your musings! Have a great one!

  24. Loved your misc random tidbits! And a HUGE congrats on your move - wow, that is so much work. Your home is gorgeous - even with its scary sounds, haha. Last night I couldn't sleep and around 3am I heard a huge crash. I went running to hubs (I was reading book #6 in an 8 book series and can't put it down) to see if he had fallen. (God forbid!) He was sound asleep. It was big huge ice swords falling off the roof. We try to knock them down first b/c they are so heavy and tough on gutters. But I can relate to scary noises.

    I will keep that beautiful sweet baby and her parents (and you two) in my prayers. Year 3. God save us from ourselves, seriously. It's been so difficult. I am so sorry. Hugs.

  25. That bunny is so cute hah
    Loved your post and allready followed your blog, i want invite you to visit and follow my blog back <3


  26. Love seeing your new home! I too would have bought the black Hitchcock chair. I had a very similar one as a child. Good memories!

  27. You made me smile all the way through this post and some times laugh out loud!...I am happy that you were able to buy back that wonderful rocking chair!...What a nice surprise of gifting you that bunny they created...yes, not sure about all this "word" change...it's a little to much and somewhat invasive for me!
    Great reading your musings today!...I wish you a beautiful week and stay healthy!

  28. These 3-D printers are amazing. My grandson made an owl for me. He is more tech-savvy at fourteen than I could ever have imagined.