Thursday, September 1, 2022

Tales of the Traveling Totes #32 and Giveaway

Hello, readers! Today is the 32nd quarterly installment of the Tales of the Traveling Totes group. Not sure how it all originated? Start here. Want to see all of the prior tales? Go here

Today we are starting off on a high note - the Criel Native American Burial Mound in South Charleston, WV to be exact!

The Criel Mound is one of two Native American burial grounds in the state of West Virginia. It measures 33 feet tall and 157 feet wide. The historical marker at the Mound reads: 
"In 1883, the Smithsonian Institution excavated the South Charleston or Criel Mound. Thirteen skeletons were discovered, most of them in a large log tomb at the base of the mound, along with a few grave offerings. The Mound was built by the Adena Culture, about A.D. 1. It is the second largest in the State of West Virginia, and the last of many mounds and earthworks that once were found in the Charleston area."
The Mound is located at the intersection of 7th Avenue and D Street in South Charleston, WV. Just a few doors down is where my Panoply sisters and I share booth spaces in the South Charleston Antique Mall.
While I was on top of the mound to get a few of these photos, the truth of the matter of the summer of 2022 is that I was buried under.....

...buried under treasure hunting with my Panoply sisters, carting things in the trunk of my SUV...
...and even carting treasures in the front seat, too. Golden Girl and Elvis cozied up in the front seat on this pickup.
Y'all, I've also been buried under some heavy duty paperwork - not just the past few months, but the past two years - advocating for a family member in a big way. I've used Skype, and I've used Zoom, but August had me scrambling to get Microsoft Teams up and running for a critical videoconference to come.
Other than antiquing and paper pushing, I've also been buried in the Garden of Weedin'. In July we saw the highest amount of rain on record since records have been kept. We had over 10" of rain, more than double our July average. Together with the heat and sun following, the weeds were ever present. and kept me busy.
And  - real life here, folks - laundry is never-ending. The only good news is that summer clothes are lighter weight and less bulky than winter months' clothes.
I wish I could say I traveled to some exotic place in the summer of 2022, but the grocery store, doctor appointments, restaurants and, of course, my standing weekly trips to the antique mall are about the extent of my summer. 

So, be sure to stop and see where my traveling tote sisters have been. Surely theirs are more exciting than mine. Their direct links are at the end of this post.
(The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Sheila.  Jenna announced our winner here.)

The Traveling Totes Tribe is offering another giveaway and Jenna at The Painted Apron is our giveaway sponsor this time. One lucky reader who leaves a comment on Jenna's post today will have their name thrown into the hat for an opportunity to win this MacKenzie-Childs Reusable Shopping Bag.  

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Join us again on December 1, 2022 for another edition of Tales of the Traveling Tote.
Thanks so much for your visit. I love reading your comments, and be sure to leave one on Jenna's blog for a chance to win our token gift. Stay safe, and Happy September (and soon-to-be Fall!).

Rita C. at Panoply


  1. Miss Luna C has been busy with domestic chores!

  2. I'm sure your family member appreciates all your efforts on their behalf Rita. We had a very wet July and August too. It's been dry for a change the past 10 days but it looks like a jungle out there. I keep telling myself to Keep Calm and Weed On. I wonder if you or your sisters got any odd looks with your golden girl riding shotgun in the truck. :) Happy September ♥

  3. Happy September šŸRita. I love your post with Miss Luna C. in the garden, laundry and just stuff. It’s everyday life. Sometimes we don’t travel, so getting creative at home is a must!
    I wish I had some of your rain, we really need it.

  4. Happy Fall, Rita. Like you, we had so much rain and heat this Summer that the garden looked like a jungle and I haven't gotten it fully weeded yet. We stayed close to home as well and are looking forward to some travel in the Fall when those cooler days are here. I loved the picture of the Golden Girl in the front seat, strapped in. She made an interesting travel companion. Have a great week.

  5. Happy September, Rita. The Criel Mound is fascinating. I know your brother is so thankful that he has you to advocate for him. I wish we could say we had rain in August, but not much in our location. Oh, the ever weed pulling…we are always behind. Since the hubby has retired, my laundry has doubled. He works outside all day and then goes to the gym, he is changing tees about 4 times a day. Do you have travel plans this fall? I always enjoy seeing what you have been doing.

  6. Rita, You made me smile! It seems we're all doing similar things! Between washing, working, and weeding there's little time left except for cooking and cleaning! I must admit that weeding has been put on hold until fall due to the extreme temps. My husband has asked that I help organize the garage this fall too so traveling may have to happen later in the year. Since Covid, we haven't traveled at all so that will soon become a priority, I hope! At least this year we have a couple of quick trips planned later in the year which is progress. Enjoy your day! Clara❤️

  7. Rita, You are very creative! I am relating to your weeding. It has been horrible trying to get all the weeds pulled in our terrible humidity. I changed clothes twice last week in one morning being soaked to the skin it was so hot and humid!
    You have been very good helping your family member with all the paperwork!
    I would love to see your booth in person. Wish we had nice antique malls close by. Our one shop is very pricey.
    I always enjoy the Traveling Totes adventures.

  8. Interesting to read about your visit to the Criel Native American Burial Mound. We have one near us, about thirty miles. I need to revisit, always interesting and lots of walking for exercise. But, not in this summer heat and humidity. Wow, you have been weeding with all the rain you've had. I know it keeps your busy. Nice you have been helping a family member, Nice the totes can help you out. Hope you have less rain and a happy September.......

  9. Even with not getting to a very exotic travel place this summer with your tote you still had some fun. You have had so much going on with helping your family. You are the best. Have a great holiday weekend. xoxo Kris

  10. Rita, as we discussed earlier, my summer has been uneventful with basically just daily duties. I know you have worked tirelessly for your family! It's fun to think of you and your sisters out buying for your shop. I would find that entertaining! Glad you shared today. Good post!

  11. It was cute to see Elvis and Golden Girl sharing a seat together in your SUV, Rita. My, you had a lot of rain, and lots of weeds result from all that. You’re so kind to be such a wonderful advocate. I sure hope and pray that all goes well. Happy September!

  12. Love your connection between the buriel ground and you being buried in tasks! Clever gal! You must have had all the rain as we have been quite dry! Wish I lived closer so that I could visit your booth! Have a great weekend and thanks for hanging in there with us!

  13. We had lots of Indian Burial Grounds in Wisconsin growing up. I didn't have the energy for weeding this year, I could only do it in small spurts, so we are really buried with weeds. I loved your picture in the laundry room - that is a constant burial! When the kids had clothes I didn't like, they disappeared. When they asked where that shirt was I replied, "I don't know!' And I didn't - probably somewhere in the dump!

  14. So interesting about the burial ground Rita, it is so important to remember our history. Your brother is indeed lucky to have you helping him, I can't even begin to imagine. The photo of golden gal and Elvis in the front seat is hilarious, did you get a lot of funny looks? So glad you and your sisters have been treasure hunting and fluffing your booth. I know you love your garden, a true labor of love to weed and tend in the summer heat, but the rewards are great! Happy September!

  15. We had much welcomed rain all day today. Late afternoon brought a perfectly defined huge double rainbow. It was truly glorious. Prayers on behalf of your efforts for your family member. I love the information about the burial mound. Did you know that the definition of Oklahoma is "home of the red man." I think you would enjoy our new FAM, First Americans Museum. CherryKay

  16. So interesting about the burial ground Rita. Always enjoy your adventures with your sisters, especially with your golden girl riding shotgun in the truck. I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the work you have done for your brother. I remember the mounds of paperwork that I had in a plastic tub when helping my dear mom. I hope you have a fall foliage trip planned!

  17. I always enjoy looking at your MC travel totes and what they have been up to...thanks for sharing. You have been so busy with buys for your booth and toting them around...thinking of Elvis....he was not in the building but in the car. LOL. hugs my friend

  18. LOL Rita, I do like the theme of your post, and I understand. I think we've all been buried under similar circumstances. We have also broken rain records this summer in Central Alabama. It seems like we've spent so much time this summer trimming hedges and cutting grass because everything has been growing exponentially....even the weeds, so I get it! I hope you have a lovely Labor Day Weekend!

  19. Rita, your summer sounds much like mine. I had one day this past week that I didn't have some sort of appointment and that day was consumed by chores that needed to be done. The garden laughs at me every time I walk to the garden. Thank heavens for Mike. He has maintained it and done a wonderful job. We have had rain but not near the amount you all have had. My dad always said, "Clarksburg sits in a valley and the storms go around us." Perhaps, he was right. Wishing you a great Labor Day Weekend and week ahead!

  20. I was savoring your post until I had ample time to really enjoy it....and I did. Love your opening photo of a Main Street with parallel parking....I don't see that much anymore in Michigan. Also the cozy welcoming street and the view of the mountains. Sounds like a busy full summer for you....I understand the 'garden of weedin'.....cannot keep up this year. I did have a very nice 'bucket list' vaca....I drove from NW Arkansas alone with my dog, taking 4 days to get home. We antiqued; visited the Bascilla in St Louis, St Joseph Church and the Shrine of Our Lady; had bkfst with my oldest grandson in Indy; visited my cuz in Northern Indiana and took many side roads. Perfect time. My dog travels well and she loves to 'go' like me! Have a relaxing rest of summer as it turns into my favorite season, FALL!

    1. I'm not Anonymous...or anyway not right now! I didn't see the option for my name this time! Susan Beldyga

  21. Oh Rita, sorry about the need to be the patient advocate and coordinate that. It's tough. We've been through that with Rick's mom and I know how draining it all is. But the antiquing sounds fun and I know that's always a joy, too. Sending love and hope that things go well on the advocating end and all your finds are fabulous!

  22. Oh my, you were busy! I, too, wish I could say I've traveled to some exotic locale, but, no. This week we finally booked a trip to the Jersey shore. While not exotic, I was looking forward to a few days sitting at the beach, and letting the ocean soothe my soul. Welp, the rain had other plans for us. Unlike you, who's seen record rainfall in July, we've been in a drought all summer.....until this week! First hurricane of the season timed her visit off the eastern seaboard to align with our mini vacation. Didn't come closed to making landfall....just enough for lots of rain! Oh, well!