Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Summer Vibes in Our Collected Home

Happy summer solstice day for all you in the Northern Hemisphere! Right now I've got summer vibes throughout our home. Today I'm inviting you inside my collected home for a little tour of updates I've made since the first of the year. It's kind of a vintage armchair shopping (hence, collected) / home tour thing, since it's our first summer in this new home. Grab a beverage, and come virtually inside!
Front entry summer 2022

Foyer summer 2022
It was winter when I gave a first inside look of our current home. For those unaware, I purged more than 50% of our furniture and decor when we downsized into a condo in 2019. We moved into this home in October 2021. I've continued scouting estate sales and our local ReStore for a few key pieces I still wanted to furnish rooms with to my satisfaction.  I also bought a couple things new, and even started unboxing some of my things I've had stored the past three years. I'll take you room by room.
Great room entry from garage summer 2022
We have an entry into our great room (kitchen/dining/living area) from our garage, so I purchased the bench (above) for placing just inside the door. It was sold as an outdoor bench, but for now it's an indoor landing pad. This is where we take off and put on shoes as we come and go. I hung my botanicals here (previously in the master bedroom in the condo). I bought a new floor lamp to replace the one we had here (moved to the guest room). 

The photo below is how our great room was furnished in my winter post, Bare Necessities. You can see the blank wall with the older floor lamp and ottoman.
BEFORE: Great room winter 2022
Now that wall inside is where the bench, botanicals and new floor lamp are.
AFTER: Great room summer 2022
Great room decor detail summer 2022
I switched up a few of the wall units' shelves with some summer decor I already had. The swimmer art glass was used in this tablescape at the condo. The blue bowl of glass orbs are mostly vintage Blenko, with additional orbs and knots scattered on one shelf. The small [local] art sketches are a boonie hat and outline of our state (West Virginia). The small pottery lamp was made by a local artisan whose trademark is an applied maple leaf (our state's tree). 
Dining room bookcase summer 2022
I kept blues in the dining room bookcase while only tweaking its look for summer. I added a bit more blue & white (chinoiserie orbs), and added more green (preserved boxwood). Classic Blenko water bottles, handmade ceramic bowl and pottery vase, along with two stray sheep from my 'flock'  complete the shelves.

Now, let's go upstairs. The ballerina copperplate oil painting at the landing was an auction win many years ago. The first room to the right from the landing is my 'all things girly' room.
Summer 2022: landing area, looking toward 'girly' room
Last winter, all I had furnished in this room was the corner sitting area near the dormer window (bottom right frame of the collage below). Now I've shuffled a few pieces of furniture from other rooms, and hung my most precious photos of my girls in here. 
 'Girly' room decor summer 2022
The curio cabinets were in the room, but not yet filled. Y'all, I managed to excavate my purse collection from my storage unit and filled those curios this past spring! They've been in storage for over three years! You'll see more of that detail in an upcoming post.

Beyond the 'girly' room is my office space. The view below is from the doorway of the 'girly' room.
Office space summer 2022
This is a space where I spend quite a bit of time - on my computer, reading, watching tv, and playing with my granddaughter Jacqueline. It's also where I store many (not all) of my dish collections (along the left wall cabinets). 
Office seating summer 2022
Newly found estate items in here include the pair of custom upholstered chairs ($115 for the pair), the area rug (Facebook Marketplace), and two lamps. I've hung some of my Art Deco/Flapper girl prints and needlework in this room. I had Parsons chairs in here before, but wanted cozier seating.
Office summer 2022, looking back toward 'girly' room
The above photo is looking from the office into the 'girly' room. We'll pass these two rooms, beyond the landing, and into the guest room next. 

Just inside the guest room door and to the left is this sitting area beneath the dormer window. The seating pictured below is how it looked winter through spring, 2022
BEFORE: Guest room sitting area, winter through spring, 2022
Below is how that same sitting area looks now, summer 2022. The floor lamp from downstairs landed here. The chair was purchased from our local ReStore a couple months ago. The game table was here previously, folded in half with the two spare chairs from our casual dining area in the great room.
AFTER: Guest room sitting area summer 2022
Opposite the seating area, behind the entry door into the guest room, is the chest of drawers I previously scored at an estate sale. One of the chairs from the casual dining set is now here (the other is in the dining room downstairs, near the bookcase).
Guest room dresser corner summer 2022
This room is really large. Standing from the opposite end of the room, here's a bird's eye view of the room (below). You can see the 'girly' room in the far distance.
Guest room summer 2022
From the same estate sale in which I bought the pair of chairs for my office space, I also bought the nightstand in the foreground of the picture above. It's a close match to the other one noted in my winter post Vintage Shopping Finds: Design on a Dime, and now makes this room completely furnished.

After nearly eight months since moving into our cottage home, I feel like I have the interior furnished as I want it. The collage below is the all the previously loved furnishings I've bought and shared today since my Design on a Dime post. (The lilac painting was shared in previous tablescape posts, here and here).
Collage of reloved furnishings bought since winter 2022
The accountant in me keeps a running tab on these collected purchases (if you know me, no surprise there). All of the items pictured above cost less than the combined price of the bench and floor lamp for the entry in the great room. In total, I have spent less on everything purchased second hand for this house since moving in (by nearly 25%) than what I spent for four items which were purchased new (desk, rolling file cart, bench and floor lamp). 

I said this once and I'll say it again. Buying second-hand furniture and other accessories can really give you a bang for your buck. Think about that the next time you or a family member are in need of a certain furnishing. Comb your local newspaper or Facebook marketplace ads, or search estate sales on your Facebook page. 'Like' the business pages of estate sales hosts local to you. Visit your local ReStore, antique mall, and consignment shops. It is so worth your time. Furniture of yesterday is typically made so much better than big box store furniture of today.

Anything else I may buy now will simply be impulsive or to replace something already here. My outlet for rotating collected furnishings and decor has been and always will be the booth spaces in our antique mall where my two Panoply sisters and I have rented since 2008 - almost 14 years now!

While you may not like my collected style, I'm pretty sure most, if not all, of you like the thought of saving some cash. Buying a home is probably one of - if not the - most expensive personal investment one can make. Saving some cash furnishing it not only helps the budget, but makes your home unique. I hope that's the inspiration you take away today. Let me know your thoughts with a comment!


  1. Rita, I bet your purses are breathing a sigh of relief and happy to be out of storage! What a fun way to display and enjoy them! I have dish storage envy... what a great spot to stash ( hoard ;) and access your dinnerware. Your rug looks so soft and plush for playing with Baby J. I admire your ability to wait and purchase what suits your living needs and space instead of being in a hurry to 'fill it up'. I wouldn't be so disciplined. Your antique business is the perfect outlet to acquire and rotate your furnishings. Happy Summer. ♥

  2. I would sit in any one of those lovely chairs! Happy to see the purses again, and the way you've displayed them. Your front door reminds me of ours, except yours is in better condition! Ours is 85 years ago, and it has aged with some wrinkles.

  3. There's nothing more filled with thoughtful details, then a collected home. Love love love it!! The light coming through your entry, wow!

  4. Everything looks so lovely! The bones of your new home are so classic and warm. The beautiful wood floors and angled ceilings add such charm. I love the small drop leaf table that you positioned by your kitchen island. What a terrific space for you and hubby! Your office space is so light and bright. Now when I read your blog posts I can picture you in that chair writing away! You've done a wonderful job of creating a warm and inviting home.

  5. Rita, you are amazing. How neat to have before and after pics and share with us. I need to hire you just to clean out three walk in closets.
    I'd love to see the inside of your dish cabinets!
    Hope your temps aren't as high as ours this week. It went down from 103 to 101 tomorrow. Today, is 96.

  6. Rita, your home is lovely and filled with so many amazing and cost effective finds. I furnish the same way and it is amazing how much quality furniture you can find gently used. I have furnished almost my entire home the same way and have used the savings for other important things. Wish you were close by so I could visit your booth. Great job.

  7. I love your new home Rita...and you seem to enjoy it over your lovely condo! I know there are different joys and vibes to different places. Pros and cons , but I love how you design it all. I am so happy that you can garden and have lots of areas to arrange and re-arrange and re-purpose all your great "finds". Thank you for sharing your lovely home. Your office is wonderful...hits all the right notes. LOL Hugs and Blessings always Kari

  8. Love this post! I share the same thought wave as you.....every room in my home has an antique, rehomed piece or simply something I picked up somewhere. Over the years I have even picked up things along the street.....that ended up being some of my favorites. Your home is lovely and inviting.....I love all the little nooks....and your girly room is darling....who has that, besides Rita!!! Thanks for sharing and giving ideas.....I refer to your past posts often! Stay cool in this June heatwave.

    1. Susan, thank you for your thoughtful comments, and for your returning visits! I have also been known to rescue curb items. We live near a physician resident residential complex, where they move in/out each May-July. Many useful items are left beside the dumpsters each year!

  9. Your collected home is beautiful. I love the girly room with the rockers and the pics of the girls. I could see you sitting in the rocker and Baby J in the little rocker reading stories. Love your sweet office hang out too. Have a great week Rita. xoxo Kris

  10. Rita, Your curated finds are fabulous! The older furniture is usually better quality than the newer items. Most people usually have chairs and couches rarely used due to having both living rooms and dens in older homes. Guest bedrooms are rarely used so that furniture and those furnishings are like new too. You can find great pieces if you take your time. It looks like you accomplished this nicely. I love Restore! Love your color scheme for summer. The blues remind me of being outside with blue skies and preferably an ocean nearby although that hasn't been accomplished since Covid except through YouTube! Stay cool! We're hitting the high 90's and triple digits this week. Clara❤️

  11. Rita, I saved your post to enjoy after I completed a few morning chores. I am enjoying my coffee as I peruse all of your lovely photos. You are Queen of organizational skills. Of course, you would have before and after photos. I am amazed at all you have accomplished since you moved into your cottage home. I love the entrance with the leaded glass window?. If you have shown it before, I somehow missed it. The new bench and lamp are perfect for the space. Your living area looks so comfortable and welcoming. On the landing, the ballerina painting is exquisite. How nice to have a girls room and an office space especially for you. I am happy to see the purse collection has come out of hiding. The guest room looks fabulous. I am assuming that guests would have the upstairs to themselves. I still am in search of a chair and a piece of furniture for display and storage. I have been patient and I know one day I will find it. Thanks for the beautiful tour this morning, every room speaks of you and your beautiful style. Happy Summer, my friend!

  12. Hi Rita, I love seeing you summer updates and how you display your beautiful collections. Your entry bench area is so charming! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  13. Rita, it is so nice to see the before and after pictures. You have accomplished so much. The bench is lovely for the entry and the framed pictures above it look beautiful. So glad you have a girly room. The chairs are lovely. The great room chairs look comfy. I love putting up my feet. You are wise to wait and find the right pieces. It has all come together beautifully. Enjoy your new home and thanks for sharing with us.

  14. I loved seeing how you’ve changed things up since first moving in, Rita. I can picture you in your girly room and your office space with baby Jacqueline. Seeing all your purchases and finding the right fit for the rooms is so much fun for me to see. You’ve done an excellent job in making your home just the way you love it. Thank you for taking us through it and sharing with us.

  15. Rita, what a fun tour! I love seeing what you've done in the new space. Love the entry! I know your purse collection is happy to be out of storage, and you must be thrilled to be able to enjoy these treasures once again. I still have much packed away, but am slowly getting the house back in order. I have to have blocks of uninterrupted time to make progress, and those times are few and far between of late. That said, one of our guest rooms is now presentable. A guest could actually sleep in the room now! Ha! Ha!
    It's fun to see the before and after shots. I should have done that. Makes one really appreciate the time and effort.
    Happy Summer! Enjoy your beautiful new spaces! Love the collected look!

  16. I love, love, love your new home, Rita! It's the perfect size and it feels like you've always been here. That chaise in your office is calling my name. :) I so agree about buying second-hand. Usually the pieces are better quality than what you find new and you save a bundle. You've done such a great job in making this house a home. ♥

  17. I am always looking for pre-loved pieces to bring home with me, Rita. You have made your home a comfortable and lovely place with all your pieces. I rather love the ballerina copperplate oil painting, and would love to sit a while in the girly room and soak in all the beauty. Such a treat to wander around virtually and soak in all the beauty that is your home.

  18. Rita, I love your new house and the way you’ve decorated it with all your wonderful finds. I’ve missed some of your postings because I’ve been sick for a number of months, but I had to see what you’ve done to date. Everything is beautiful 😍

  19. Totally agree, vintage is often better made too, antiques stand the test of time. Your home is lovely, elegant and inviting.

  20. You did a wonderful job! I love scavenging estate sales, etc. When my son moves into an apartment in the near future, you can be sure I'll be looking for "previously loved" furnishings!

  21. Your home looks lovely Rita, thank you for the tour! I know you love the thrill of the hunt with antiquing and thrift store finds. How fun that you have a "girl cave" it's so nice to have a private space to escape to... I'm so glad you finally feel settled in your new house, I always got the feeling that you were never quite comfortable in the condo, this house it much more you, and you have room to enjoy your collections! Happy Summer~

  22. Rita, this is fabulous! (I'm so glad the lamp from the great room ended up in another spot -- I love that wooden base and most floor lamps are more contemporary). I always get a little dicey buying used upholstered furniture unless I know the provenance. I worry about bugs! But you've done well. It really looks terrific and I love the details like a girly room AND an office, too! The purses look great and I love how you did the botanicals. Best of all, you are settled and I love that!

  23. Rita, thanks for sharing your charming collected home decor at Vintage Charm--pinned!

  24. Rita your home is lovely and I know you have enjoyed moving furniture around and getting things the way you want. I am with you on buying second-hand furniture. When I look around the rooms of our home - nothing was purchased new. With the exception of our living room sofa and an occasional chair. Both of which are not 30 years old. There is no comparison on the quality. I went shopping with a friend who was in search of a pretty wing chair. We found lovely fabric placed on chairs with the ugliest legs I think I ever saw. Finally, I encouraged her to look at the second-hand stores. Found a lovely chair with pretty legs for half the price. I will say again, "I don't know how you manage to accomplish all you do." But I sure enjoy seeing the results. Have a great weekend!

  25. I love seeing your new home and updates. That bench is so cute and so useful!! Happy you are enjoying it!

  26. I LOVE your collected style, Rita, and I so enjoy getting to peek into your new spaces. Your new bench is amazing; garden benches are so perfect inside and out. We all need to have a place to sit and drop things off coming and going. The roof/ceiling lines in your upstairs spaces are so charming. You've definitely managed to pull things together in your new place. So glad to get a chance to see more!

  27. I always enjoy seeing your treasures; you arrange them so well--like they were created to be in THAT spot! Your home looks like a serene, welcoming, comfortable place to be!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! Your comments are much appreciated.

  28. Rita, you're doing such a good job at making this new house into a beautiful home! I enjoy seeing what you're doing with a purposefully limited budget.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

  29. What a beautiful home you have, Rita! Your home is full of charm and decorating it with your treasures make it such a warm and welcoming place.

  30. I love your front door! And those windows in the family room! So much charm - and your ballet photo on the landing setting the mood for your spaces! I call my "office" my Thinking Room - it has book cases, a mouse house, comfy chairs that I remember sitting in with my grandfather when I was 4 (recovered in the lasts decade) - and it's where my grands love to come play, to be read to - it's the magical room in the house! I'm looking forward to hearing about your purse collection!